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A phone png icon can be used in designing a website logo of a site that sells telephone equipments such as cable wires. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. This icon set contains 287 icons that represent human organs, medical equipment, drugs, pills, documents and lab results, doctors and patients. To save the image, place the mouse on top of the image and right click on the mouse and save as to your computer.

Ambulance red symbol image contain EXIF or metadata information that contain copyright information. Star of life, emergency medical services, symbol clipart images illustrated in blue with white lettering "emergency medical services".
Snakes as a symbol of rejuvenation, treatment of snakebite, and winding Guinea worms on a stick to remove them from the body.
EMS symbol star of life image contain EXIF or metadata information that contain copyright information.

William achieved a pass mark of 93% for the course.The Fire Protection Association is the UK’s national fire safety organisation.

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