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The basic diet for the majority of pet snakes includes things like dead mice and rats both of which provide them with all the nutrients they need. However, a snake's food has to be freshly killed and then immediately frozen before being packaged and either sent directly to people who own snakes or to pet stores that keep the food in stock.
When it comes to the amount of food a snake needs, it depends on their age, their size and their species which is why it's essential to carry out as much research as possible before deciding which type of snake to get. You should never have to cut up a snake’s food into smaller pieces because unlike people and other animals, their jaw is extremely flexible which means it can rotate both vertically and horizontally. The other thing to bear in mind is that snakes don't often drink any water, but they still need to have access to it. Pet snakes don't actually need to be fed that often and will only need to eat once a week with some species only needing to be fed every two weeks.
Snakes soon let you know when they are hungry because they start acting differently which is usually a sure sign that it's time to feed them. It's always a good idea to feed you snake in a different environment than the one they normally live in because they will show less aggression when food is about if they are out of their normal environment. You should leave your snake alone for a next couple of days after they've been fed because handling them straight away stresses them out.
Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after you feed your snake because of the risk of Salmonella which the majority of reptiles carry and which can be passed on to humans. Snakes are fascinating creatures to keep as pets and although not everyone's cup of tea, they are among the most popular exotic animals around.
February 12, 2012 By Sunil 2 Comments We all know that good nutrition is a recipe for healthy bodies and skin, and many countries have a national food guide to help their citizens meet their essential vitamin, mineral, and nutrient requirements. A good example of a national food guide is the United States Department of Agriculture Daily Food Guide. In the United States and Canada bread, cereals, and pasta are popular carbohydrates that serve as the base of the food pyramid. The food pyramid is a handy guide to show you how to eat a healthy and balanced diet every day. The foods at the base or the bottom of the pyramid are the ones that you should eat the most of, but it is important to note the size of the portions that are recommended.
Additionally, it is important to minimize sugar and high-glycemic carbohydrates including potatoes, white rice, and pasta that can cause blood sugar to spike and create free radicals (that are harmful to your skin). Two to four servings of fruits and three to five servings of vegetables are recommended daily. Poultry is a good source of protein, but don’t forget to remove the skin because it contains fat. Dairy is an important source of calcium that is responsible for strong bones and the health of your teeth.
Free radicals produce inflammation that damages skin cells, leading to skin cancers and premature aging. Also, there was less damage to the cell’s DNA after ultraviolet B radiation, which indicates that these two vitamins can protect against DNA damage.
Recent discoveries indicate that vitamin D may be protective against some cancers with higher levels in blood associated with lower cancer risk in humans. Also, those who had a lower intake of milk and dairy products, butter, margarine, and sugar products had less skin wrinkling. This study found that higher vitamin C intake lowered the likelihood of a wrinkled appearance and dry skin.
Almost every day, patients will ask if there is something in their diet that is causing them to break out. Recently, however, a study compared young men aged 15 to 25 who consumed a low-glycemic diet consisting of whole-grain cereals, barley, oats, and most fruits to a control group who had a diet rich in carbohydrates. In another study, more than 47,000 nurses with acne as teenagers were asked to complete a questionnaire about their diet while they were in high school. The study posits that the presence of hormones and bioactive molecules in milk contributed to the acne. It is highly recommended that individuals with rosacea avoid the foods and beverages listed below. To better understand and identify which foods may be triggers for you, it is important to keep a food journal. If you still are unsure about your food triggers, an allergist can perform tests and even instruct you to eliminate certain foods from your diet and then re-introduce them to see if they trigger a flare. A study performed in Italy reported that psoriasis improved with eating the following foods: carrots, tomatoes, and fresh fruits. If you wish to alter your diet to improve a skin condition, it is important that you discuss the evidence supporting an improvement with your doctor or a dermatologist.
Ian on Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread ExperienceDrick on Fliet of Beef, Quinoa Scampi Pasta, Creamed Spinach. If you enjoy the recipes and like reading Cajun Chef Ryan please consider making a contribution to support my efforts through Pay Pal. With over 35 years of cooking experience, 21 years of them in the restaurant industry, and now 9 years of experience in information technology and away from the production side of the biz my focus now is to document and record in digital format the vast knowledge base that has accumulated over the years.
While I still offer the occasional cooking demonstration at local specialty and gourmet shops, my cooking is primarily at home. It is my hope to inspire others who want to pursue a career in culinary arts, restaurants, and the food service industry.
Guacamole is one of those base master type recipes that can have endless variations, and indeed I was able to create one that fits in with the Eat To Live diet.
Put all the ingredients into a large bowl and mix with a spoon while mashing the avocado with the back of the spoon until smooth.
This recipe was prepared on Eat To Live, Week 1 Day 5, and linked from Eat To Live, Week 1 Day 5&6 of our ETL diet, you can follow our progress at Eat To Live.
Special thank you to Flickr, the Flickr API and the Flickr One Letter Group for the header blog name letter images. Madagascar hissing cockroaches hiss by exhaling air through breathing holes, a unique trait among insects.
Engineered for survival, insect eggs hang on and hatch wherever their parents deposit them. Tiny spiders have such huge brains for their body sizes that the organs can spill into the animals' body cavities, a new study shows. Dragonflies the size of modern birds ruled 300 million years ago because smaller larvae were at risk of oxygen toxicity, a new study hints.
Learn about the actions of all these bees who make the delicious raspberries happen in Kenya. This enchanting, multi-colored bird is one of the most beautiful birds found on the planet earth.
It is one of the peacock facts that these fleshy birds can fly over short distances like various other large birds.

Peacocks make good "watchdogs" for their remarkable capability of threatening the predators. In natural peacock habitat, they mainly consume insects, seeds, plants and flower heads and are omnivores in nature. Frozen food whatever it is, has to be kept in the freezer and taken out when needed which makes it a very convenient way of keeping everything as fresh as possible. As such snakes can grab and take large animals into their mouths before swallowing and then digesting them. Providing fresh water in their environment helps keep the humidity at the right level and snakes often like to soak themselves in water. With this said some species that can go for even longer without food so it really does depend on the species, their age and size. Feeding snakes in this way lessens the risk of them striking out when they are hungry and about to grab hold of their food.
If they have not fully digested their meal the chances are they will regurgitate it which is never very good.
The other reason to wash hands is that anything you may have on them like moisturisers or lotions could prove harmful to your pet snake.
China, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada and the United States each have guides.
This is not a strict guide and obviously every person has different needs, depending on a wide range of factors such as age, sex, weight, and height.
Six to eleven servings of three ounces (85 g) of whole-grain bread, cereal, rice, crackers, or pasta are recommended each day. Remember to include dark green and orange colored vegetables in your diet, since these will provide your body with the most nutrients. Protein-rich meats, poultry, and fish should be eaten less often than fruits, vegetables, and other healthy carbohydrates. Fish is always a good choice, but some types are actually high in cholesterol, such as shrimp, or high in fat, like salmon, and so consumption should be moderate.
Antioxidants act as free radical scavengers to prevent or reduce inflammation and subsequent damage to your skin cells. A recent study demonstrated that the skin of individuals who ingested vitamins C and E for three months had less sunburn when exposed to the ultraviolet B burning rays of the sun.
This is best documented for colon and colorectal cancers where vitamin D emerged as a protective factor in a study of over 3,000 adults who underwent a colonoscopy between 1994 and 1997 to look for polyps or lesions in the colon. However, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III surveyed vitamin D intake and blood levels of Americans and found significant deficiencies in many Americans. That very topic was the subject of the 2001 scientific article, “Skin Wrinkling: Can Food Make a Difference?” Researchers looked at the Swedish population aged 70 or older, and discovered that those who had a higher intake of vegetables, olive oil, and mono-unsaturated fat and legumes had less skin wrinkling.
Also, higher linoleic acid intake, as found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and seeds, resulted in less skin dryness and less thinning of the skin. They also ask if their diet is deficient in a nutrient or vitamin that may be responsible for their breakouts. After 12 weeks the men who had consumed a low-glycenic diet had a decrease in their acne lesions, as compared to the control group.
There was a positive association with their teen acne and a diet rich in milk (whole, low-fat, skim), instant breakfast drinks, sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. It is important to note that more studies need to be carried out to confirm these findings before we recommend modifying your diet to improve your acne.
There are several important categories of dietary products that have the potential to cause this condition to flare. Spicy foods such as Indian foods that are rich in curry, or foods with cayenne or hot peppers, are certain triggers.
Foods reported to worsen eczema symptoms, in some people, include eggs, milk, peanuts, soy, wheat, and fish. When you eczema begins to flare, write down all of the foods that you have eaten in the previous few days.
Several boxes of manuals, binders, notebooks, recipes, etc, and with 350+ cookbooks and reference material in my library, my current focus is transforming this personal hard copy document collection into digital format. However, in addition to my current focus of writing about food and cooking (Cajun Chef Ryan Blog), I am also working on developing a line of artisan spice mixes, sauces, and dressings for future marketing and mass production. I am also brainstorming about the possibility of opening up a cooking school and going back to my true love of all things culinary. This is exactly what I needed to know how you mash it without ruining it, who would have thought the back of a spoon…your my hero again!
Seriously, guacamole is one of those things that once I start eating it I just can’t stop.
Madagascar hissing cockroaches are one of many fascinating animal species to hail from the island of Madagascar.These cockroaches are shiny brown and oval-shaped, with no wings and a single pair of antennae. When people think about these birds, the first thing that clicks their mind is their fabulous outlook. They can protect themselves against the predators by using sharp spikes, which are located at the bottom of their feet. Moreover, they often munch on other mammals and reptiles in order to supplement their diet. With this said, in their native habitats snakes have been known to eat some pretty extraordinary things which includes sheep, alligators, light bulbs and golf balls to name but a few. The rule of thumb is that any pre-killed food should never be any larger than half the diameter of a snake. They might end up with a nasty skin irritation that ends up being really hard to treat and clear up. Most nations recognize four food groups: vegetables and fruits, grain products, dairy and dairy equivalents, and protein in the form meat and its alternatives. Also remember that the types of protein, fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates will vary depending on where you live. Meat and poultry are the forms of protein most often consumed in North America whereas tofu, fish, and shellfish are proteins consumed most in Asia.
Although these foods are important in cellular repair, selecting the correct type of protein-rich foods is important. Some fats actually protect against heart disease, improve brain health and may protect against cancers. Free radicals are generated by ultraviolet light, smoking, pollution, and normal cellular functions. A similar study was performed in the United States looking at dietary nutrient intake and skin-aging appearance among middle-aged American women. The data that support a certain food group causing the worsening of a skin condition are sparse; however, there are some skin disorders that seem to worsen if certain foods are consumed.
For acne vulgaris, there are numerous studies that have proven no links between diet and the worsening of acne vulgaris.

Rosacea is often triggered by hot beverages that range from tea to coffee to soups and ciders. Since each individual is different, there may be other foods that can cause your particular eczema to flare. Therefore, moderate drinking for psoriasis patients is recommended, and if they suspect it is worsening their symptoms, they should avoid alcohol completely.
In fact, we all agreed that this batch was one of the best tasting guacamole’s I had ever made. Males sport large horns, which give them an unusual and impressive appearance.Males use their horns in aggressive encounters reminiscent of battles between horned or antlered mammals.
Undoubtedly, these birds have rainbow like hues that makes it one of the most adored bird in the world! Every part of a peacock's feather changes color when it is struck by varying angles of light from all sides. The male extends it tail sideways, and does a peculiar dance in order attract peahen's attention.
If it is any larger, it could mess up the amount of time it takes for a snake to digest their food which they swallow whole. Look for fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, mackerel, and albacore tuna. Since there are other foods that can cause rosacea to flare, it is recommended that patients diagnosed with rosacea keep a journal to track their food and beverage triggers so they will know what to avoid. Register for an accountyour emailyour username A password will be e-mailed to you.Password recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. Rivals ram one another with their horns (or abdomens) and during the fight often unleash the amazing hisses that give the animal its name. Blue, green, yellow and golden colors with an eye like appearance in the middle of the feathers are a trademark of peacock. This reflection of light actually makes their feathers magnificently colorful as you can see in the peacock pictures.
There is a belief that the peacock with the most beautiful and fascinating tail and eyes is chosen by the female.
Also, extra-virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil provide the right types of fat for your diet.
Winning roaches hiss more than losers, so the sounds may be used to help determine a roach hierarchy.Hissing is also part of the cockroach's mating ritual, and can be used as an effective alarm cry. Most insects that make noise do so by rubbing their body parts together or by employing vibrating membranes. These birds have a significant need for companionship and develop a strong bonding with their mates. These primates inhabit all throughout South and Central America, with some species are also found in northern Argentine. This audible use of the respiratory system is far more common in vertebrates.Like 99 percent of all cockroach species, Madagascar hissing cockroaches are not pests and do not inhabit human dwellings. According to certain analysts Somali Ostrich should rather be regarded as a full species apart from the Common Ostrich; however taxonomists listed them as a subspecies. These insects live on forest floors, where they hide amidst leaf litter, logs, and other detritus.
At night, they become more active and scavenge for meals, feeding primarily on fruit or plant materials.The Madagascar hissing cockroach even begins its life in an unusual manner. Females create a cocoon-like egg case called an ootheca and carry their eggs (and neonatal nymphs) inside their bodies.
These birds display an unmistakable appearance which can be observed through their long neck and legs. The ostrich is best known for its mammoth sized egg which can be greater than any extant bird species. Capuchin monkeys have no specific habitat requirements, which is why their habitats are found anywhere.
They are often predated by potential predators such as cougars, coyotes, snakes, raptors, tayras, and jaguarundis. Ostrich also bears significant commercial importance in that they are regularly farmed for their feathers.
Amongst raptors, harpy eagle is the only bird that preys on tree-dwelling mammals like capuchin monkey.What Do Capuchin Monkeys EatCapuchin monkeys have a flexible diet as compared to other primates in the family of Cebidae. They are exclusively omnivores and are known to feed on buds, seeds, fruits, nuts; and also consumes birda€™s eggs, spiders, small invertebrates, and other insects.
In some countries, people fancy their meat as a regular meat.Interesting Ostrich Facts For KidsThe weight of these flightless birds is around 63 – 145 kg (140 – 320 lb), with male species living in East African averaging 115 kg (350 lb) whereas females weigh around 100 kg (220 lb). These babies will continue to hang with their mothers until they become big enough to live on their own. Two Capuchin Monkeys Thinking about their FutureIntelligenceCapuchin monkeys are regarded as the most intelligent primates in the New World monkeys as they are often used in laboratories. However, these animals are disappearing from much of its habitat-range due to the habitat loss. These wings are typically employed for mating displays and to canopy chicks.Ostriches are capable to bear varied temperatures of 40o C (100o F).
There are around 50 – 60 feathers on the ostrich’s tail.Ostriches have unsurprisingly three stomachs and the caecum that measures at 71 cm (28 inches) in length. These species weigh around 154 kg (340 lb).Ostriches typically spend their winter days alone. Ostriches for the most part, inhabit in the nomadic groups comprising 5 – 50 birds and these species travel mutually with other grazing animals including antelopes and zebras.
Contrary to popular belief, ostriches do not burry their heads in sand when threatened.The ostriches may fall victim to several predators such as leopards, African hunting dogs, cheetahs, lions, and spotted hyenas.
Although most of its body is covered with feathers, ostriches can’t fly as their weight is too heavy to lift off the ground.Ostriches have long been admired for their unique size and swift speed.
According to the ancient paintings, ostriches were well kept as an important food source across native Africans. People have also employed the ostrich eggshells as drinking cups or storage containers in the ancient China, Egypt, and Greece.Each ostrich feather circles around a central shaft. The ostrich is often involved in preening process that is pulling feathers through their beaks. By the middle of the 20th century, the ostriches were hunted to extinction in the Middle East.What Do Ostriches EatThe ostrich primarily feeds on plants matter, fruits, grass, shrubs, flowers, and seeds.
The gizzard has the capacity to withhold 1,300 grams (46 oz) amongst which 40 – 50% consist of pebbles.

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