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Heavy Equipment Operators move construction materials such as dirt, rocks and heavy materials often found in construction sites, road work, demolition and oil and gas production.
For students who are specifically seeking employment with smaller construction companies or some municipal public works departments, we might suggest our Earthmoving Operator program.
We offer a 10-week program that includes extensive worksite experience and hands on training in 4 pieces of heavy equipment, Backhoe, Dozer, Loader and Excavator.
This program is ideal for students who have an interest in working in the local construction industry or the oil and gas industry in Alberta. A. The Heavy Equipment course meets the safety and training requirements of most employers in the Oil and Gas industry in Western Canada. A. The program provides two weeks of in class instruction and 120 hours of operation over eight weeks in the field. A. Students are responsible to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment while on site.
In their first year of training successful students will be certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau for their certification in welding in the four positions. The program is designed to bring students to a level where they can confidently apply for some of the most available welding positions in Canada. Welding is in such demand that the Government of Canada is encouraging immigrants with welding skills to emigrate to Canada.

In the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that welders have a bright job outlook in coming years, projecting a 15 percent growth rate in the number of welder positions between 2010 and 2020. Graduates of the Combined Basic Welding and High Pressure Pipe Welding programs can be credited with the first two blocks of their Nova Scotia Welding Apprenticeship. Students enrolled in the High Pressure Pipe diploma program will be given the opportunity to test for their Nova Scotia High pressure pipe certification. Applicants must possess a minimum high school diploma, mature student status, or equivalent.
Heavy equipment operation is a job that is in good demand province wide in Nova Scotia and across the country, specifically the oils sand development in Alberta and hydroelectric power development in Newfoundland. Equipment such as bulldozers, backhoe’s, excavators and front end loaders are among the most commonly used equipment on a construction site. Compare our program in-seat equipment hours and operational time to other programs across the Maritimes.
Most employers in Western Canada give preference to employees who have some Oil Patch Experience, so prospective employees who have limited resume’s and employment backgrounds, without Oil Patch experience, might be asked about there prior work experience. In their second year, students will train and test for their certification for high pressure pipe welding with the NS Department of Labour. The two year program provides students with two full blocks of apprenticeship recognition  by the  Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Board.

Welders and Related Machine Operators are on the list of 29 eligible occupations under the Federal Skilled Worker program. Essential on almost any construction job site, the number of different machines for various applications is large enough that heavy equipment jobs are almost always available.
Having a Class 3 license greatly increases employability with smaller companies who need employees who can multitask with driving and equipment operation. McKenzie College provides a modern learning environment that includes both in class and online educational resources. It is very common for employees with Oil Patch experience and Heavy Equipment training to be considered for open positions. Professional instructors with real world experience guide the class through their daily learning process.

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