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His daughters Lauren, 9, and Jenna, 8, helped his wife Sharon Blalock prevent him from dying of a severe asthma attack last month in their Everett home.
Lauren, a fourth grader at Mukilteo Elementary, and Jenna, a third grader at Olivia Park Elementary, have no formal training, but followed their trained mom’s CPR instructions. Alerted by the girls’ screams, his wife Sharon called 911 and then she and the girls immediately started administering CPR. Richard realizes he could have died that day, all because he hadn’t been taking care of himself. When his attack came, Richard tried to use his hospital-grade nebulizer, but it wasn’t helping.

A nebulizer is a medical device that delivers medication in the form of mist inhaled into the lungs.
After 10 seconds on the nebulizer, Richard, who has been asthmatic since he was 5, realized that this was like no other asthma attack he’d ever had.
The girls called 911 and then Sharon called 911 again because she feared the paramedics weren’t going to get there fast enough.
As paramedics wheeled him to the ambulance, Richard saw how traumatized his wife and girls were and gave his family a thumbs up to let them know he was OK.
In the ER, doctors gave Richard the option of going home that day or staying overnight for observation. Richard connected the dots from his hospital bed: He had had a close call when home alone not long before the Sept.

Richard and his family are going to counseling to deal with the trauma of his near-death experience. That’s when she started chest compressions and asked the girls to help by blowing air into his lungs. Just before he blacked out, he managed to say “Call 911.” His daughters were in the room and heard him.

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