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I took precautions, saving each pilots portrait in hi-res to act as a guide when recreating them anew. Acting quickly I cover up Ealiom’s abs they were sending me into a shame spiral that only a pizza and snickers could pull me out of.
While I had Ealiom’s old portrait at hand I quickly found that there were not enough options to allow me to perfectly recreate it, though I think I got pretty close.
So after creating nine new pilot avatars I can say that I am impressed with the editors’ power. Gamers were agog this weekend when screenshots and videos of an enormous (and somewhat accidental) battle in EVE Online hit the web.
Reports from Reddit and EVE bloggers indicate the fray was sparked when the pilot of a titan ship (the most expensive class in the game) prematurely jumped into enemy space, rather than warp allies to his location (a technique known as "bridging"). Essentially, one pilot's accidental click ignited one of the largest impromptu capital ship battles in EVE history. Besides the far-reaching in-game political implications of this battle (which are a bit too "inside baseball" for this publication), the spat has intrigued the Internet for a few reasons. Asakai was by no means the largest battle EVE has seen by player count, according to Ned Coker, who handles media relations for CCP, the company that runs the massive online universe. That's the other reason EVE fans are so enthralled by Asakai — it was not planned the way many of the game's complex operations usually are.

Online discussion around the battle has led to lengthy explanations of what EVE is, and how new players can get started. CCP also provided Mashable with this chart, showing the loss of in-game revenue by ship class. With the old portraits carefully stored away in a folder that should be called nostalgia, I updated my EVE client. A lone titan in "low security" space is like blood in the water, and players from multiple factions rushed in, with reinforcements piling on to attack and defend. For one, capital and super capital ships like the titan class can take months for players to build. Because all players inhabit the same persistent universe, CCP will often divert server resources to hot spots where the action is. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I was still simultaneously looking forward to and dreading the new character creation process that every player must do over the coming weeks. They were all carefully made, each had their own hidden narrative that helped me create them and a personality that only I could see or appreciate.
So with the reassurance that I probably didn’t look like too big of a tool I began sculpting Ealiom’s face.

Minmatar tattoos, Gallente face markings, Caldari scars and Amarr religious icons to name a few. Amassing wealth in EVE's hyper-capitalist, living economy is a full-time job, and it can be traded (legitimately) for the game's real-life subscription fees. The options present and the power of the engine driving the new tool makes up for these shortcomings.
Thus, some players at the Asakai battle were risking and losing ships worth upwards of $1,000 (real dollars), and months of work.
These avatars stood as signposts in my EVE story I would mourn the loss of their bumpy faces. Despite being unique, players’ pilots will still look as if they belong to a particular race.

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