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Learning AED skills is becoming more important with the increase in the numbers of units in the community and workplace.
There is a formal CPR assessment at the start of the day in order to ensure that all students can resuscitate effectively. Please read our full Terms & Conditions By booking with Phoenix Emergency Medical Solutions it is assumed that you accept these terms and conditions.
Courses are available at your place of business, home, or a meeting place convenient for all.

Fun, informative CPR classes, Healthcare Provider, Heartsaver AED, First Aid certification good for 2 years.
They are easy to use with a little training and can make a real difference in the chance of survival to someone in cardiac arrest.
Select a course or a combination of courses that fit your need or requirements including: Adult CPR, Children CPR or Infant CPR, First Aid, AED, Oxygen Administration and more for the full program. If you have already completed any other first aid course, you will understand the importance of the prompt use of an AED making this the perfect course to enhance and progress your skills.

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