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Sean Parnell's administration proposed stockpiling food around the state's two largest cities, which also have military bases, in case the state's 735,000 residents were cut off from supply lines.But when Gov. Bill Walker took office and asked departments to tighten belts as the state dealt with a multibillion-dollar budget deficit, the stockpiling idea was tossed, Zidek said. The state has other food resources it can tap, including local food banks and partnerships with federal agencies and non-governmental agencies, like the Red Cross, he said."I think Alaskans are more prepared to deal with natural disasters than other communities, say in the Lower 48, because we're a resilient people anyway.
Members of the corps opened the shelter after the quake until the Red Cross arrived, he said.It's neighbors helping neighbors, Walden said. Steve Erickson said he's lived in Galena for 25 years and thought he knew what flooding was.

But he had never experienced something like that before — "fast and furious."He and his wife have rebuilt their home on high pilings. Preparations include making sure there's enough bottled water and food in the house for a week or so, he said."You can just have a bunch of canned food and you're good to go," he said.

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