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This shiny red cleanser comes in sturdy, opaque, white and red tube packaging with flip top cap. I had been using Andalou Meyer cleanser for a while and I am pretty much happy with that cleanser.
Talking about the cleanser, it is slightly runny and a shiny red cleanser; I can see tiny red clay particles as well! There are times when this cleanser gave me squeaky clean skin with refined pores and skin tone, but nowadays, it seems it’s too much for my sensitive skin.
We experience weird climatic conditions where days are hot yet dry (we need humidifiers all day long) and hence these cleansers often give me dry and scaly skin. Moreover, I observed that it rinses away traces of foundation and face powder, but it is not effective in removing eyeliners, lip colors and lip stains completely.
A foaming gel which claims to detoxify and purify skin with goodness of red clay, rosemary leaf extract, etc. It may not be effective on problematic skin with acne, blackheads, or white heads, as I still notice blackheads and zits on my skin.
It may rip off moisture if used twice a day; even though my skin is oily, I cannot use it twice a day. It does not remove makeup completely, I need to use oil or makeup remover prior to this cleanser. It is not a deep cleansing cleanser as I need other stuff quite often to take care of my pores, rough patches and blackheads.

It’s as pricey as Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser, but nowhere close to the Boscia cleanser in effectiveness. Overall, I am glad that I tried this product out of curiosity and personally, I would like to wait and check if it works better in the near future.
Summers are already in with hot, humid waves around, and summers mean open pores, frequent need of touch ups and a handy bag full of toner and wipes for me.
It is slight runny in nature and often tends to bleed from the tube which should be taken care of. However, my skin demands a little extra care and deep cleansing as it often tends to attract dirt, blackheads and what not! Considering its price (nearly equal to Boscia Detoxifying Cleanser), I feel I have better choices as well. By drawing out the skin’s toxins, this clay cleanser controls outbreaks and reduces sebum production for a more balanced complexion. I don’t think it would be travel friendly considering the loose fit cap, it may be just one default piece though.
Hence I use it in conjunction with Andalou Meyer Cleanser and Ole Henriksen Night Gel, which takes care of my acne-prone skin apart from using Amorepacific Day Moisturizer and Eye Cream. The good things about this cleanser are that it gives me shine-free skin for 4-5 hours and I do feel clean skin for a few hours.
Post washing, my face looks squeaky clean, but since 2-3 weeks, I am observing that it just rips moisture off my skin and post wash, I badly need a heavy dose of moisturizer, else my skin tends to show signs of freckles and fine lines *scary* It works best at night though I need a heavy dose of moisture.

Other than that, I don’t feel I am serious about this cleanser, it is not effective against my nasty blackheads on my nose, I still notice zits surprisingly! However, exceptions are always there and I do find consistency in some of my skin care purchases, it’s rare though! Perfect for anyone with problem-prone, combination, or oily skin or as a deep treatment cleanse for normal skin, this foaming gel cleanser removes makeup, dirt, and grime. Recently, I came across First Aid Red Clay Infused Cleanser and I could not resist myself from trying it as my previous cleanser seems to be in equilibrium phase with my skin.
I wonder if it helps dry skin girls as my super oily skin requires immediate hydration post wash. First Aid Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, preferably very oily and combination skin gals, though I still love my Boscia Black Detoxifying Cleanser more exceptionally! Please read on further to know more about First Aid Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with red clay.

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