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For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates! This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. A basic plan is a good place to start, and we’ve got a great (and free) fill-in-the-blank Emergency Plan PDF so you can have a custom family emergency plan in 10 minutes or less. 4) An out-of-town relative or friend that everyone can call to check in with (it’s pretty common for local lines to be busy following a disaster—your best bet for reaching each other is to call someone with a long-distance number and leave messages for each other). So, whether you’re just getting started in prepping or you’ve been building food and water storage for years, be sure you’ve got an emergency plan in place—it’s one of the most fundamental (and easiest) things you can do when it comes to emergency preparedness. Additionally, be sure to pull out any coupons that may help you save money in buying first aid products. Renae Chiovaro is the authorHow to Have it All where she writes about Easy Recipes, Gardening, Juicing, Country Life, Healthy Living and so much more.
Light and Fire – A flashlight and batteries are important in an emergency as there is a good chance you may not have electricity. Radio – During an emergency, updates, warnings and other information may be broadcast on local radio and television stations. First Aid Kit – You should have a good sized first aid kit that can cover small injuries to more severs trauma.
Extra Clothes and Blankets – Make sure to have extra clothing and footwear in case you are faced with wet conditions or extreme cold. Tarps and Rope – Tarps and rope have a multitude of possible uses such as a make shift shelter, rain water collection and other essential survival needs.
Toiletries  – Your regular items may not be accessible or available in an emergency . Games and Books – Sometimes you may be in an emergency situation for an extended period of time. Earthquakes are often considered to be the most daunting and destructive of all natural disasters, because of the sheer, unstoppable power that creates them and the fact they occur without warning.
Earthquakes are the result of the movement of the tectonic plates and the shifting of enormous masses of matter in and under the earth’s crust. By having an earthquake preparedness plan, you can minimize the damage to your property and belongings, reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, and shorten the time it takes to recover and restore your life to normal.
The shaking and rattling of an earthquake can easily rearrange all of your furniture and decor into a mass of broken, overturned pieces.

The easiest way to start is by moving tall and top-heavy furniture away from beds, couches and anywhere people may be sitting, sleeping or otherwise off their feet. Install latches on all of your cabinets to prevent dishes, pans, and other objects from spilling out. In addition to securing your furniture, it can also be beneficial to look at the structural integrity of your home. If your home has a crawlspace under the floors, short walls should be supported with plywood panels.
If you rent your home, ask the owner or property manager to make any improvements you believe are necessary for your safety.
Earthquakes may occur at any time, so it is very helpful if everyone in your family knows what to do should one occur. Create a plan for evacuating your home (this should include a common rendezvous point outside the home).
Emergency supplies are essential to staying safe and healthy after a major earthquake occurs.
To ease recovery after a major earthquake and to help emergency workers, it makes good sense to safeguard important documents.
Heavily populated buildings such as schools, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and stores should and oftentimes are required to have an Emergency Preparedness Plan to be prepared for natural or man made disasters. Whether you live alone or with family, friends, or roommates, it’s important to be on the same page with your household, as well as those who don’t live with you but will be anxious to locate and touch base with you in an emergency.
Get a FREE first Aid Bag from Johnson& Johnson via rebate and get a Neosporin Essentials Trial Pack via rebate.
Involve your family to help you as you discuss fire escape plans, tornado procedures, and more! Join me as I journey through motherhood learning to balance work, raising kids and saving money. Join her as she journeys through motherhood balance work, raising kids and living a healthy lifestyle!
Even if you live in somewhere that isn’t in a high risk area for natural disasters you could still be at risk form other emergencies such as blackouts, flash floods and snow storms that could disrupt local services. Having a wind-up or battery powered radio with a fresh supply of batteries is essential in the event of a power outage or evacuation. Besides the obvious bandages, band-aids and anti-biotics, you should have things like instant ice packs, splints, slings, disposable scalpels and antiseptics.

Although certain states, such as California, are more prone to experience earthquakes than other states are, the fact is that no one is safe from their devastation. The tectonic plates form the surface of the planet, and they have been shifting for many, many years. If your request is refused, you may want to consider moving into a home that is more secure. These documents can be kept in a waterproof, fireproof safe or stored in a safety deposit box.
A valuable component to any plan is the Emergency Evacuation Map that shows the location of safety equipment and exit routes. Food Storage, Emergency Kits, Water Filtration, First Aid, Survival, Camping, Preparedness, etc. As a former teacher, Litsa wears many hats that it takes to make a home a functioning home!
If you live in regions with cold weather, you might run into s situation where your furnace malfunctions or your pipes freeze leaving you without heat or water.
If you think you may need food for an extended period of time, a large sack of white rice and beans would be an excellent choice. Keep a few lighters and matches with your candles so you don’t have to look for them in the dark.
Don’t forget extra prescription medications you may take as well as pain relief such as Tylenol or Advil. An earthquake may occur anywhere in the United States at any time, and the most effective way to minimize the destruction they can cause is to be prepared and to understand what to do when they occur. In a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, approximately 55 percent of earthquake injuries are caused by falling objects.
Where ever you live, your emergency kit should have enough emergency food, water and supplies to last 3 or 4 days for each person in your home.
When this energy grows stronger than the matter locking the plates together, it is released and has the potential to cause massive damage. Join me as I journey through motherhood learning to balance work, raising kids and staying healthy.

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