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You could work out what to put in the kit yourself, but it’s best practice and common sense to consult a reputable Guide like Safe Work Australia’s Model Code of Practice- First Aid in the Workplace. This entry was posted in Family day care, Long Day Care, OSHC, Preschool and kindergarten, Recognised training, Uncategorized. Port Macquarie NSW10 September 2016REGISTER NOWDO NOT MISS OUT - Places limited and filling quickly. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. As a police officer with the Greater Sudbury Police Service, you will be responsible for preventing, detecting, and investigating crime, while ensuring that comfort, understanding, and trust are provided.
As a Greater Sudbury Police Officer, you will use the latest techniques and technologies to assist in the detection and reduction of crime.
If you are looking for a challenging environment, excitement, teamwork, and a job you can take pride in, then policing might be the right career for you! The members of the Greater Sudbury Police Service are committed to providing quality policing in partnership with our community through various programs and initiatives.

The Service has over 350 employees, including 255 police officers, and is divided into three main areas: Operations, Support Services, and Administration. Attending calls to assist the public, preparing crime reports and other related paperwork, taking statements and making enquiries into crimes and offenses, conducting searches and making arrests, attending court and giving evidence, attending accidents and fires, giving presentations at schools, and other events and other duties as required.
Appropriate accomodations will be provided upon request througout the hiring process in accordance with the Greater Sudbury Police Services Employment Accomodation Policy and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Policing is a career where your skills, integrity, hard work, and determination can truly improve your community while making it a safer, more enjoyable place to live. You will be trained to use information and effectively draw on your expertise to ensure progress in a diversity of situations.
You will be a highly skilled professional working on a team that supports you both on and off the job. As a police officer, you have variety, flexibility, and job security within one of our many exciting units, including: Drug Enforcement, Criminal Investigations Division, Domestic Violence, Youth Liaison, Traffic, Tactical, K-9, and Forensics. There are exciting activities to participate in year-round, such as skiing, snow machining, hiking, fishing, and boating, as well as a wide range of sports and recreation.

The Operations section itself is divided into two main areas: the Uniform Division and the Criminal Investigation Division. They just say the kits must be suitably equipped but don’t prescribe what they should contain. Whatever Guide you use, the next step is to decide whether you need additional items or whether some items are unnecessary for your service. As an integral part of our team, you will be committed to providing a quality service within your community.
Our Service consists of men and women with roots from various parts of the world including Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Canada's First Nations People. It’s also advisable to check your incident, illness, trauma and illness records to ensure your first aid kit contains items that have been required in the past.

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