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At this point in my project i have realised i am going to need to gather up as much inspiration as i can from all the various places i am looking at.
This project has already pushed me so far out of my comfort zone and i have barely even begun, but with this image in mind, i want to make sure that i do not limit my research or inspiration, because i think things may be to hard, to expensive or just beyond my capabilities as a student. I have begun to write down all the different avenues i need to be looking to for inspiration when designing Delemma: There are alot! Enter pages- A start page i guess could be called a feature of layout, but i think it needs a section to itself. Text and Graphic Inspiration- Texts and graphics is an extremely important part of any viewing platform i much research this area in depth.

Concept Inspiration- I have become so focused on the digital platform that i wont Delemma to be viewed on that i have started to let slip the reason why i am doing this in the first place. Hair and Make up Inspiration - Hair and make up will be a huge part of my work and consider these features as an artistry just as much as i do with the styling side.
Location Inspiration- I will also need to start thinking about location that would be great to shoot at. Manuel Villacorta, author of Eating Free, wrote an article for Huffington Post to teach readers about an ideal breakfast.
Read Manuel’s article to learn more about the benefits of breakfast and the best breakfast for you!

I plan on doing my research as if i have every resource and fund available to me and then i will cut it down. At this point i have worked out ROUGHLY what shoots i want to do and have come up with some vague ideas of concepts.

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