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This provider has a number of training locations throughout Calgary and offers private courses for large or small groups at amazing rates. Calgary First Aid is one of the best training providers of basic first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED) lessons in Calgary. Registration with Calgary First Aid can be done via telephone, email, or on-line application. Calgary First Aid’s location offers free parking and quick access to public transit (the nearest C-Train station is across the street).
These are top 5 reasons why Calgary First Aid is the best choice for basic first aid, CPR and AED training.
Calgary First Aid offers a variety of training courses, stand-alone classes, and refresher courses. Absolutely no other St Mark James training service provider has better maintained training centers.
If your certificate has become expired within the past 2 years or is about to expire, you can enroll in refresher courses offered twice a week by Calgary First Aid.
BUT the best way to prevent severe injuries and even death from choking is by taking a St Mark James basic first aid and CPR class.
A torn back muscle can be due to overuse or overstraining the back such as the wrong technique when lifting objects that are heavy and repetitive movements. A dislocated shoulder is a common injury where the upper arm bone moves out of the cup-shaped hole of the shoulder blade.
Varicose veins are veins that become large and twisted and usually common in the superficial veins of the legs.
The Safety Group provides safety training and consultation services to a wide range of industries in Canada. When you work with us, you work with a company that is committed to applying fresh and progressive approach to safety.
Calgary First Aid has been offering the best training programs for infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid in the Calgary area since 2008. This workplace approved provider offers exclusive private infant CPR courses, where the instructor comes to your home or workplace for a training class. When students pass their enrolled training course, they will get a certificate that is valid for three years. Both emergency and standard child care first aid programs do not offer any training or certification in CPR for infant victims. Calgary First Aid continues to deliver first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and automated external defibrillation (AED) training programs in Calgary since 2008. For additional information, prospective trainees may contact Calgary First Aid with the information below. This CPR training provider is located near the heart of Calgary, with a number of free amenities such as nearby free parking and public transportation. Calgary First Aid offers a wide range of training courses, stand-alone classes, private classes, and refresher courses. Training courses for CPR and AED have three different levels to choose from levels: “A”, “C”, and “HCP”. Basic first aid classes cover different skills needed in managing different kinds of emergencies.
Calgary First aid offers the most competitive values for all of its St Mark James first aid, CPR, and AED courses. All rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, St Mark James registration fees, and training manuals and equipment. Classes are held in high-end training centers with the latest training equipment in first aid, CPR, and AED.
Over 18% of Canadians are required to have either a first aid or CPR certificate for work or school purposes. Since 2009, Calgary First Aid has been the number one training service provider for first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the area.
Before registration, you can choose a course from the list below or on the Calgary First Aid website.
Calgary First Aid offers the lowest rates and prices for its St Mark James CPR and first aid classes.
If you decide to drop out of a program, you will receive a full refund if you give a 72-hour notice beforehand. Full courses for CPR are available in three levels, all inclusive of first aid and AED training.
If you want to get trained at home or book an instructor for a company event like a conference or outing, private programs are offered at Calgary First Aid as well. St Mark James Training awards the trainees certification for training after the completion of a training program.
If you work in the child care or day care industry in Alberta, you are required to have child care first aid certification. First Aid Courses - It is essential that First Aid classes should always be taught by qualified instructors.

This company has a strong focus on providing exceptional courses, with quality instructors, in comfortable classes all at the lowest prices. The main training branch is located in SW Calgary with some free parking close by and amazing access to public transit with a new light rail transit station across the street.
It is the most popular because of its experienced instructors, high quality standards, and convenient number of courses. You can use the following contact details to register for basic first aid training with this premier provider. Whatever first aid and CPR training course you sign up for, Calgary First Aid will have the best value. Calgary First Aid is committed to keeping the very best training centers for all its training courses. Candidates can easily apply for first aid, CPR and AED, renewals or food safe lessons via website registration, electronic mail or via phone. Participants will learn via hands on training with AED trainers (mock AED’s) how to effectively and safely use this equipment. Check out the price list of all of the basic first aid programs below (all inclusive of taxes). Rates are also inclusive of all materials used during training, such as manuals and first aid kits.
Trainees who successfully complete a training course will receive a certificate for first aid, CPR, and AED, valid for 3 years. This is why it is essential for rescuers to open the victims airway when doing any first aid and CPR that requires management of breathing. There are many ways where one can end up exposed to chlorine and the most common is through chlorine-treated drinking water, swimming pools or the soil. Prospective students can easily sign up through online registration, e-mail, or telephone call.
Courses cost between 49 dollars and 122 dollars, depending on the level or kind of certification taken. Skills such as bandaging, burn and bleeding management, and choking rescues are the most requested first aid class topics. No other training service provider in Calgary has lower rates for personal lessons, group classes, or re-certification classes.Check out the price list for all St Mark James CPR certification programs below.
Trainees who complete any of the training courses will receive a St Mark James training certificate, valid for three years throughout Canada. Classrooms are spacious and air-conditioned to provide the best learning experience for Calgary First Aid trainees. There is an incredibly high demand for first aid and CPR certification programs due to various job requirements.
They are the biggest and most popular provider in Calgary because of quality classes available at really affordable rates.
Enrolment can then be completed via e-mail, telephone call, or walk-in during business hours in any of the facilities in Alberta.
It has great access to public transit with newly-built C-train station just across the street. You only need to pay the fees during enrolment and Calgary First Aid assures you of no additional expenses. AEDs or automated external defibrillators are machines that are attached to the chest with pads and are able to detect heart rhythms and apply needed shock to the heart.
Hourly rates vary so just send an e-mail or give a call if you want to inquire about booking a private instructor.
Within three years, while the award is current, the certificate can be renewed through refresher programs.
St Mark James offers two level’s of certification, emergency (8 hours) and standard childcare first aid (16 hours). Even if the notes and lesson plans and course tests are offered by the First Aid societies and programs, the pace of the course and the amount of practice are set by the teacher. It is situated within the south of the province, roughly eighty km east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies.
Courses include standard, emergency and childcare first aid as well as stand-alone CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. The building is a high end commercial building that is clean, comfortable and well-maintained. All other workplace approved providers in Calgary combine re-certification courses with regular programs which infringes on training standards and provides poor classes and programs. Calgary First Aid is committed to offering the very lowest prices in first aid and CPR training with no hidden costs. Without entertaining, knowledgeable and interactive instructors the courses would be painful. First aid, food safety and CPR training would be difficult and uncomfortable if the classrooms were dirty, unkept and small. With a number of different training facilities and courses running throughout the week, Calgary First Aid has become the number 1 provider of workplace approved first aid training in the Calgary region.
Registering for first aid and CPR courses through other providers can be a difficult process.

Prospective trainees can enroll for lessons such as basic first aid, CPR and AED, and food safety. Visit the website, call, or use the contact form below for more information on training and refresher courses, re-certification, and private classes. Stand-alone classes, private classes, and refresher programs are available for enrolment as well.
All course instructors, for full programs and re-certification programs, are certified by St Mark James. All instructional classes render students an official document right after they complete the lesson.
HCP caters specifically to health care providers who work in health care facilities or settings. Telephone calls, e-mails, and walk-ins are also highly encouraged by Calgary First Aid’s very accommodating staff.
All classes are offered at various schedules throughout the week, with private classes offered to big groups, companies, or trainees who have scheduling problems. All programs offered through this provider issue successful candidates Red Cross awards which meet Government, Workplace and Academic requirements. The industry requirements in Alberta state that candidates must take a two day course which requires candidates to attend the standard childcare first aid option.
Providing stories and facts to reinforce the course material and reinforce the best way to complete a method in addition to correcting the students' method is a crucial part of the instructor's job.
Like a real human being, the xiphoid process at the bottom of the sternum could be felt in an effort to guarantee correct hand placement for chest compressions. Calgary is considered a metropolitan city that continues to retain its traditional culture of football, hockey, bars, hotel saloons and night clubs. Renewal courses are also available for participants that need to renew expiring certificates.
Calgary First Aid only employee’s the best teachers for the job that make the experience as enjoyable and educational as possible. Calgary First Aid offers large, clean and well maintained classes to make the learning experience comfortable.
For more information about any of these CPR programs contact one of our local providers through our training locations page. Course times are flexible and this provider can arrange for a course at almost any date, time, and location.
All classes are St Mark James certification courses so completion of a training course will give trainees St Mark James training certification for first aid, CPR, and AED. When registering for a childcare first aid course in Calgary make sure you know your workplace requirements prior to registering.
Though the same material is offered every time, it is the delivery and the practice implemented by the instructor which plays a huge role in teaching these lifesaving skills to others. There are several types available which have an attached audible clicker to signal when the compression pressure has been done correctly. It has even been referred to as "Nashville of the North" due to its passion for country music.
This page will outline the top reasons why Calgary First Aid is the premium provider of workplace approved first aid and CPR and Food Safety courses in the Calgary region. While these processes are also available at Calgary First Aid, candidates can easily and quickly register for courses through a simple and straight-forward on-line registration system. Additionally, trainees may also renew expiring certificates via Alberta OH&S approved refresher courses available multiple times per week at either the SE or SW training centres. Licensed instructors are tested and updated with the newest information each and every year. The city is likewise home to a diverse scene of musical genres, like for instance hip-hop, electronic, blues, jazz, punk, indie, pop, rock, metal and folk music. Candidates can simply complete the registration form of the selected type, date and time of the course they wish. Rates for a basic first aid training course are the most competitive in the city because Calgary First Aid offers the highest quality courses with the most qualified trainers.
Due to its ethnically diverse communities, anybody could expect multicultural assets all over the region.
Typical course participants include CBSA officers, police officers, security guards, oil and gas workers, teachers, caregivers, health care professionals, office workers, restaurant owners, construction workers, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, students, nurses, life-guards and many more.
Learn the latest ILCOR and American Heart Association approved rescue techniques by taking a Alberta OH&S approved first aid and CPR course in Calgary, Alberta today.

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