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The best part about this game, is that you only have ONE life, much like you do now sitting on your computer reading this.
Unconsciousness: A timer appears in the middle of your screen and you cannot act until it finishes.
Keep in mind the Humanity system in Dayz has a built in provision protecting you if you happen to get attacked. You can in Dayz catch an infection that will slowly reduce your maximum BP by 10,000 unless you happen to find antibiotics.
If your bodily temp drops below 34.2° C, you are able to catch sickness from other infected players, the more survivors around you the higher your chances are.
Hypothermia can become quite severe over time, you vision will star to shake, making it hard to do simple tasks or defend yourself if the time comes to do.
When it comes to when you should eat or drink I like to wait until they start to blink or are in the Red zone. Hopefully these tips to The Basics Of Survival In DayZ helped you out, remember have fun and, Stay Alive! This entry was posted in DayZ Guides and tagged dayz, dayz campfire, dayz guns, dayz hypothermia, dayz panic, how to survive, survival guide, survival tips.

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From this test, you should be able to choose which melee weapon to keep, and which to drop when you have 2 or more. On a scale of 12,000 BP full health, to 0 BP, dead.  You can lose BP by being attacked, hit, or bleeding. Humanity is meant to show you the level of trustworthiness, much like you can detect people in today’s world of such. Calling upon self defense after being hit will not make you lose Humanity for attacking that player within a 2 minute time frame.
You don’t want to wait too long because you could start feeling the effects of starvation and dehydration, which are not good. This guide is to help you understand The Basics Of Survival in DayZ to help you Stay Alive!
Not only does your BP determine how close to death you are, but it also implements how well you can aim (pain) and loss of consciousness or fainting.  You will notice that the more damaged you are the darker the game gets, you start to lose color in your vision. If you choose to attack bandits, you will not lose as much humanity because of their nature.

To raise your bodily temperature, heat your self with a fire, or heat pack (you know those things you find everywhere when looting). Why not divide the rate into the seconds and just say how many blows it took to destroy the pump? Please be careful shooting them, be sure there are no zombies or other players around to hear you!!!
The humanity GUI indicator will change between different faces, those being Happy, Indifferent and Mean Faces.  Thankfully if you got some blood on your hands you can redeem yourself by not murdering survivors, and by using first-aid on other players. If you wanted a multiplier, assign the pump a value of 1000, then divide your blows into that, and you have an actual relative damage comparison.

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