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The last thing you want to do is to panic and forget the steps because you have not been practicing the steps.
If you need more information regarding this specific course and its contents, please get in touch. TRAINERS and SAFETY MANAGERS: This device interactively instructs students using updated American Heart Association scientific studies on cognitive feedback devices and contains first aid and CPR training scenarios, key reminders, and CPR pacing metronome. First Voice has developed a refresher training system that will reduce your costs and keep your responders at near 100% skills retention all year long.
With state-of-the-art products to ensure that your responders are always up-to-date and ready for action, just 15-30 minutes every month guarantees that your responders know how to respond to any emergency.

Using our refresher training with the First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) at its core, ensures that you are providing your responders with the best skills retention and equipment at the lowest possible cost.
Covers medical, injury, and environmental emergencies and ensures skills practice for CPR and a majority of workplace first aid incidences.
The First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) is a life saving, affordable device that allows rescuers to train anytime and decrease fear and panic in a real life scenario. The simple and easy-to-use touchpad gives direction on how to respond quickly and accurately with audible and visual instructions. Protocols include scene safety, personal protection, victim assessment and treatment and follow up, 911 or designated emergency number reminders, scene or BBP clean up, and more.
The First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) is a life saving, affordable device that allows your dental office to help mediate the situation until 911 assistance arrives. If you have attended the First Aid Level 1 course first, you will have a much clearer understanding of the process. The device updated in 2012 NOW contains over 5 hours and 16 minutes of instructions for CPR, First Aid, Universal Precautions, Scene Safety, AED Training and more.

When a traumatic medical emergency happens in your dental office, the EID has a touch pad that is simple and easy-to-use and provides the coaching to keep your office staff reacting calmly and confidently. At the end of the CPR refresher course, we will practically assess you to make sure that you grasp the concept in full. 20 before taking his own life.Carcasses lay on the ground at the Muskingum County Animal Farm.
If you don’t take the responsibility into your own hands to refresh your memory, you might regret it in the future.
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