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Tornadoes, flash flooding, and other inclement weather are all very real possibilities in North Texas, which makes preparing ahead for these potential emergencies extremely important for homeowners. It may seem unimportant, but organization can have a real impact on your family’s emergency plan.
When natural disasters strike, being prepared can sometimes make the difference between life and death. First aid supplies and medications should also be stockpiled if possible – purchase a first aid kit for each member of your family, and add extra supplies to it throughout the year. If your home has been overtaken by clutter, it could be dangerous in the event of an emergency. Securing your family’s important documents is one of the most crucial components of disaster preparedness. Protecting your family in the event of an emergency is your number one priority, and clutter shouldn’t stand in the way. 1) Jumper Cables – Everyone should keep a set of jumper cables in their car because batteries can go dead at any time.
2)    Fix-A-Flat – If you get a flat tire, you don't always have to change it out with your spare. 3)    Flashlight – You just know that the next time your car breaks down, it will be at night. 7)    Folding Shovel – Yes, this may seems a bit excessive but a shovel could save the day if you get stuck in snow or mud.  The folding ones are small and generally can be stowed away with your spare tire or just under a seat.
Additional items:  If you really want to be ready for anything, you might want to consider some additional items such as a rain jacket, drinking water, a snow brush and some sand (for traction).
Stay tuned with exclusive news from the car industry, download high-resolution wallpapers at no cost and share everything you love on the social media. Having an established emergency preparedness plan is important, but there are also small ways to make your home more safe if bad weather strikes.
If your home is neatly organized and supplies are easy to find, It’s likely that ultimately, your family will be safer.

It isn’t necessary to become one of the Doomsday Preppers in order to be prepared for an emergency, but you will need to keep some supplies on hand. It may also be a good idea to invest in a weather radio – cell phones and other technologies could be unusable during a storm, but this old-school staple will be as reliable as ever.
Messy, unorganized rooms can make it much more difficult to find necessary items in the aftermath of severe weather.
In advance of severe weather season, you can go through each room of your house and assess what needs to be kept, tossed, and donated.
Once you’ve gathered food, water and other survival supplies, begin preparing a binder with all of your family’s important paperwork. Add a divider in your binder for each member of the family, and store two copies of each document in plastic sheet protectors. A little organization can go a long way in making sure that your home is ready for whatever comes its way. All it takes is for a small internal light to be accidently left on and your battery could be flat dead in a few hours. You could grab a few extra tools that you have around the house but the best thing to do is purchase a kit that comes with a good selection. A set of work gloves is a really good thing to have among your emergency gear.  Not only can you use them to keep your hands clean when you are performing a repair or changing a tire, you may really need them to keep your hands warm during cold weather.
These are usually available in pharmacies as a small, comprehensive kit that is easily stowed in your car. These three emergency organization strategies may take a little time, but they could make a big difference in how quickly you can respond to a disaster. Each year, take inventory of your emergency stash and see what needs to be replenished or updated. While you’re decluttering, you can also make mental notes of where important things you’ll need during an emergency will be, like extra linens, clothes and pet supplies. These documents include birth certificates, Social Security cards, property deeds, marriage licenses, wills, passports and any medical records you may have.

And, even if it isn't your car that misbehaves, having a set of jumper cables might help out another motorist.
They typically include bandaids, elastic wraps, a cold compress, surgical tape, antiseptic and other things. Stock up on bottled water, non-perishable food, batteries, flashlights and other supplies that you’ll need to survive a tornado or hurricane. Organizing your home can make a world of difference – when the power goes out, it’s nice to know exactly where to find the batteries for your flashlight. Store the originals away in a fire-proof safe with other valuables, and make sure that each member of the family knows where to find it. The sales staff at Patrick Autobody in Schaumburg, IL, a factory-authorized autobody repair center, suggested to us a list of 7 items that every motorist should consider keeping in their car. When it is activated, it fills the tire with air and squirts a sealant inside to seal the leak. They typically come in form-fitted plastic cases and contain screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches and often sockets. The glove box may be the best place to keep your first aid kit so you can get at it quickly.
If someone is injured or missing during a massive storm, having these documents readily available will be invaluable. If your closets are packed with old sports equipment and other junk, you may not be able to find the supplies you need to fully protect yourself.

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