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Various bandages,emergency blanket, surgical tape, tweezers & scissors, sterile gloves, plasters, safety pins and cleaning wipes. Supplied in storage bag with velcro securing loop, which fits compactly into luggage or motorcycle – a legal requirement in many EUcountries.
Follow RJH on FacebookRJH Motorbike Training 13 hours ago RJH Motorbike Training updated their cover photo. Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a medical emergency which occurs when there is a lack of insulin in the body.
When there is a lack of insulin (such as in type 1 diabetes) the cells in the body are unable to take up glucose from the blood stream. There may be a history of diabetes, however remember not all patients will have a diagnosis of diabetes yet. The first aid treatment for DKA is very simple – the patient needs urgent medical assistance!
The most important consideration is being able to spot and piece together the signs and symptoms of DKA. If the patient is unresponsive then follow standard first aid procedure – DR ABC and place them into the recovery position.
Online first aid certificateIn order to download your first aid certificate you will need to complete all modules of our online first aid course. In order to access our online first aid course you must have registered an account with us and be logged in.
As many allergy and asthma sufferers know, the weather can play a direct role in the severity and length of your symptoms.
During a thunderstorm, the pollen particles get saturated and fracture or “burst”, releasing small particles into the air at a much higher concentration.

You continue to have severe shortness of breath, can’t speak comfortably or your lips appear blue. Taking your asthma reliever, even when you are feeling well, can help prevent acute asthma attacks from occurring after thunderstorms. In addition to asthma medication, there are non-medical steps you can take to lessen the affect of rain on your allergies. If you have any questions regarding any of the courses on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Professionals choose Firehouse because they know that we are a one stop, one-session program that uses the latest AHA guidelines and use highly experienced instructors with real world experience and offer excellent hands on training. Professionals know they can turn to Firehouse CPR and First Aid to get the best certification possible in BLS, CPR and AED. The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner. Certificate: 2 year American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider BLS course completion card upon completion of the course. Insulin is a hormone which is released by the pancreas which allows our cells to use sugar (glucose) thus reducing the levels in the blood.
A mild winter can signify an early allergy season, since trees and grass tend to pollinate earlier.
Grass pollen is usually too large to enter the small airways of the lungs and is filtered out by the nose. If an asthma attack does occur during or after a thunderstorm, treatment is the same as any other acute asthma attack. Firehouse CPR  ACLS and First Aid has been teaching healthcare professionals American Heart Association courses for more than 13 years.

We offer a two-year certification, at a fair cost with online registration and payment making easier for the busy professional. Each participant must either already have purchased (in the past), be in possession of, or have access to course booklets at their place of employment at all times (hospital, etc.) in order to be exempt from having to purchase a book.
This normally causes the typical hay fever reaction of running nose, and watery, itchy eyes. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, respiratory and occupational therapists, CNA’s, EMT’s, Paramedics, firefighters, nursing and medical students, medical assistants, police, phlebotomists, park rangers, and emergency first responders to name a few, have taken these valuable courses.
Should this not be the case, then you are to purchase a course booklet either directly online from the AHA or from us at our facility. Rain and thunderstorms is thought to reduce the pollen count by washing the pollen out of the environment, but more commonly, rain “bursts” the pollen particles, causing a dramatic spike in asthma attacks.
But after a thunderstorm, burst pollen particles are now small enough to be inhaled deep into the lungs.
As a courtesy to our participants, we provide a book prior to the course commencement and during the course itself.
The outflow winds of a thunderstorm also concentrate these tiny particles at ground level, where they can easily enter the airways of small children, and potentially cause acute asthma attack in those who react to pollen.
This is simply for your convenience should you not be allowed to check out the booklet from your place of employment.

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