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Starting from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, I'll cycle out of London past Kingston-upon-Thames and out towards Dorking. Heading north through Leatherhead, the route eventually takes me back into London over Putney Bridge. Lastly through Whitehall into Trafalgar Square, under Admiralty Arch before a spectacular finish on The Mall.
Teenage Cancer Trust exists to improve the quality of life and chances of survival for young people with cancer, relying completely on donations from people like you to fund their vital work.
Cancer affects the patient and their family's lives, Teenage Cancer Trust is helping support all of the young person's needs and also provides a range of services that supports those around them too. If you're on Facebook - please LIKE my Facebook page, then ask all your friends to LIKE my page too. The more people we can get to LIKE my page, the quicker we can help Teenage Cancer Trust to support families who really need their help.
Please help me raise funds by telling everyone you know about my 100 mile RideLondon100 marathon bike ride.
Trying to explain why I'm doing my 100 mile ride has already quite repetitive, as I have been asked so many times. I am very pleased to say that I managed to get around the course despite the horrible weather. You may have predicted England would be out of the world cup, but are you “good enough” to guess my ride time??
Rome, Oct 10, IRNA – A professor in Rome University and Chairman of World Study Institute Nicola Pedde, who has written a book about the activities of MKO terrorist group, says the group will never have a place in Iran.
Pedde believes that seditious role of the MKO against Iran during the 8 years of imposed war is totally evident for Iranian society. Because of their hostile acts against Iran’s officials and innocent people, there is a feeling of hatred among people of Iran at the group, says the author. He has also made interviews with a number of ex-members of the group, who once had key roles in the organization, and has revealed criminal acts of the group as well as developments inside the group.
Professor Pedde says he has tried to make Italian politicians understand that before signing any document in support of any group or society, they should have some information about their activities. The Family Survival Trust, September 25, 2014:… Anne Khodabandeh explained the structure of terrorist organisation by using the ‘onion’ analogy. Alejo Vidal-Quadras Struan Stevenson, Alen Taslimi Mossad Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult, ali safavi alireza jafarzadeh sona samsami, American terrorism APAC, Anne khodabandeh (singleton), Ban Ki-moon, Bob Filner Terrorism lobby, Camp Ashraf Liberty, CIA MI6 Mossad, Dana Rohrabacher American terrorists Congressman, France Mojahedin Khalq Maryam Rajavi Terrorism Israel Mossad, Haider al-Abadi Iraq Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult MKO MEK, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Israel America anti war, Joe Lieberman Patrick Kennedy, maliki Iraq, Massoud Khodabandeh, Mehdi Abrishamchi Mohammad Mohaddesin Saddam Rajavi terrorism, Mojahedin Khalq mercenaries Massoud Rajavi Maryam Rajavi, Mojahedin Khaq MKO MEK NCRI PMOI Rajavi cult Terrorism Iraq Saddam, national council of resistance, Netanyahu Rajavi Mojahedin Khalq Israel MKO MEK, Nicola Pedde MEK Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult, Patrick J. You don’t have to stick to the events in our calendar, you can complete your own challenge whenever suits you! The blaze—started by faulty electrics—was so intense that few of the contents of the house could be saved.“Did they have the right procedures in place? Onslow argues that rather than rebuild his family home as a ‘pastiche’, the Trust should leave Clandon as a ruin, and use the payout to purchase other endangered buildings or vulnerable eco-systems.The National Trust has been arguing that the insurance money from Clandon can only be used for Clandon, but Onslow, who works in insurance, says this ‘categorically isn’t’ the case.
Onslow himself has witnessed the devastation in closer detail than most, as he was recently lowered in a metal cage dangling from a gigantic crane into the burnt-out heart of the Marble Hall.“I got gently lowered through where the ceiling used to be,” he says. On 24th September 2013, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the South Western province of Balochistan, Pakistan, which caused the deaths of many and shattered those who survived with broken homes and broken communities. Muslim Charity initiated an Emergency Appeal for the earthquake victims in September 2013 to assist 7,000 earthquake-affected families with emergency food rations, essential non-food provisions, water facilities and first aid kits. Following the immediate relief phase, Muslim Charity focussed its attention to the long-term rehabilitation phase in order to redevelop the broken communities and society. At Muslim Charity we believe in a holistic approach and understand that a community cannot grow unless people of the community are educated and due to this reason a school was constructed in Balochistan to provide basic education to girls for long-term sustainability. Gul Zareen, a widow with 7 family members living in a miserable condition, revealed that after the earthquake they did not have any place to live and due to extreme poverty there were no means to survival. While speaking with the head teacher, it was revealed that before the construction of the school there was no proper building for children to study in and the students were in fact studying in the head teacher’s own home. 24 Iranians who have travelled from Khorasan Razavi, Khuzestan and Yazd provinces have just arrived in Baghdad.
On Sunday 14th June, a number of Iranian families met with Iraq’s Human Rights Minister and asked him to intervene to allow interviews with their relatives in Camp Liberty, and stressed they need “only a few minutes” with them.
Hussein, who is with the group of families, told Almada Press in an interview that, “we have many times tried to see our relatives despite the MEK’s claims that they won’t meet us, and we have had the help of all the parties involved including the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights and the Red Cross. For her part, Hosna, the daughter of one of the members of the MEK Organization, told Almada Press, “I have repeatedly tried to meet with my father, whom I haven’t seen since I was born – he joined the MEK when I was only was 45 days old – but all attempts have failed. In a meeting with the Iranian families and the press at the ministry’s headquarters, Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights said “We have a responsibility as a state to protect the lives of these people according to agreements made between Iraq and the United Nations, and we respect all the international resolutions, but their presence in Iraq is only for a limited period of time”. Mahdi continued, “The members of this organization numbered more than 3,000 in their camp in Diyala province during the era of the former regime. Mahdi said, “We are trying to provide all the facilities possible to enable these families to see their loved ones, and we will take their names and the names of those who they want to see in order to complete this interview process between the individual parties involved”. Nejat Bloggers, June 13 2015:…  Therefore, the cult’s propaganda machine under the order of Massoud Rajavi propagate that these families of Liberty residents have come to kill them and to destroy the Camp! A number of family members of the residents of Camp Liberty gathered in front of the camp demanding the visit of their beloved ones.
On June 9th, 2015 several family members of Mujahedin-e Khalq hostages – who are kept in Camp Liberty, Iraq having no access to the outside world and under the severe brainwashing practices – established a permanent stake in front of the Camp entrance.
The families say they would insist on their legitimate demand and won’t leave the Camp unless they would meet their loved ones.
The MKO leaders who consider the families as their cult’s arc enemy has reacted to the families’ legitimate demand by swearing at them.

The Cult leaders definitely remember the bitter experience of the rise of defection within their cult after the families four years of picketing in front of Camp Ashraf before its shutdown. The cult claims that elderly parents The Mehdifards and Shabanpours, the grieving brother of Parviz Heidar zade and the suffering daughter of Abdulhassan Ahangari are agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and Quds Force! Family Survival Trust, May 24 2015:…Anne Khodabandeh, representative of The Family Survival Trust, was in a unique position to brief M. The FECRIS Conference provides a forum for the world’s leading experts in cultic abuse to meet and talk and to share ideas, knowledge and experiences. After several years as Chairman of FECRIS, Tom Sackville retired and was replaced by Daniele Muller-Tulli.
The theme of this year’s Conference which was hosted in Marseille by GEMPPI, was ‘Deliberately Planned and Encouraged Confusion Between Cults and Religion’. In contrast, Alexey Voat a researcher from Moscow, gave a very pertinent presentation on the Aum Shinriyo cult’s use of the internet for deceptive recruitment. Olivier Faelens, President of SAS Seckten from Belgium, inspired the audience with his advice on how to avoid false arguments presented by groups such as The Church of Scientology, with its continual demands for debate on the subject of whether or not it is a true religion.
Finally, leading cult expert Janja Lalich explored the struggle for justice in the American legal system. During the Conference the audience participated with lively and informative questions and discussions at various points in the day. Massoud Khodabandeh, Middle East Strategy Consultants, London, December 09 2014:… By publishing an article directed by the MEK, a group of MEPs has played directly into the hands of Iran’s hardliners. As you are aware the Iranian Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group works through the “Friends of a Free Iran” in the European Parliament. The article starts with the claim that Ban Ki Moon said people should hold their governments to account. However, let us allow that Iran’s human rights record, like that of every other country of the world, should come under proper scrutiny.
Now, if the MEPs do indeed see fit to challenge Iran over this issue on International Human Rights Day, is it not proper to do so directly, through dialogue, communication and diplomacy, rather than a futile rant. As a result they stupidly allow themselves to say such things as “Tehran has also been the center [sic] for the expansion of terrorism and fundamentalism throughout the region, endangering world peace and security.” The article cannot and does not present any evidence for this opinion.
These MEPs really need to get to grips with the fact they are being manipulated into pursuing an agenda not of their own making, which ultimately serves to worsen human rights in Iran and to help crush any indigenous opposition movements and activities. Anne Khodabandeh (Singleton), Iran Interlink, November 01 2014: … When a supporter of ISIS sits in the French parliamentary building and attacks President Obama, the cracks are seriously beginning to show in the West’s approach to resolving the whole Middle East situation. Alejo Vidal-Quadras Struan Stevenson, ali safavi alireza jafarzadeh sona samsami, American terrorism APAC, Anne khodabandeh (singleton), Ban Ki-moon, Bob Filner Terrorism lobby, Camp Ashraf Liberty, CIA MI6 Mossad, Dana Rohrabacher American terrorists Congressman, families of hostages in camp liberty, France Mojahedin Khalq Maryam Rajavi Terrorism Israel Mossad, Haider al-Abadi Iraq Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult MKO MEK, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Iran Interlink exposing Mojahedin Khalq Rajavi cult abuse, Israel America anti war, Joe Lieberman Patrick Kennedy, maliki Iraq, Massoud Khodabandeh, Mehdi Abrishamchi Mohammad Mohaddesin Saddam Rajavi terrorism, Mojahedin Khalq mercenaries Massoud Rajavi Maryam Rajavi, Mojahedin Khaq MKO MEK NCRI PMOI Rajavi cult Terrorism Iraq Saddam, national council of resistance, Netanyahu Rajavi Mojahedin Khalq Israel MKO MEK, Patrick J. Royal involvement in ConservationFor more than four decades The Prince of Wales has used his unique position to champion action for a sustainable future. The Prince of Wales's elder son, The Duke of Cambridge has for many years spoken out about the illegal wildlife trade. Save the Albatross campaignThe Save the Albatross campaign was launched as a joint campaign by RSPB and BirdLife International.
Otherwise it's like going to see your favorite music artist and standing in a soundproof box for the entire performance !! The Mujahidin hide their anti-western and anti-democratic thinking from the general public. Like many old aristocratic families in Europe, the Onslows found the financial burden of keeping up a magnificent stately home impossible with the demise of the last remnants of the feudal system and the post-war rise in wages.So, in 1956, Rupert’s father, the 7th Earl, gave Clandon Park to the powerful British conservation charity, the National Trust.
We will not share your email with anyone for any reason“I don’t think that making Frankenstein architectural monsters is what the National Trust should be doing. With the support of our generous donors and most notably the Harrow Central Mosque (London, UK) as well as numerous other donors, Muslim Charity was able to construct new homes for those affected in District Awaran. Gul Zareen is one of those fortunate beneficiaries for whom a house was constructed thanks to the generous donation of Harrow Central Mosque (London, UK) and she is now living in a safe surrounding with her family. Now the community, especially the children, are very excited and motivated to have a proper school building to study in.
They will visit Camp Liberty tomorrow where they hope to make contact with their loved ones. The Ministry of Human Rights confirmed that the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK) leaders’ rejection of the requests of these families was based on “their relatives’ refusal to meet them because of the need to protect the lives of the members of the organization”. And after moving to Camp Liberty, this camp has very high walls and I cannot see him inside there even from a distance”. He pointed out that “all previous attempts failed because the leaders of the individuals inside the camp always rejected such visits or interviews”.
The families’ only demand is to meet their beloved ones whom they have not visited for long years. The Conference is a safe place for researchers, practitioners, campaigners and support groups to mingle with former cult members and families of people who remain trapped in cultic relationships. Serge Blisko, President of MIVILUDES, presented the opening speech which outlined this subject. She described the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and how in spite of the people’s revolution, its creation of alternative social structures dedicated to the reintroduction of fundamentalist strictures on society still have the potential to undermine the country’s democratic processes. She described several case studies and talked about her own experience as an expert witness and how the cults deliberately exploit ignorance and misconceptions regarding cultic abuse.
This parliament is to give a platform today (December 10) to the second-in-command of this group Maryam Rajavi (a private room has been hired in the buildings by one of the MEK’s lobbyists purely for lobbying purposes).
The proper bodies to conduct such research are those quoted by these MEPs – the UN – in particular the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran – Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International.

A rant which, in addition, quotes the second-in-command of the Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group, Maryam Rajavi. Indeed, most sensible people anywhere would point first to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States as the source of increased terrorism and fundamentalism in the region. The semi-official Fars News Agency has immediately translated the article for distribution among Farsi speakers in Iran and worldwide. Any Iranian not associated with the MEK terrorist group – on any side of the argument – will tell them this. These are family members of individuals in the camp and have become concerned about reports that their loved ones may be transferred to Albania without notice and wish to be able to see them. She continued, “the only time I have seen him was when they were in Camp Ashraf in Diyala province, when I saw him from far away without talking to him”.
The leaders of the Cult of Rajavi do not allow members to have any contact including visits or phone calls or even letters with their families. She explained that it is possible to construct a model for describing and analysing the use of cultic abuse by terrorist entities without mentioning religion. He said that the widespread use of exploitative cultic abuse undermines democratic institutions and social functions. Pierre Le Coz Director of the Department of Social Science at the Faculty of Medicine, University Aix-Marseilles, gave a fascinating presentation in which he described step by step how individuals can be brought under the influence of a manipulator using specific psychological techniques.
His revelations were instructive for understanding any other cultic recruitment over the internet. This talk linked the various issues raised in previous speeches with the subject of the Conference: ‘Deliberately Planned and Encouraged Confusion Between Cults and Religion’.
Not only that, a group of MEPs has boldly written to you demanding you change your policy to suit this woman. Certainly these MEPs have no mandate to hold another country’s government to account in this way. This group of MEPs has been persuaded – somehow – to have her words put into their mouths as though they cannot make their own statements or figure out their own political arguments. What better argument could the hardliners have that the issue of human rights is being politicised than to have the leader of a notorious terrorist group put their words into your mouth. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. Read The Prince’s speechThe Prince of Wales has been Patron of Friends of Conservation (FoC) since 1988.The FOC is an international charity which works to save rhinos, cheetahs and other wildlife in the Masai Mara, as well as running habitat conservation programmes such as reforestation and eco-tourism, by working closely with local communities. Charitable Trust (UK) we were able to construct this Primary School which has the capacity for 150 students.
Those who employ these methods deflect criticism by claiming that their critics want to deprive them of ‘freedom of belief’ or that they are not accorded proper status as ‘religions’. Anne then went on to describe the deceptive recruitment and brainwashing methods used by terrorist groups and said that from her fifteen years as an activist in this field she was able to suggest solutions to tackle this phenomenon. The simultaneous translators are appreciated for their hard work in bringing the full content of the speeches and interjections to all the audience. It is not their elected government, but that of a sovereign nation with its own electorate. It also works with like-minded partners to deliver similar projects across Africa, Asia and Central America. They are not for or against anybody and don’t wish to persuade their loved ones in any way, only to meet with them. Blisko also talked about the growing problem of ‘religious’ terrorism and its links to cultic behaviour.
The new Chair of FECRIS, Daniele Muller-Tulli closed the Conference and thanked the outgoing Chairman Tom Sackville in his absence for all his hard work. As a European citizen and an expert in the field of cults and terrorism, I cannot agree that you ignore such a presence in the parliament. Its mission statement is to: "Join with local people and partners to support sustainable ways of living in harmony with wildlife, ecosystems and the environment". The family members appeal to anybody, including the MEK’s supporters, to help facilitate these meetings, after which they will return home. It cannot be in the best interests of the European Parliament as a home to democracy to give a platform to for what is an undemocratic stance toward the people of Iran.
You cannot but be struck by the responsibility we hold to protect the world’s wildlife and its habitat for our children and future generations.
It happens to be the largest private house in England and is on sale for a snip at ?8m.“I think, for me, if I was the Trust, I would think that was the most amazing project. And they’ll say ‘Well, we don’t own it,’ but they didn’t own Clandon to begin with, that’s just an issue of who’s got what name on the title deeds. “It’s 250,000 square feet. So if we were to leave the building as a ruin we would only recover from the insurer the relatively modest sums involved in the salvage operation and the stabilization of the remaining building. It’s not the case that we could walk away with a payout equivalent to the cost of rebuilding the house and then use it elsewhere.“That is, however, missing the point. So I wouldn’t really expect to have that much more influence than any other member of the National Trust. It’s not mine, it’s not ours, so therefore why would I be able to do anything other than put forward ideas, which I hope will be listened to?“But no-one can expect me to stop caring about it.

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