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ELETRICAL ENGINEERING (mine training) R 10 000 for 6 week (basic skilled), certificate R 18 000 for 3 months (semi-skilled) certificate. ARC WELDING ,GAS CUTTING, GRIDING, TIG ALUMINUM, CAST IRON, PLASMA CUTTING CO2 R 13 000 for 2 months. Taxi drivers are on course for compulsory specialist training that will include advanced driver training and safety, and customer care. JOBURG’S taxi drivers are going to be out of their drivers’ seats and settling into classroom chairs as a new taxi academy introduces compulsory specialist training.
Plans for the academy have been in the pipeline since September 2010, when the national Department of Transport announced its intention to implement a major overhaul of the public transport sector. It will focus on providing advanced driver training and safety, customer care, and first aid, as well as lessons in business management, such as how to operate a small business. The Transport Seta, known as Teta, had already approved the funding needed for the training to be conducted, Mkhatshwa added.
Drage explained that this funding would be in the form of a discretionary grant, for which the college had to apply every year. Approximately 135 taxi drivers from around Gauteng are expected to take the inaugural training programme; 50 will be from Johannesburg, 30 from Tshwane, another 30 from Ekurhuleni and 25 from Sedibeng.
Resistance to a training academy has given way to compliance as the taxi industry has realised the benefits to be gained from improved public transport.It had become increasingly involved in plans to advance the sector, Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele pointed out in his budget speech to parliament on 1 June. Rea Vaya has contributed considerably to transforming the city’s public transport sector by providing a reliable and affordable service.
And it has prompted negotiations with the taxi industry in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro regarding launching the same type of system. The overhaul of the public transport sector was also hoping to bring about the mass mobilisation of women as operators and owners.

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For Adventure & Tourist Guides, Outsiders and any other interested parties, with a special section on venomous snake bite treatment! Level 1 First Aid is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and provide basic Life Support and basic First Aid in order to stabilise patients, prior to the arrival of Emergency Services. Nina Engelbrecht, owner of Outside Adventures, in association with Drum Beat Academy, now offers a First Aid level 1 course, based on "Outcome Based Education" and presented over a period of two days.
The minibus taxi industry is to be the main target of this initiative as taxis carry over 60 percent of South Africa’s commuters. Although its headquarters will be in Welkom, satellite centres will be opened around the country. How much was needed and how much funding was available, would reflect on how many drivers would be trained.
A particular example of this, was taxi operators becoming 66 percent shareholders in PioTrans, the bus operating company of Phase 1A of Rea Vaya, Joburg’s Bus Rapid Transit system, in February. It has also prompted the expansion and improvement of bus transport systems in the inner cities of other South African metropoles, most notable Cape Town, Durban and Tshwane.
You are more than welcome to request a different venue, and we will, if at all possible, try to accommodate your venue!. Some of these are normally dry kloofs where the river only flows late in the rainy season and others are wet kloofs where the river flows all year round, sometimes with compulsory swims along the way.

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What do you like most about childcare and being part of a childs life?I enjoy looking after the children, preparing their meals and being outside and active with them. What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Playing outside in a park and building puzzles, going to the beach. Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?I would establish the child´s condition and to the best of my ability assist them or take them to the emergency room and contact the parents. What is your approach to discipline?Depending on the parents approach, but I know that routine is important and children must understand that there are limits.
I would speak to a child in a stern manner if it was needed as sometimes you need to let the child know that what they are doing is wrong.
How would you handle:A two year old having a tantrum?I believe that you can reason with the child. Tell them that there are options and if they continue the tantrum then they cannot simply get what they want.
And try to explain things to themA 5 year old drawing on a wall?I would give them paper and tell them they can only draw on paper because the wall police don´t let children eat dessert.
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?I would find a way to make homework interesting, for example every 15 minutes of homework can allow them 5 minutes of something they want to do.Which age groups are you comfortable working with?Infancy and older (I am comfortable with all ages).

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