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CPR ClassesThe Bellevue Fire Department has been providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) classes to residents since 1973. American Heart Association Heartsaver Infant CPR Class: The hands-on Infant CPR course teaches CPR and choking intervention for infants from birth to one year of age. American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers: This six-hour class is for health care providers and is offered to groups, as needed.
The Board of CPR have been raising money and working hard all summer long and they are now closer than ever to providing the service of primary response to the owners of Condado.
Leaflets will soon be distributed throughout the resort with the phone number to contact the person on call.
Once the phone numbers and more information is available we will post it here for all owners and guests of Condado De Alhama. This entry was posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 18:52 and is filed under Resort Updates.
CPR charts are designed as a quick reference to assist the rescuer to provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for a casualty who has no signs of life - is unconscious, not breathing and not moving. Not your mother’s childbirth classOur classes use the latest media and are taught by experts with real-world experience.
We offer two separate safety courses for caregivers of infants: Infant CPR and First Aid for Families. These courses are not certification courses, but the curricula follows those of the American Heart Association CPR and First Aid classes.
If your party includes multiple caregivers and family members, please call us directly at (952) 926-2229 and we will register your group. This basic first aid course is especially for families and caregivers who have an infant or toddler in their lives.
In order for the class to learn effectively, we do not allow children to attend these classes.

The last thing you want to do is to panic and forget the steps because you have not been practicing the steps. If you need more information regarding this specific course and its contents, please get in touch.
The Bellevue Fire Department offers CPR training to individuals, businesses and community groups. At the same time with the advise from the trainer they will begin buying the equipment required and recommended.
The first training course has 8 places, we have more volunteers who cannot attend this course but will be on the next one.
We do this by leaning close on the victim's mouth and nose and listening for their breathing sounds. It is important to get medical assistance as quickly as possible because CPR is a tiring procedure and it cannot be done for a long time.
Place the palm of your hand against the breastbone so the side of the hand is above the fingers.
The process id breaths and chest compressions should be repeated until help arrives or until the victim starts breathing on his own.
We strongly encourage everyone in your baby’s caregiving circle to take these important classes, including parents, grandparents, babysitters and nannies. Hands-on chest compressions, breaths, and choking relief on mannequins will reinforce your learning and help you understand how to act in real life. We do make exceptions for newborn infants who can sleep or hang out in their car seats during class. This region tends to have more trained citizens than any other area of the country and that factor helps contribute to many successful resuscitations. All on call volunteers will be provided with a fluorescent vest with CPR printed on it so that you can easily recognize those there to help.

It is used by people who have not attended CPR classes as well as by people who have and need to revise their skills.
The paramedics should be on their way while CPR is being given, this improves the victim's chances of survival. Also place two fingers on the pulse point on the side of the neck below the ear and just above the collar bone. If you have attended the First Aid Level 1 course first, you will have a much clearer understanding of the process.
A kind resident has offered their apartment for the trainer to stay in during the course as he is coming from Denia. Even though the person is breathing, the victim could have other medical problems that need immediate attention. For each breath make sure that the chest is rising and falling, this signifies that the airway is clear and the air is reaching the lungs. At the end of the CPR refresher course, we will practically assess you to make sure that you grasp the concept in full. If there is a pulse, but no breathing then continue the rescue breathing until the victim begins to breathe or till the paramedics arrive to take over. This is done with the Heimlich maneuver, once the airway is cleared, repeat the two rescue breaths and continue with the CPR. If you don’t take the responsibility into your own hands to refresh your memory, you might regret it in the future.

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