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Copyright 2008 - WoW 70 - All game images and game content are copyright ©2004-2008 Blizzard Entertainment. Kill Yetis by the cave 46,33 until they drop Hercular Rod's and bring it back to Novice Thaivand 63,19 in Tarren Mill. Travel to Tarren Mill to deliver Deathstalker Lesh's message to High Executor Darthalia 62,20. Kill 10 Witherbark Axe Throwers, 10 Headhunters and 8 Witch Doctors at Witherbark Village is South from Hammerfall 66,64 and return to Drum Fel in the Hammerfall outpost. Drysnaps found along the western coast of Desolace 25,45 and Golden Key dropped by Slitherblades found at Ethel Rethor 37,21, then open Rackmore's Chest 30,8.
Go into Thunder Axe Fortress 55,26 and in the middle of the first big building, you will find a large red crystal.
Kill Khan Dez'hepah 73,41 and Bring Khan Dez'hepah's Head to Felgur Twocuts 56,59 in Desolace. Use the Kodo Kombobulator to tame five Kodos then bring them back to Smeed Scrabblescrew at Scrabblescrew's Camp. Kill Burning Blade Seer 55,30 and collect the Sceptre of Light and then return it to Azore Aldamort 38,27 at the tower in Ethel Rethor. Go to Thunder Axe Fortress 55,28 and Kill the humanoids but right before you kill them use the Burning Gems to create Infused Burning Gem. Kill any Darkmist spiders around 35,23 and collect 40 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes to "Swamp Eye" Jarl 55,26 at the Swamplight Manor. To start this quest loot Theramore Guard Badge 29,48 then bring it to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village.

To start this quest go to Hoofprints 29,47 by the inn then return to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village about the suspicious prints at the Shady Rest Inn.
Kill 9 Theramore Infiltrators around 39,27 just East of Brackenwall, they are stealth so listen for the stealth sound and keep pressing tab. To start the quest pick up Black Shield 30,49 on the wall then Bring the Blackened Iron Shield to Krog 36,31 in Brackenwall Village. Collect Dawn Runner Cargo 46,24 at the top of the tower and rescue his first mate Ithania from forces of Theramore at North Point Tower. Check the Loose Dirt 55,26 and Bring the Defiant Orc Head to Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 in Brackenwall Village. Find the Captains footlocker at 71,51 underwater and collect the Captain's Documents for Nazeer Bloodpike 35,31 in Brackenwall Village. Take the Defiant Orc Head to Kin'weelay 32,38 in the Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale.
Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 25 Bloody Bone Necklaces to Kin'weelay at the Grom'gol Base Camp. Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 15 Bloodscalp Ears and return them to Kebok in Booty Bay. Kill Foreman Cozzle 42,18 to get Cozzle's Key and use it to unlock the chest in a small house at 43,20 then collect Fuel Regulator Blueprints. Kill Bloodscalp Headhunters around 19,12 at Zuuldaia Ruins and collect 20 Shrunken Heads then return to Nimboya at the Grom'gol Base Camp. Kill any Bloodscalp trolls 33,15 in Tkashi Ruins and collect 9 Bloodscalp Tusks to Nimboya at the Grom'gol Base Camp.

Kill Shadowmaw Panthers around 37,36 south of Grom'Gol to collect 8 Shadowmaw Claws and Kill Stranglethorn Tigress until you collect a Pristine Tigress Fang. Kill any Balisisk 24,16 in Stranglehold Vale and collect 10 Singing Crystal Shards to Crank Fizzlebub. Collect a Tablet Shard 25,23 it is by a wall and you should be able to loot it without killing any mobs.
Kill Dermot, Ricter, Alina and Collect 3 of the crystal inside Lordamere Internment Camp 20,85 and kill Kegan Darkmar 17,83 next door and collect the 4th stone.
Burning Key 25,30, the Cresting Key 68,30 and the Thundering Key 52,50 from the Stone of West Binding, the Stone of East Binding and the Stone of Outer Binding.
Kill Drywhisker Kobolds at the mines 80,40 and collect 12 Motes of Myzrael, then bring them to the Iridescent Shards 84,30 in Drywhisker Gorge. When doing the quest, 3 types of patients spawn: Injured, Badly Injured and Critically Injured. Inspect Hoofprints, Black Shield and Badge as your enter the zone at (49,27) to pick up 3 new quest.
Complete [Breaking the Keystone] since patch 2.4 Forzul is no longer an Elite and you should be able to kill him solo.

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