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This week, we’ve put together a handy checklist of what items to include in your wedding emergency kit. TIP: Brides, pass this handy Wedding Emergency Checklist onto your maid of honour and bridesmaids to ensure that they are fully prepared to help you walk down the aisle! Natural sedatives and smelling salts to calm those nerves, ease head pains, congestion or dizzy spells. Pins such as safety pins and corsage pins, which are ever so useful to keep things together! Mini sewing kit filled with dark and light thread and needles to stitch up any minor rips or tears.
White chalk and spot remover to conceal smudges or stains on the bride’s white dress. Hair pins, hair bands and hair spray is essential to carry along to keep the bride’s hair in place throughout the day.
Extra bottle of coloured nail polish that matches the bride and bridal party’s painted nails. Mints, dental floss or toothpicks, mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrush to freshen up your smile and keep your breath smelling as sweet as daisies. Tissues and hand towelettes in case of tears, make-up runs or simply to keep your hands clean. Healthy and light snacks such as dried fruit, nuts and so on to keep the bride’s energy up! All of these wedding day life-savers can be packaged up in a cute tackle box before the wedding and then carried along and used as needed on the day. Download and print out this free Bridesmaid Survival Kit Checklist to add to your collection of wedding workbooks in your wedding planning file. This shimmering session of romantic copper, metallic and blush wedding ideas springs forth from the creative mind of photographer, Debbie Lourens. Sweet Apple Blossom Engagement Photographs in Ottawa {Grace & Gold Studio}On what could have been a midsummer night's dream, the caprices of fate collided the paths of Nathalie and Andrew on a terrace in Ottawa. Get new creative ideas, gorgeous real weddings, and inspiration from Confetti Daydreams delivered right your inbox! To grab the freebie just add your email addy into the form above to receive our daily advice and printables! December 11, 2015 by SeattleRDY Leave a Comment Awesome, you have a disaster kit ready to go with food, water, first aid supplies and all the important things you need to survive a few days on your own. Cash: Even in a minor power outage cash and credit card machines may not be available at stores.

Bleach: Unscented household bleach is a great tool for disinfecting things and sanitizing drinking water. Tools: Adding some basic tools like a wrench, crowbar, and screwdriver will come in handy if you need to shut off utilities, get your car unstuck, or remove debris from a passage way. Check out Building a Kit on Seattle Office of Emergency Management’s website for a full list of what to include in your kit. The NGO, which is trying to create a better world for children so that every child attains the right to survival, protection and development, has a community of more than 73,300 fans.
Apart from Facebook, a€?Save the Children Indiaa€? has a presence on Twitter and Google Plus page too. Nevertheless, the Facebook initiative is quite commendable and far better than the a€?Earth Hour Indiaa€? campaign that we had reviewed recently. And if you would love to support this initiative, then head straight to the Facebook page that is full of recent updates.
Whether your trip involves an hour-long jaunt or a full day’s drive, safe driving requires planning ahead before. As pointed out in this list of Maid of Honour Duties {Wedding Planning Series}, the chief bridesmaid or Maid of Honour is responsible for carrying along a mini emergency kit that is stocked with plenty of remedies in case of any bridal mishaps, whether it be beauty, health or dress issues. Get your pretty hands on this fabulous and free Wedding Survival Kit Checklist that can be downloaded and printed out. You’ll need a winning team of besties to support you throughout your wedding planning experience as well as on your Big Day. Up until that point they had never formally met, having previously only exchanged glances around their shared workplace. Now that the essentials are covered let’s talk about those understated yet nice-to-have (when you need them) items that can go far in boosting the quality of your kit. If you can, set just a little cash aside to be able to buy what you need in an outage pinch. We provide easy tips, tricks and information about free events to help you be better prepared. No Child Born to Die: It is a pledge where the page is asking you to show your support to the campaign. Save the Children India campaign is far more engaging and updated unlike the Earth Hour India that was running the same 2011 campaigns in 2012. One of them is the upcoming performance by street children of Delhi on the occasion International Day of Street Children on April 12th, 2012.
For your comfort and safety – in addition to your peace of mind – you should have a drive safe kit conveniently stored in the trunk of your car.

Here we share the key qualities that make up a good bridesmaid and what to do before, during and after Selecting Your Bridesmaids {Wedding Planning Series}.
Items like plastic freezer bags, money and a phone charger can save you time, money and get you out of a bind. The support is required so that the Government increases spending on public healthcare to 5% of the GDP.A  The app also allows you to spread the word by inviting your friends on Facebook.
If you click on the app, there is a circled section that directs you to the website payment section.
The Twitter community, which has more than 700 followers, has not been updated after 15th Feb and the Google Plus page more or less has the same story.A  An important lesson to be learnt here is that having multiple presence is good but then you should be ready to manage it as well as drive engagement from it.
I wonder if Earth Hour India was really serious in creating engagement in the community and not just increase the fan count with the constant display of Facebook ads.
To make things worse, the recent budget produced by the Indian Government has only increased 0.2% in the outlays for child specific schemes.
Once you have liked the page, the app just does the basic thing of saying a thank you and provides you with a hyperlink directing you to the Facebook wall. Once you are on the website, you can make the desired donation for supporting the initiative. I wish that Save the Children India NGO carries on the good work and hopefully revives the Twitter page too. To help you out, here are the three top items people often don’t think to add to their kits, but always regret not having. I wonder if the team is thinking of showing some of the recent achievements of the NGO related to this campaign. Besides this I am surprised to see why a Blog is missing from all the social media presence that the campaign has.
We spoke to the design team at Jacoba Clothing, who specializes in mix and match bridesmaid attire for some expert advice. I have always believed that a Blog can drive wonders if one is seriously thinking about it. The NGO has developed an amazing presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and doing its best to reach out far.

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