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We have a fabulous selection of gifts you really can make, because we provide you with patterns, templates and instructions that you really can understand. Tesla’s autopilot – Can it be a good solution to ambulances in occurrence of driver’s medical emergency? Emergency Live is the only multilingual magazine dedicated to people involved in rescue and emergency.
About usEmergency Live is the only multilingual magazine dedicated to people involved in rescue and emergency. TV investigators are often seen with handcuffs looping over their waistbands, with one cuff inside the rear of the pants and the other flopping around the outside.
The ratchet end of the cuff (the hook-like part hanging down in the image above) makes for an excellent weapon.
Carrying a loaded firearm tucked into the rear waistband without a holster is a definite no.
I know this like beating a dead horse, but ALL officers, including detectives should wear their ballistic vests. Plainclothes officers should always display their badges near the shooting hand while their weapons are drawn. On the back holster, do LEOs really ride with a holstered gun tucked into the back of thier pants?
Pat – With the inside-the-pant holsters it is possible to wear the pistol while seated.

So easy to put together…All you have to do is print, cut, glue, and fill with goodies! John Stewart has been a hospital nurse for more than 30 years, and is the author of the blog, No Heroics: In-hospital resuscitation. Those studies engendered criticism of the guidelines in the lay press as having had no evidentiary basis and having been unduly influenced by industry. As such, it is the ideal medium in terms of speed and cost for trading companies to reach large numbers of target users; for example, all companies involved in some way in the equipping of specialised means of transport. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! Imagine an offender swinging the cuff, catching an officers cheek and ripping the flesh away.
For starters, the weapon is not secure and could easily slip down inside the pants, which could be difficult to retrieve during an emergency.
Wearing a suit and tie does not prevent an investigator from encountering dangerous people with guns. From vehicle manufacturers to companies involved in equipping those vehicles, to any supplier of life- saving and rescue equipment and aids. In his contribution on the Emergency Medicine News regarding the AHA’s promotion of AEDs in hospitals, Mr.
Carrying them improperly is an invitation for a bad guy to grab them and use the cuffs as a weapon against the officer.

But even worse, it would be downright embarrassing to have to fish your gun out of your pants while standing in line at the bank. This includes other officers who may think the good guy is one of the bad guys who then may shoot one of their own before realizing their little boo boo.
Stewart suggest to change the guideline about AED in Hospital, that now it’s usefulness.
Remember, sometimes it’s necessary to retreat in a hurry, and you certainly want your protagonist to make it to page 325. The real trick is learning how not to give away the fact that you’re an armed undercover cop. Their response was to promote the use of AEDs by hospitals, an approach that I came to question. Most recently, I wrote a critique of the 2013 consensus statement analysis, characterizing it as weak and biased in favor of preserving the status quo. Two coauthors and I submitted two worksheets, one of which addressed the use of AEDs by trained caregivers. Relying on AED technology alone to fix the problem of delayed in-hospital defibrillation is a dead end that instead of saving lives appears to decrease survival.

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