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Since I had just been in the ER days before, I kinda sorta started crying on our way¬†out of the doctor’s office. Oh, how wonderful ?? I found that drinking a TON of water and elevating my feet whenever possible really, really helped. Here’s hoping you have NO more ER visits and fantastic health till that sweet baby arrives.
The leg-shaving is SO funny because I had shaved my legs the day before and was so thankful hah! Check out my Printables section below for free copies of chore lists, schedules, calendars and more! Subscribe now to get access to my free Household Management Printables and always get the latest super awesome organizing tips first!

She sent me to the ER because she was concerned about the swelling in my right foot and leg.
I think the swelling on one side has to do with how the baby is positioned, because I’ve been having back pain only on my right side, and then only the swelling on the right.
I’d read about the blood clot thing and immediately got nervous, but after I rested and elevated my feet, it went down.
My dr thought I might have a pulmonary embolism once (blood clot in the lung) and even with minimal symptoms when I arrived they triaged me yellow and rushed me past the hacking and even bleeding. Send me links of your printables or tips that have made your life easier and I’ll post them on this site. I didn’t want to interrupt his flow, but I much prefer when medical professionals talk you through the process. My right side was much more swollen the whole pregnancy and I had to do the blood clot ultrasound too ( so scary). A co-worker of mine is pregnant and the doctor said they would only call if something was wrong… and then they called to tell her nothing was wrong.

Only a few more DAYS to go and then hopefully your body will calm down once that little babe is here. I am with you on appreciating it when medical professionals talk you through what’s happening. My husband had the awful 24 hour bug on Sunday, so when I woke up with stomach cramps on Monday I thought I was next. I’m sure she was freaking out when she saw the phone ring, just like freaking out in the silence of the ultrasound! I called my doc and he assured me that as long as there was no bleeding or leakage I should be fine. Although, I have been warned not to buy any new shoes for a while — which is so hard with all the cute summer sandals coming out!!

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