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I just finished reading an excellent book written by Dan Saffer titled Microinteractions: Designing with Details.
Dan defines microinteractions, as the smallest details that delight customers and keep them coming back to the software, or the app, or the web page, or a particular smartphone or tablet, or even the physical appliances we use every day. Every time you change a setting Dan writes, sync your data or devices, set an alarm, pick a password, turn on an appliance, log in, set a status message, or favorite or like something, you are engaging with a microinteraction. Saffer believes that microinteractions are everywhere, in the devices we carry, the appliances in our house, the apps on our phones and desktops, even embedded in the environments we live and work in.
My epiphany after reading the book is that microinteractions is the big difference between loving or tolerating a product and whether we realize it or not, every time we praise a product, we do so because we have found enough microinteractions in that product.
Articulate doesn’t just think about the people who will be using their products, they also think a lot about the learners, who will consume the experience and that in my humble opinion is what make their product stand out from the competition. While most Rapid e-Learning vendors focus mostly on improving features that help Instructional Designers (IDs) create eLearning, Articulate also focuses on improving the Learner’s experience when taking a course.
In previous versions of Articulate Studio, it used to be that when Learners came across an Engage interaction inside a Presenter course, they were presented with a number of navigation options (i.e.
Previous versions of Articulate Presenter included multiple player controls for Engage interactions as pointed highlighted by the arrows. Previous versions of Articulate Presenter included multiple controls when they included quizzes from Quizmaker.

In the new Articulate Presenter ’13 software, the experience for the Learner is seamless with a single, unified player, regardless of how many quizzes you have in your courses. Not so in Presenter ’13, you simply select the character you have previously inserted, and in the edit box, you can change expressions, poses and even change the character all together and whatever interaction you had previously added is preserved throughout the process. As someone who focuses on mobile learning design for clients, I appreciate the work Articulate is doing around enabling Studio ’13 customers to publish beyond Flash. In addition to Presenter, Engage and Quizmaker, the new Articulate Studio ’13 now also includes a new product called Articulate Replay.
With Replay you can add screencasts to your courses using your webcam, as well as various multimedia objects. The new Quizmaker ’13 is a pleasure to work in, thanks to a major redesign by Articulate. The new Engage ’13 also includes a ton of user experience improvements like the ability to¬†add text, multimedia, and image content to your interaction all in one simplified window. I think it’s pretty remarkable the ease with which anyone can turn a PowerPoint deck into a beautifully displayed iPad course, complete with characters, drag-and-drop assessments and screencasts in just hours, perhaps even minutes. If there are other microinteractions you like in Articulate Studio ’13, that I may have missed, please chime using the comments below.
Hi, my name is RJ Jacquez and I help learning organizations and individuals mobilize their learning and make a successful transition from e-Learning to Mobile Learning (m-Learning).
Now you simply have a submit button and all the individual questions in the quiz are now rolled into the main outline section in the Presenter player, as illustrated here.
However if you later realize you need the same character but with a different expression or pose, you literally have to delete the one you inserted originally and then look for another image that conveys the new expression and pose and worse yet, if you previously attached any interaction to it, you have to redo that work, too. With Studio ’13, Presenter is now on par with Articulate Storyline, which introduced the ability to publish to HTML5, as well as a native iPad app that Learners can use to consume eLearning courses.

I believe that more and more, we are constantly interacting in an ecosystem of screens and features like these will help us create and deliver great learning experiences, that will work on multiple screens.
For example you can now author quizzes in a single window and switch between questions using the new tabbed-based interface. Articulate has also added the following 10 brand new interactions in Engage: Accordion, Image Zoom, Bullet board, labeled panel, checklist, media panel, conversation, quick choice, Folders and Tabbed Image.
Now, if you could only purchase one product to fill all your needs, would you purchase Articulate Studio 13, or Articulate Storeyline? In partnership with Weld RE-4, the night will feature presentations from a wide group of North Range professionals and community resources. In my tests, the iPad app works incredibly well and the courses are rendered identically to their desktop counterpart. As I said in my review of Storyline, I’d like to see Articulate continue their mobile work and expand to other mobile platforms beyond the iPad.
For example you can display both your webcam and screencast, or toggle between them at any time. Before that, I worked for Adobe Systems and Macromedia as a world-wide Senior Product Evangelist for e-Learning tools.
This is a superb little app that I plan on using for my Blog and YouTube and with my clients. Conversation expressions 50 basic English questions used to ask and answer questions about most daily tasks for English language learners.

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