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Brian Townsend, who lived in Belize for the last nine years doing missionary work, was believed to have been abducted from his home on Christmas Eve. Police in central America have confirmed that a body found in Guatemala is that of a Canadian man who was reported missing on Christmas. Brian Townsend, who lived in the Central American country of Belize for the last nine years doing missionary work, was believed to have been abducted from his home on Christmas Eve.
Dinsdale Thompson, superintendent of police in Benque Viejo, a town on the border with Guatemala, says investigators took photos of the body before it was buried in Santa Helena. Police say they believe some kind of confrontation occurred in Townsend’s home in Belize, and he was robbed of clothing, a laptop and his Chevy Silverado truck, which has yet to be found. He said police have applied to a Guatemalan judge for permission to exhume Townsend’s body.
Spectra Energy holds interest in pipelines throughout the country, including Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, which runs through Searsmont. SEARSMONT — An ice blockage that was partially caused by the extreme cold is the reason Spectra Energy’s Searsmont gas compressor station blew a valve just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, releasing approximately 71,098 cubic feet of natural gas into the atmosphere.
Engineers determined that ice stopped one of the station valves from closing properly, which allowed gas to vent from the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline through the emergency shutdown vent stack, said Spectra Energy spokesman Susan Waller, Jan.
That stack is designed to allow for the safe venting of gas to protect the public, employees and the facility from damage, she said. The Houston-based Spectra owns the majority shares of the pipeline, which runs from Nova Scotia to Massachusetts.
The meeting is being held at the suggestion of the Searsmont Fire Department, so that citizens can air questions and concerns. The goal is “to educate people on how a compressor station works and what to expect from it,” said Henley, earlier this month.

Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline is a 684-mile transmission pipeline that transports gas from offshore Nova Scotia to markets in Atlantic Canada and northeastern United States.
The venting alarmed residents throughout the area, as news of the noise, described as a jet taking off in flight, spread quickly on Facebook. The Searsmont Fire Department responded, but its role was standby; if an explosion occurred, firefighters would have evacuated people from their homes, said Assistant Fire Chief Wayne Woodbury. The gas that runs through rural Maine in a pipeline measuring approximately 30 inches in diameter originates off of Nova Scotia’s shore near Sable Island. The Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline is a subsidiary of Spectra Energy, which owns 77 percent of the venture.
Capturing wonder as we wander MONDAY, AUGUST 15TH, 2016 Maine is rightly known for its art.
Coronal holes are areas in the Sun's atmosphere that appear dark in X-ray and ultraviolet images of the Sun.
Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Artist Megan Evans said she felt sad that the stories of Northcote women were wiped out by the vandal. One of the mural's artists, Megan Evans, said the Smith Street project took two-and-a-half years to complete.
27, a body with no identification was found in Guatemala, about 15 minutes from the border.
It is pumped from beneath the Atlantic and then routed via pipeline to customers in the Maritimes, New Hampshire, Boston and parts of Maine.

The plasma (electrified gas) in these regions of the Sun's corona (it's upper atmosphere) is cooler and more dense than in other parts of the corona.In most places on the Sun, magnetic field lines loop back onto the Sun's surface. The pipeline was constructed in 2008-2009, and doubled the capacity of the Maritimes system. Plasma in those regions flows along the field lines, giving rise to features like coronal loops and solar prominences. It continues through Maine and New Hampshire into Massachusetts where it connects with the existing North American pipeline grid at Dracut, Massachusetts.
It is designed to transport approximately 785 million cubic feet of gas a day and the actual volumes transported fluctuate on a daily basis, said Waller. Scientists call these "open field lines." Plasma flowing upward through the corona can more easily escape into space along these open magnetic field lines at coronal holes.
This escaping plasma produces faster flowing solar wind than at other locations on the Sun. The fast solar wind races outward from the Sun at speeds of 800 kilometers per second (500 miles per second), about twice as fast as the slow solar wind that flows away from other places on the Sun.At the peak of the sunspot cycle (called solar max) when the Sun's magnetic field is very active and disturbed, coronal holes can appear almost anywhere on the Sun. At solar min, when sunspots are fewer and the Sun's magnetic field is more stable, coronal holes usually appear near the Sun's North and South Poles.

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