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Find high definition lyrics cover images for your Facebook profile right here on FB Cover Street! One of Eminem’s most noted achievements in the past few years, has been his sobriety.
Hailie’s Twitter profile picture shows her with a huge smile, gorgeous blond hair and makeup. Of course, we all know Hailie from Eminem’s raps and his tumultuous relationship with Kim Mathers.
Eminem documented his tumultuous relationship with Kim in songs like “Kim.” Kim ended up suing Eminem for defamation of character over the song “Kim,” where Eminem rapped about her violent death. Eminem also filed a motion against Kim in 2007 to keep her from bad-mouthing him, saying that it could be hurtful to Hailie. Eminem released his new music video "Survival" the day after his daughter was crowned homecoming queen. Hailie also played volleyball, was in the National Honor Society, was in the art club, was in the key club, and was on student council.
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It is a hard thing to do and he must be respected, at the very least, for his pursuit of a sober life.

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See Photos Of Hailie Jade Scott Mathers And Tell Us: Do You Think Hailie Looks Like Her Dad Or Mom? Before and after pictures show just how gorgeous Kim Mathers and Eminem's daughter has become.
Eminem and Kim Mathers’ 19-year-old daughter has been posting pictures on her Twitter account. Eminem and Kim then got married in 1999, got divorced in 2001, and remarried in 2006 only to split up again later in 2006. Kim had said that Eminem was “slacking” as a father and didn’t have a positive relationship with Hailie. If by some chance the child missed a particularly pungent insult about her father by her mother, it is all but certain that her friends and her [friends’] parents are aware of it and that it will be shared with her,” the court document said.
Eminem rapped about his love for his daughter Hailie in the song “Hailie’s Song.” And Eminem and Kim did decide to share custody of Hailie after their split.
Hailie graduated high school Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA and received the Academic Excellence Award and Department of Psychology award when she graduated from Chippewa Valley High School. Hailie then decided to go to Michigan Sate University where she wants to study Psychology or Entrepreneurship. Kim and her twin sister Dawn had run away from home and started living with Eminem and his mom Debbie Mathers.

From a graphic design perspective I look forward to Eminem’s new album and when released we will cover his album cover art.
I feel his music is above par for the simple fact that he doesn’t release a million variations of the same song every 2 weeks. Recently the Call of Duty track survival was released and now he comes out with this, 2 great tracks, and they have their own sounds. No album cover art work could be found for Eminem’s upcoming album, but the graphic design work for Survival is a simple layout featuring a classic Call of Duty style skull in the background. The cover art for his new single Berzerk features a boombox with typography showcasing a fresh Eminem logo and Berzerk logo directly beneath it.
You can always learn from other peoples album cover art and here’s a perfect example, this is a great graphic design concept to keep in your back pocket.
Dre and Rick Rubin on the same track is an awesome combination and they did a good job on hiring a graphic designer too.

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