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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Although typically thought of as an emergency food, superior taste, nutrition and convenience are now making our food supply entrees legitimate alternatives for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity. Our 200 Serving Food Supply Kit provides healthy, quick-prep meals that store for up to 20 years*, and only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish. Easy, re-sealable lids that allow opening and closing without unnecessarily exposing the other pouches to air. 30-Days of delicious easy-to-prepare food for one person plus a plastic self-filtering water bottle, quick-light fuel source - FireOn, and meal planner, all packed in an easily transportable, watertight 6 gallon pail.
Augason Farms 30 Day Food Storage Emergency All-in-One Pail is your survival essentials solution. The self-filtering water bottle reduces specific health-related contaminants, such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, lead, volatile organic chemicals and improves water taste. Items sealed in the 30 Day Food Storage Emergency All-in-One Pail have a shelf life up to 20 years.

For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Whether for long-term or short-term use, you will enjoy mouthwatering entrees that please your family and are easy on your pocketbook. The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same exact product listed.
Each serving costs about the same as the change in your pocket, but provides a healthy, low-cost substitute for fast food.
The product may or may not be labeled under a different brand but will be the same or similar as product listed.
This waterproof pail contains enough food to provide 1,857 calories per day for 1 person for a month, or a family of 4 for a week. Subscribe to our FREE informational newsletter providing you with with ideas and tips for using your food storage and how to be prepared for disasters. Servings per pouch may or may not be exactly the same as shown in the product description but you will get at least as many servings as you order.

And our food supply entrees are excellent for daily use, as well as the perfect solution for any outdoor or camping activity. The pail also includes a safe, stable fuel source and a self-filtering water bottle that can clean up to 100 gallons of water. It is a safe, non-combustible, burnable material that lights quickly in even adverse conditions. The emergency pail would take approximately 18 gallons of water to rehydrate all of the included food items. Packaged in a weather-proof bucket that is easily stacked to conserve space, our 200-serving kit can be stored up to 20 years in a cool, dry area*.

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