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In this day of paychecks that are stretched to the limit, it can be difficult to imagine taking on anything else that will cost money.
Well, the best kind of prepping will be so versatile that it will see you through a personal financial issue, an extended power outage, or being confined to your home for a period of time due to a blizzard or civil unrest.
One of the most frequent requests I get is for specific recommendations, so here’s a healthy emergency food list for beginning preppers.
This list totals about $275 and would feed a family of 3-4 for a couple of weeks, give or take a little. Of course, the emergency food list above is the bare minimum you should have on hand for those unexpected emergencies that could happen to anyone. Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.
Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats.
Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to pick the most mentally unstable, extremist people they can find for the show.
To help clear things up, we will look at what has been shown versus what is the reality in the following areas: perceptions, mannerisms, activities, beliefs, hoarding vs. Our perceptions of how these people actually live have been heavily scripted to paint a very specific picture. Generally speaking, the ‘events’ people are prepping for are ones assigned to the group to try and meet. The reality is that these people aren’t doing things much differently than their grandparents or great grandparents did: they are preparing for unforeseen events. These shows would have you believe that all preppers are paranoid, food hoarding, anti-authority gunslingers. The reality is the majority of preppers are normal people, just like anyone else is ‘normal.’ In this day and age of labels, there isn’t a person on the planet that some psychologist couldn’t find one label or another to pin on all of us. They are working to provide for themselves versus waiting in line on the government steps with hand stretched out and think they are entitled to whatever is being given out. When most people think of preppers, thanks in large part to Hollywood, they think of people with year’s worth of food in bunkers and thousands of rounds of ammo. While there is assuredly passion about what they are doing, the reality is that the average prepper is one of the most down-to-earth and logical people you will meet. The biggest difference I usually see through talking with people and reading other blogger’s posts is that they go about these purchases in ways that will avoid debt. I have seen posts from certain prepping and survivalist sites that incite fear and try to whip people up into a frenzy, thinking they need to go out and buy all this stuff to be able to survive whatever threat may come their way.
The reality is that preppers come in all shapes, sizes, beliefs, and cultures, and are as diverse as any other group of people under the microscope. How good would a show be that only depicts normal, everyday people who have large gardens as a food source and a means to provide for themselves and save money? This is one of my favorite myths to break whenever the topic of “Doomsday Preppers” comes up.
If you were to walk into my house, you may see my stack of mylar bags with beans, rice, and barley in them.
One thing I would like to specifically point out here for perspective is that the first grocery stores as we know them have only been around for the last 70 years or so. As the idea of a self-serve supermarket gained popularity, you still saw people buying in bulk and setting some back ‘just in case.’ Growing up, my grandmother always had some kind of pantry in a ‘cool room’ that was usually in the back of the house in constant shade. In just about every single episode of Doomsday Preppers, the people are portrayed as actually wanting something to happen.
There are so many rewards that have come from switching over lifestyles that I never thought of and when they show up, it is like a little surprise party. Homesteaders and preppers are some of the most optimistic, realistic, and generous folk you will ever meet. Preppers have gotten a really bad reputation and I believe strongly that it is directly because of shows like “Doomsday Preppers” that seek to show folk like myself as being completely whacked, out of touch, and extremist.
I personally call myself a modern homesteader but the reality is there is a very fine, blurred line between that and prepping.
These are the personal opinions and viewpoints of LeAnn inAK and do not necessarily reflect those of the site admins or owner.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product.
I watch the show and I think they’re only able to attract a the dimmest and most extreme. However, since the concept of preparedness has always been a part of my life, I have tried to get anyone that would listen to commit some resources for when times get rough.
I wish we (people that prepare for a crisis) had some better definitions to describe what level of preparedness we live at. It was a lot easier to get people to listen to the wisdom of preparedness before the show Doomsday Preppers. I am acquainted with someone who was on the show the first season and she was appalled at what was done to her perspective about prepping. Being a prepper and self reliant really gives us a unique perspective on everything around us. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. NG needs to present real preppers with real ideas, preparation, survuvial and actions we need to accomplish effective prepping. I wrote these just to add a little levity to a very serious subject, by no means to undermine it. You may be a prepper if… when the monsoon rains come, the birdseed missed by the quail and doves earlier in the summer sprouts and grows, so you let it mature to keep those quail and doves coming back to your yard all winter! You might be a prepper if you can’t take a walk without mentally making a note of what wild edibles are along the route. I know this sounds horrible but in just being humorous, I’ve told my husband and son that if I should die during hard times, don’t bury me!

Don’t forget the people who run and check to see if their cell phones work when the power goes out–checking for an EMP!
Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. Maybe you have a person with a severe peanut allergy – scratch peanut butter off the list. If you are following the suggestions above, you understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to do this. Winter storm season is just around the corner, the economy is shaky, and there’s always the potential for something unexpected.
All I need is an email address, and a link to the newest articles will come right to your inbox. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). They know the average person watching will take what they see as normal behavior of all preppers.
The people in the shows are kept up for long hours, on purpose, to create drama and strife.  The production crew is told to instigate strong emotions and outbursts for better television. Back then it was not called ‘prepping,’ it was called ‘life.’ Back then, there wasn’t a grocery store on every corner (not that they had the money to run to the store anyway) and life was not as disposable as it is today. That being said, if you look beyond the scripting and presentation of the show, you will see that these preppers are people who would rather rely on themselves versus the government and plan for the future. They believe that preppers spend all their time and money on preparing for disasters and situations that ‘are not likely to happen anytime soon.’  Preppers are portrayed to be almost zealous or fanatical about their activities. They reuse, recycle, upcycle and generally try to make things work with what they have on hand versus going out and buying something that they could either do without or make themselves. It is considered absolutely normal in today’s society to be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I noticed that one of the factors that lowered my credit score was due to the fact that I do not have a mortgage loan. Hollywood has painted a picture of ‘preppers’ as though the entire group of 3 million, at last count, believe a huge catastrophic event will happen in their lifetime. What about the family who uses camping and hiking as a way to teach the children skills that will help them survive if needed? We have all seen the people with bunkers and pantries absolutely stocked to the roof with years worth of food. Before that, there may have been trading posts and whatnot but absolutely nothing like what we are used to today.
Examples are the pride I had this past April when I pulled out the last jars of green beans and carrots that I had grown from seed the year before. Generally speaking, they love to share knowledge and forge bonds to strengthen the system around them. I’ve always watched the show but most of the time I would never have the money to this.
What I have is hollow doors, empty areas beneath drawers, spots behind furniture, and a big pantry underneath my bed.
The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. Anyone who has car insurance, homeowners insurance or has bought a little extra food at the grocery store because of an upcoming snow storm is preparing, and therefore are preppers. You see the Shriner’s at a parade and think to yourself…Hmmm?  Is this just the Freemasons trying to distract us from the real threat, the Illuminati? You look at every animal you see and say “I wonder what that would taste like?” You have even looked at your family pet and thought “hmm, How bad would it have to get before…?” and then you subconsciously feed them a little extra. All of the clerk’s at Sams Club and Costco know you by name, and asks you “how many carts will you be needing today? You have more toilet paper stockpiled in you home than your local drug store has on their shelves.
You secretly want the power to go out so you can test your new generator and rotate your stock of batteries. You look at every empty nook and cranny in your home as “wasted space” This includes the inside of your walls and doors.
You can’t even go for a walk without looking for bug out routes and good places to hide your cache. We are fortunate enough to see the big picture when it comes to preparing our family and ourselves, to hopefully withstand any sort of catastrophic event or natural disaster.
The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc.
Lisa they adamantly declined my offer,,,, love or disgust,, I’m not sure but there have def been times in marriage that I have been ready to BBQ my husband! Since we rarely have any type of prepared food sitting around the house, things like granola bars are novelty items that will be eaten right away, leaving you without emergency food supplies.
The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.
The reality is so far from what is shown on television, and I think I can say this for most of us who homestead or prep, that those who are seeking to be as self-reliant as possible look upon the show and those in it with scorn and sometimes outright disgust.
Hollywood has skewed the truth so much that those of us who employ even smaller aspects of prepping in our lives are afraid to say anything due to the judgments, eye rolling, laughter, whispers as we pass through the office, and general scorn that we are met with if you say the word PREPPER. While everyone has eccentricities that help make us unique, even the most normal of quirks is made to be something really ‘out there’ in the editing room. Yes, sometimes you just need to buy something new as an investment, but overall, they live very practical lives.
The trouble is the media primarily focuses on those type of people for the ratings and drama. It is too normal and would be pretty boring for the general public who thrives on turmoil, strife, and watching shows that make them feel normal compared to ‘those whack jobs’ on television.
There is that episode, too, where one lady takes a door apart and stores boxes of macaroni and cheese inside it. When I asked her about it in my adult life, she said when she was a child the shelves were stocked with jars instead of cans but she liked having the convenience of someone else doing all the processing.

Big food companies were born and now it is to the point where they have so much control over what we eat, and where we get it from, that people are getting arrested for buying raw milk or raw vegetables from their neighbor, and heaven forbid they have a garden in their front yard. How can learning to grow your own food or make a shelter or learn different ways to start a fire be a waste? They realize they are part of something much larger and have a genuine desire to want to help make things better. Most people will not want to admit this, but in some form or another, everyone is a prepper. This provides you with the energy you need to get through the emergency and it keeps you healthy. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Your credit score actually goes down if you do not have a good mix of credit cards, mortgage loan(s), and car loan(s). I was told that if I had a mortgage, even if it had late payments, my credit score would go up 25-40 points!! But I do have enough to get us through hard times such as a job loss, a break in the supply chain, or some other event that would leave us unable to shop for more food.
They also understand and accept that not everyone thinks the way they do and there are those who will never take steps to secure even  3 days of emergency food and water for themselves. What could add more insult to injury than a lowered immune system allowing you to become sick during some sort of crisis? That is, without a doubt, 100% extremist and absolutely not the normal behavior of one who calls themselves prepper.
That was including the jars I had given out to my mother in law and presents of the jams and jellies at Christmas to friends. Then think about how you will keep all of those people who rolled their eyes at you and judged you from swarming your place, thinking you have a warehouse of food that you will happily give over when they come calling. July 27, 2016July 27, 2016 by Bob Rodgers In 2013 there were an estimated 3.7 million preppers in the United States and the number has grown constantly since then. Our prepping is insurance for when something so bad happens that no insurance company can bail us out, we are essentially our own insurance company. They want to be able to defend their homes and families without worry that the government will step in and make them the criminal for it. Those people who roll their eyes are generally the ones who expect the government to step in and give them everything they need and want. It seems that there are many disaster scenarios people fear and what seemed like an “odd” trend at first is now becoming a constant reality. In some ways, they are almost more dangerous than the military and martial law that would follow a major disaster. Keep on going, you are a smart and prepared person who thinks for themselves and values relying on themselves as a better bet than the food stamp wagon rolling in with FEMA.
Another personal disaster most people fear is getting injured at work or ending up with a disability due to various factors.
In many parts of this country these natural disasters are happening often and people have learned to prepare for them.
You see regularly on the news how these events affect the lives of families and the forest fire from Canada was a wake up call for many, regardless their nationality.Extreme weather events – While these events were a rare occurrence during our childhood it seems that they have become more and more frequent in the past years. Events such as Hurricane Sandy or the winter storm Jonas are perfect examples of how weather events are hugely damaging over a wide area. Even more, they reflect the reality of how ill prepared people are and how they fail to realize the impact such events will have over their lives.
You’ve seen it on the news how people were raiding grocery stores because they lacked even the most basic foods to survive for a few days. There are many factors that can trigger such disaster scenarios and riots and violent protests are known to quickly widespread in a town causing business failures and restricting public servicing from functioning properly. Hyperinflation will wipe out your savings overnight and there will be a supply shortage as no one wants to trade with a country that suffers from currency instability.
Just look at what Venezuela is going through and you will get the idea of what an economic collapse will bring. There is a false idea being perpetuated that we are too big to fail and people don’t realize how real this threat is.Terrorist attacks – You can’t reason with fanatics and brainwashed people, and you can’t integrate them in your culture when they see everyone as their enemies. Terrorism has grown to an alarming rate and nowadays it seems that high value targets are being replaced with any type of event where a large number of people congregate (malls, schools, concerts and any other social events). The terrorists aim to spread the idea of fear and lack of safety no matter where you live, and Europe is currently under siege as you’ve seen in the news. These fanatics want to destroy our way of life and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
There is an intensifying debate on banning guns, and people rally behind this idea thinking that they will be safe, but that is absurd and no one can guarantee that banning guns will limit terrorist acts. While the first country is years away from having the right technology (allegedly) to become an immediate threat, the second is constantly testing our patience and military technology. While a third World War seems like a farfetched scenario, there are a lot of people investing their hard earned money in bunkers and other type of shelters that would survive a nuclear blast.
The bird flu, the swine flu and now the zika virus are just some of the examples we witnessed in the past decade. However, the probability of such event to occur is quite low and I would put this threat at the bottom of my disaster scenarios list.As you can see, there are many types of disaster scenarios that could potentially affect your future and it is up to you to decide which should be on top of your list and how to prepare for them.
Start by gather the right set of supplies and try to acquire new skills that would make survival easier if a certain event will occur.
Preparedness is a continuous process and you need to adapt it to your daily life without affecting your quality and cost of living.

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