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Course Objective - HLTAID003 : Provide First AidProvide First Aid or HLTAID003 is the standard workplace first aid course. As a Registered Training Organisation, we must collect evidence of knowledge competency and practical competency. All assessment will be based on the principles of competency-based training and assessment. This unit of competency will provide underpinning knowledge and skills for advancing into further relevant first aid units. The principles of Access & equity will be applied in the selection of students and in the delivery of the training and assessment services. All courses are charged as a fee for service and must be paid in full prior to attending training session. Emergency First Aid will refund course fees if, at least 10 days before scheduled course commencement date, a written refund request is received. In order to obtain 22099VIC - Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis certificate the participant must complete all components of course and be assessed as competent.
Course Objective - HLTAID001: Provide Cardiopulmonary ResuscitationCPR is the application of chest compressions and rescue breaths to a person in cardiac arrest.
The Australian Resuscitation Council, (ARC) recommend that CPR skills be refreshed at least annually. It is widely believed that this skill is perishable, meaning that without regular updates there is the tendency to forget key areas or the lack of ability to demonstrate adequate competency. This seems to be a pretty normal occurrence and in no way is said to make students feel silly, on the contrary I say this to illustrate that students should be comforted in the knowledge that we as the training organisation understand that the student may not have had to utilise these skills in between classes, and considers a student that is willing to attend a refresher session as a huge asset to the community and embraces their commitment to become better able to assist in another persons' greatest time of need.
There has been a study that showed even 2 months after training, that some students have difficulty in performing the correct depth of compression and correct hand placement. If you are completing a refresher CPR course with us, you should be comforted in the knowledge that we don't expect you to know everything and be able to perform CPR with no mistakes. Our aim is simple, to help you be as confident and competent as possible in the few hours we have together each year.
Our CPR course includes practice on adult manikins and infant manikins and shows you the key differences between the age groups. So whether you are a complete noobie to CPR or you are a seasoned refresher, you will find our CPR training not only valuable practice but informative and fun. It includes all the components of the normal CPR course but tacks on additional information and practical skills.

The knowledge component can be completed by online program which takes between 2 to 6 hours and a practical day that generally starts at 0915 and finishes around 1530 depending on the size of the class and questions that are asked. The skills we teach will enable you to look after someone in their greatest time of need, when they are sick or injured. I know it has been seen as a necessary evil because it is needed for work or it is needed to continue another type of study or registration.
Learning first aid thoroughly and being able to put those skills into practice when they are needed is an extremely valuable asset. Paramedics train for years and have massive practical experience to call on when they are confronted with serious cases. So when you come to a Provide first aid course with Emergency First Aid we will do everything we can to make your experience a memorable one because if you know how to do something and why you are doing it, you are more likely to remember it when it counts.
This Course in First Aid Managent of Anaphylaxis meets the needs of staff working in Children's Services who are required to have undertaken accredited anaphylaxis management training under the Children's Services and Education Legislation Amendment (Anaphylaxis Management) Act 2008. This is evidenced by students that have completed CPR training a number of times at various providers but have forgotten some of the basics. Another study showed that 12 months after training that 20% of students were unable to demonstrate CPR appropriately. We want you to leave our training session with complete assurance that if you had to perform CPR on the way home, that you would have no hesitation or anxiety in stepping forward to assist.
You will have adequate time to demonstrate your skills under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. It is conducted in a no pressure situation that allows you as the student to have as much practice time as possible. This course is suitable for beginners but we also have a first aid refresher variation too. Nearly 20 years in this field has shown me that, but it has also shown me that for the most part, people are willing to help each other. Luckily these are few and far between and for the most part our day is spent looking after people with chest pains or strokes, or respiratory illnesses or mental health issues. A positive that came out of a study showed that the more practice time that students had, the longer the skills were retained.
It gives us the chance to allow mistakes and help you rectify them in a no pressure situation. This first aid course has either an online program or a workbook to complete prior to attending a 1 day practical first aid session.

This is evidenced by the amount of people that stop at a car crash or stop to help that old lady that has fallen.
What is interesting is that for all of these things we attend, there is someone helping or concerned about their friend, work colleague or loved one. It gives us the chance to coach you through the DRSABCD action plan and give you tips to help you not only remember what to do but tips to ensure that you can sustain CPR until an ambulance arrives. The thought of using this piece of equipment can be a little scary but once you have finished our CPR course you will again be relieved knowing that this life saving device has been used by many people to save the lives of others. I blame organisations that are willing to let people through that clearly do not understand the content or are unable to participate in the practical scenarios to a competent level. The first aid courses we provide are about being comfortable in your own skin, to empower you to become confident in your abilities.
These helpers can either be calm and collected or walking around not knowing what to do or panicked or worse. It is so simple to use that I successfully trained my (at the time) 10 year old daughter in its operation and she can still follow the prompts and attach the pads with no difficulty whatsoever. We sometimes have people say that we can't possibly spend time on an online program, like this isn't an important subject. Sometimes we are a duck on water, cool and serene on the surface but little legs paddling like mad underneath. It showed us that we have to try and remove these fears and anxieties in a way that allows the student to be hands on but also in a non confrontational manner.
Would you rather have a person that is confident in their first aid knowledge and skills looking after you, or someone that has sat through a course and been gifted a certificate? It can be all about confidence and holding it together when things are starting to fall apart.
Teach simply, allow practice but above all be compassionate and caring in the methods we use.

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