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Glitz, glamour and glory are key attractors at horse racing events in our capital cities, but what about the country towns?
Country towns, renowned for their hospitality and innovation, put on horse racing events like no others.
In addition to the attractions one would expect at all racing carnivals, visitors to country races can expect to see some real racing on tracks that may be green or brown, long or short, wet or dry or up and down slopes. Meanwhile off the track, the activities are plentiful with dedicated kids areas, innovative and challenging adult games, live country music, and of course plenty to eat and drink throughout the whole day. Fashion competitions are always competitive and adding to that competitive spirit of glamour is a prize for the best dressed on the day. And for those looking for that inside edge on the races, why not take the opportunity to have a chat with the jockeys and see the horses in the marshalling yards before and after the races. Horse Racing SA in conjunction with the local horse racing clubs have put together a huge program in 2016 with no less than 25 "Cup Carnivals" occurring at various country locations throughout SA.
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I just bought myself a cold-press juicer, which I’ve been meaning to get for ages, but have finally pulled the trigger! I’m over the moon to report that the representatives from Debenhams (sponsors of the Lifestyle category) announced Fitness On Toast as the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ at the awards.
All visitors are encouraged to dress to impress for a chance to secure an automatic entry into the State Final of Fashion at the Races held at Schweppes Oaks Day at Morphettville each May.
For decades, the island’s had a strong bohemian feel and it still breathes the same warmth and welcoming today!
They run down the central pillar of the seated body, and the word itself means ‘Wheel’ in Sanskrit, as Chakras are thought to be spinning vortices of energy. Around London, there are countless juice bars that have sprung up from nowhere, all boasting clean branding, wafer-thin fonts, green cloudy bottles and eye-watering prices.
There’s so much more to discover than the commercial megaclubs; countless hidden beaches, organic farms, horse rides, hikes, tranquil spa hideaways, beautiful hotels, vistas of exceptional natural beauty and much more, which I’ll revisit soon!

In my photos, Mel shows me how to dispatch some of her favourite poses to help access some of the principal Chakras.
I’m also wearing Daisy London’s gorgeous Chakra line of jewellery, inspired by ancient Buddhist symbols representing these 7 core Chakras, which felt appropriate!
This post contains one of my all-time favourite juice recipes (The Holy Kale), a few pointers on how to approach juicing, and some images we shot with Urban Outfitters whilst wandering the juicing epicentre – Marylebone! This year there were over 40,000 entries, and a similar number of votes, with some seriously distinguished bloggers in attendance! Buuut because animals are better than Muslims, letting them do this will only be a step up.

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