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In part of the news, we have been receiving posts, questions and other inquiries on how to survive an earthquake specially in Manila where the Marikina Valley Fault System has not moved since 1658.
Noting that, please be also aware that the so called "Triangle of Life" method by Doug Copp has been disproved many times by different experts and international bodies around the world. Building height and material were factors affecting survival - persons in buildings that were 7 or more floors high were 35 times as likely to be injured. If a sturdy desk or furniture is not found, drop beside an inner wall and cover (Inner wall is less likely to topple than outer wal).
In the case of toppling where you pointed out that you can be crushed if you are on the wrong side of a sturdy object when you do TOL, won’t you get crushed all the same when you are holding on to a sturdy table? Contaminated water caused by improper management of human waste, spoiled foods and the lack of personal hygiene all contribute to the spread of diseases when people are literally thrown together during a crisis. Just because your water supply is disrupted or limited in some way does not mean you can forgo personal hygiene however. Alcohol based hand sanitizer should be in every bug-out-bag, survival kit or home emergency kit. You probably have gotten grease or oil on your hands while cooking or doing some other chore, and then had rinsed your hands with plain water. Soap making is not a complex procedure and anyone can make soap in a wilderness or even an urban environment. Alkali causes the fatty acids to separate into glycerin, and then join by a chemical process with the potassium, which is present in alkali. To make stronger lye you would combine the potash and water (slurry) and then place in a porous material, such as cheesecloth so it drips through into a container. One method of testing lye is by placing a feather in the liquid to see how fast it dissolves or if it does at all.
Animal fats have to be rendered before they can be used in soap making and rendering is nothing more than separating all of the animal’s meat tissue from in and around the fat. To get the fat as pure as possible, cut the fat into chunks and place in a container and add water to cover the fat, add more water as needed to prevent scorching. In the morning, the pure fat will have solidified on top and the impurities would have settled on the bottom. A simpler method would be to boil the fat chunks until melted and simply pour off the solution and let cool. Regardless of the method for rendering, once cooled and hardened mix two parts fat to one part lye and pour into a flat pan or container so it can be cut into bars once hardened. Fragrances can be added or essential oils or even vinegar or lemon juice to give the soap a more favorable smell.

The glycerin in lye soap is actually good for your skin because it traps moisture to keep the skin from drying out.
Lye soap is actually not too harsh but it will strip oils from the hair, oils that collect dust and other debris causing your hair to become dirty. The washing process using soap and friction helps to remove bacteria on the hands and body.
Keep latrines far enough away from camp and yet not so far people become lost in the darkness. Spoiled food should be buried away from camp as far as practical, do not attempt to burn your garbage in your campfire or any fire for that matter. Use common sense and just because you are in a survival situation is no excuse for being dirty. Designed to support two full-sized adult individuals for as long as 3 days, this kit still maintains portability and readiness.
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This bag contains the best products from quality name-brands--the outdoor industry has to offer. If you wish to donate to the victims, the Philippine National Red Cross is accepting donations. A 2009 study reported that the MMDA predicts a 35,000 casualty rate when a magnitude 7 hits Manila. If we look at cases and controls used to measure statistics in the Baguio 1990 quake, we are faced with some grim numbers.
Persons in the middle sections or floors of those buildings were 2 times likely to be injured as those on upper or lower floors. Take any natural disaster such as the earthquake in Haiti, or flooding in India, and you will find deadly diseases rearing their ugly head. However, if you do not have traditional soap or shampoo with you there is an alternative soap you can make for cleaning the hands, body, and clothing.
The sanitizer can be used to destroy bacteria on the hands when soap and water is not available.
Soap, in particular soap made with tallow (animal fat), takes insoluble (incapable of being dissolved) particles and makes them soluble, in other words they can be mixed with water.
What happens when you try to rinse the grease and oils away with just water, well the water beads up and the oils stay put.

Soap is made by taking fatty acids (present in animal fat or some oils) and mixing it with alkali (wood ash). Commercial lye is used in drain cleaners and for other purposes and is a manufactured chemical. Once collected take the lye and pour through another container of potash to increase the strength. Remove the solidified fat and to purify even more, boil again and follow the same cooling procedure. Keep in mind fragrances can attract pests and certain animals, and if in an escape and evasion situation, you of course do not want to use any fragrances.
You can weaken the lye by adding water to make shampoo bars just for the hair if you feel it may be too strong. You can become extremely sick or worse by not following simple common sense methods when out in the field or at home when the utilities have been disrupted for an extended period. With double the nutritional provision of the 1 Person 3 Day Kit, blankets and lightsticks for two, and even more comprehensive first aid, the 2 Person kit is the premier kit for small household survival. Persons staying in buildings of mixed material (glass and cement) were 3 times as likely to be injured than those in wooden structures. You have to be organized and be able to manage human waste, other garbage and to clean your hands and body in any situation or it can kill you. Once you add soap to the water however, it allows the oils to emulsify, in other words, blend with the water so it can be carried away with the water.
The field expedient method is simply pouring water through a container of ashes and collecting the liquid that drips through holes in the bottom of the container. Then remove from the fire and let cool in the container you boiled it in, generally overnight. The soap suspends oil, dirt and bacteria suspended in the dirt or oil, so it can be rinsed from your hands, body or clothing. The liquid dripping out the bottom is the lye, and by using this simple method, you will make weak lye, which is what you typically want for hand and body soaps. Always wash thoroughly after using the latrine, handling raw meats or at any time your hands become soiled. The most common causes of which were being hit by falling objects (37%), being crushed or pinned by heavy objects (29%), and falling (7%).

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