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For a computer gaming fix, check out ABC3's Games and join Club3 Spawn in rating, ranking and playing your way to leaderboard supremacy! By entering just a few values in boxes you can create your own custom wizard tower and then go on to build it in Minecraft using whatever materials you like.
Change top floor diameter to increase the width of the top floor of the tower and all floors below. Change this in conjunction with the step every value which controls after how many floors the tower steps out. Also you can step through the layers on screen as you build and I prefer this method myself. You will see the default wizard tower with a top floor diameter of 12 blocks and 3 floors just like below. Whether you are above or below ground, you can see some impressive results of the procedural generation. It would be really cool and would really help some unexperienced builders such as myself build some awesome stuff!
For example, you start with nothing so there’s your first mission; gather some basic resources and build yourself a shelter. If you're looking for a good story or don't care about being creative then it isn’t for you.

Which I’m sure is partly responsible for why the Spawnlings ask so many questions about it. It’s simply impossible to figure out everything on your own.HEXBut you did a bit of a guide on how to get started when we first reviewed it didn’t you DARREN?DARRENAffirmative Hex, I’d strongly advise any Spawnling who wants some basic tips to watch it on our website in the "Reviews" section under M for Minecraft. Video streaming websites also have guides.BAJOThey have added in achievements tho which act a bit like a tutorial. They start by encouraging you to harvest some wood, then build a crafting table and so on until eventually you’ve done just about everything.
But they don’t tell you how to do anything, only that you should do it.HEXI actually think that’s a part of what makes Minecraft so addictive tho. DARRENAffirmative, as you learn how elements of the world interact you realise it's possible to create some ingenious contraptions. It spawns mobs, forces them into a death trap, then lets their loot flow down a river for us to safely collect. Genius!HEXYeah, it gets under your skin and you find yourself thinking up all sorts of structures while you’re not playing.BAJOYou can also gain experience points and levels from killing mobs now. DARRENYes, you can now enchant armour, weapons and tools to give them all sorts of bonuses.
And pro-tip spawnlings, if you build a ring of bookcases around an enchantment table like so you’ll create more powerful enchantments.HEXBut it’s annoying that there’s no way to tell what enchantment you’re about to put on your gear.

You’re simply offered three random enchantments, described by some pointless symbols and how many levels worth of experience they cost.
But once again there’s no way to figure out how to do it unless you go off and read some tutorials. DARRENOther recent additions include the ability to sprint which is very handy for crossing those infinite planes. Maybe they could have sold me some items or even handed out some fetch quests or something. It just gives such freedom to be creative in so many ways, there’s almost nothing else like it out there.
So I'm giving it 9.BAJOI still feel like I’m just messing around on the beach building sandcastles, but it is the best virtual beach out there so I’m giving it 9 too.

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