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This course consists of one day’s training in Emergency First Aid Procedures designed to give the student a basic knowledge for providing emergency first aid within the workplace. The course is approved by the Health & Safety Executive and is delivered in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice L74 for training of candidates in first aid for low risk environments.
The course delivers basic life saving skills during a short, concise programme that focuses on immediate priorities and effective, simple care that can be performed until professional medical assistance arrives.
Medical emergencies are also covered including recognising the signs and symptoms and taking the appropriate course of action.
This course is designed specifically for dental practices to ensure all employees are trained and prepared to deal with life threatening situations they may encounter while working within the practice.
Continuous assessment by trainer and certificate will be provided on successful completion of the course.
Since 2009, Calgary First Aid has been the number one training service provider for first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the area.
Before registration, you can choose a course from the list below or on the Calgary First Aid website. Calgary First Aid offers the lowest rates and prices for its St Mark James CPR and first aid classes. If you decide to drop out of a program, you will receive a full refund if you give a 72-hour notice beforehand.
Full courses for CPR are available in three levels, all inclusive of first aid and AED training. If you want to get trained at home or book an instructor for a company event like a conference or outing, private programs are offered at Calgary First Aid as well. St Mark James Training awards the trainees certification for training after the completion of a training program. If you work in the child care or day care industry in Alberta, you are required to have child care first aid certification. Customers that are searching for a training centre for workplace approved courses in first aid, CPR, safety or food training should register with Ottawa First Aid. Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to help with any registration, questions, comments or concerns.

Full refunds and transfers are provided to participants that request a refund more than 72 hours prior to the course.
The following type’s of first aid can be partnered with the above mentioned CPR courses. Immediately upon successful completion of any workplace approved course participants will receive an award that is valid for 3 years throughout Canada. All training centres in Ottawa are equipped wit the latest first aid kits, AED trainers, and training mannequins. The training focuses on initial, time critical care for life threatening situations including dealing with someone who has stopped breathing, has suffered a heart attack or has become unconscious. They are the biggest and most popular provider in Calgary because of quality classes available at really affordable rates. Enrolment can then be completed via e-mail, telephone call, or walk-in during business hours in any of the facilities in Alberta. It has great access to public transit with newly-built C-train station just across the street. You only need to pay the fees during enrolment and Calgary First Aid assures you of no additional expenses. AEDs or automated external defibrillators are machines that are attached to the chest with pads and are able to detect heart rhythms and apply needed shock to the heart. Hourly rates vary so just send an e-mail or give a call if you want to inquire about booking a private instructor. Within three years, while the award is current, the certificate can be renewed through refresher programs. St Mark James offers two level’s of certification, emergency (8 hours) and standard childcare first aid (16 hours).
Participants will not receive a refund if the request is within 72 hours of the course or after the class.
A private course can be held at the Ottawa First Aid training facility or can be held at your location (if minimum space requirements are met). You are offered the best learning environment possible with spacious and well-maintained classrooms.

Before the passages are inflamed or swollen, it causes nasal congestion and build-up of mucus, which can cause symptoms like headaches and teary eyes. The industry requirements in Alberta state that candidates must take a two day course which requires candidates to attend the standard childcare first aid option. This provider is a Canadian St Mark James training provider that offers courses in standard, emergency and childcare first aid. All prices include taxes, certification, workplace approved registration, and training manuals that you can take home after completing the course. These programs are held at a minimum of twice a week at Ottawa First Aid training centre’s. All of the centers are easily accessible, with parking and public transportation within walking distance. When registering for a childcare first aid course in Calgary make sure you know your workplace requirements prior to registering. Participants are strongly encouraged to check the prerequisites prior to attend a re-certification course. Typically, acute sinusitis is self-limiting and goes away within a few days but prolonged and persistent symptoms merit a trip to the emergency room.
Participants can attend these courses with a no-pressure mentality as you can re-take this course at no extra cost if you do not successfully complete the course the first time. Participants looking to renew expiring awards can attend re-certification classes as long as prerequisites are met.  If you want to enrol in a certification program, just visit the Ottawa First Aid website through this link.
Registration for any course can be completed on-line, via telephone, email or on-line chat.

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