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A potager can be as plain or as fancy as you desire, and in either case, there are some simple ways to make it a visual treat as well as a source of tasty produce.
Resolve to create some easy-to-make twig trellises and tepees for beans, tomatoes and peas.
Incorporate flowers, especially edible varieties, such as pansies, calendulas, nasturtiums, daylilies and sunflowers. View full sizeThe OregonianLisa Miles' Southeast Portland garden in 2007.Make a checkerboard of red and green lettuces.
The day's important news, including local and national headlines, delivered every morning. They began with blueberries, because Baxter owns one of the oldest blueberry farms in Tennessee. The list of beautiful edibles is practically endless, and there are countless advantages of incorporating them into your overall landscape design. I agrees wit you, but here in Dragonville (Collierville) TN, them town codes enforcers would have you pilloried on town square for having non uniform foliage taller than 6 inches, and I aint kiddin.
Create a Edible Garden Landscape Design – Beautiful, edible garden Ideas, tips and photos.
Often people want to grow their own food at home but don’t want a productive garden that looks ugly! Colour in the garden can also be highlighted by using various landscaping materials of different forms, textures and colours, such as light coloured pebbles and dark paver stepping stones. While doing research for my new book Edible Landscaping, I became so aware of how much energy is squandered on lawns.
After decades of gardening I’m probably a bit blase, but even I was amazed that it all happened so quickly—within a few weeks we were picking outer lettuce leaves—as many as we needed.
We created spreadsheets (see accompanying spreadsheet) for each type of plant and recorded each time we harvested—the amount (pounds and ounces, as well as number of fruits [for each cultivar of tomato, zucchini, and peppers] or handsful [for lettuces and basil]). Curious about what my harvest would cost in the market, in midsummer I began checking out equivalent organic prices and figured that the total value was $746.52. Granjero Organico - As Sherri has commented, where I have lived most of my life, in the Phoenix Arizona area, temps ususally soar past the 100 F mark. When autumn comes, and sunlight intensity decreases, the grape leaves will fall just where I want them to increase organic matter in the garden soil. I know the cost of the trellises and other wood features in the garden aren’t included total in your total costs. Also, you mentioned purchasing your seedlings from a local nursery – were the peppers organic seedlings? Rosalind Creasy - Roberta, thank you so much for the kind words…and no doubt, a vegetable garden can make a front yard beautiful!

Pearl - Just think of the food you could have that was free of toxins, I just want to know how to keep the snakes and squash bugs away. Rosalind Creasy - Hi Pearl, Ros answered your question and we’ve featured it on the blog. Rosalind Creasy - Thanks Julie, when it fills in please send a photo or two if you are so inclined. Guinea Pig Gardener - Edible Landscaping…thank you for sharing such useful knowledge and pictures in your book. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. Sue Hamilton, director of the University of Tennessee Gardens, grows blueberries, elderberries, oxblood beets, edible ornamental peppers, tomatoes, giant mustard greens, a columnar apple tree, and lots of herbs and edible flowers. Another advantage of edible landscaping means less time spent mowing and more time with the whole family learning to care for the land. On this website, you'll find Tennessee events, attractions, farms, recipes, restaurants, gardening tips, artisans and more. On this website, you'll find Tennessee events, attractions, farms, recipes, restaurants, gardening tips, artisans and more. Read the latest issue.
We are going to show you how to create a beautiful edible garden design that produces an abundant harvest of fruit and vegetables and edible herbs. Make sure your garden has a good permanent layout, the hard landscaping elements are in the right place and the garden is oriented correctly.
Professional landscape designers – Landscape design packages and do it yourself landscape guides. Would you believe that a little over a month later, when we harvested the last of it, and got the final tally, we had grown enough for 230 individual servings of salad? Everyone pitched in, noting their harvests in a three-ring binder—neighbors, friends, and my crew. The chard was left over from the previous season; I had cut it down to the ground and it regrew beautifully. I’ve been researching how I can convert the majority of my yard into an edible landscape. Edible landscaping, an increasingly popular gardening trend, brings herbs, berries, fruit trees and vegetables out of dedicated garden beds and beyond the backyard for their beauty as well as their bounty.
You can plant them in the front yard, the side yard, in containers on the patio, on the roof, in window boxes. Next look at adding permanent soft landscaping structure by using edible free trees and vines to add strong permanent foliage structure. Permaculture design process is all about creating edible spaces that maximise the productivity of your garden and increase biodiversity.

When I checked stats for fruit and vegetable yields, I realized that all the information online is for commercial growers, not home gardeners. For comparison, a friend in Iowa figured the same amount of organic produce in her area would be worth $975.18.
I just love the look and the idea of getting the vegetable garden out from behind the garage! I would not put toxic poison out, I want it ito be free of bugs and snakes with out poison. Your book has provided me with plenty of ideas, which made it easier to convince my wife to give it a shot. A family of 4 could grow only easy-to-grow greens, peppers, and tomatoes for the summer, and save on their food bill during the summer.
The idea is to mix and mingle plantings that include edibles in every space available to achieve an aesthetically pleasing landscape design that will also feed a family. Edible trees that work well as hedges include – Apples, Plums, Apricots, Nectarines and Citrus. Permaculture design also works on the principle of effective and efficient use of your garden, for example planting the most commonly used plants and herbs closest to the house. Grapes are a great permanent vine for your garden that will add structure to an arbor or pergola.
Animals are also often integrated into a permaculture garden design this includes chickens for eggs and bees for honey. Also try and use fruit trees instead of ornamental trees where possible, they will serve the same purpose, but also provide food!
So I decided to dedicate a 5 by 20 foot area to growing edibles and measure how much I produce in 100 square feet.
If only half of them—42 million—took out a 5-by-20 foot area of lawn and grew a 100-square-foot garden, that would take 96,419 acres (150 square miles) out of lawn cultivation (think of the resources saved!). Strong blocks of foliage in your garden is important because it adds permanent structure, as opposed to vegetables and flowering plants which come and go season to season. Granted, I’m an experienced gardener with great soil, so if those gardeners got half the yield I did, the savings on fresh produce would be: $14.4 billion!!! It’s obvious from the harvest amounts that the ‘Celebrity’ tomato was the one that was on the north end of the garden, and suffered from lack of sunlight.
It wasn’t a perfect spot; a third of the bed is shaded by a cedar tree, but the rest of the garden gets about 8 hours of sun.

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