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In a major 2010 change, the American Heart Association said that rapid, deep presses on the chest of an adult cardiac arrest victim until help arrives, works just as well as standard CPR for one lay rescuer. Experts hope bystanders now will be more willing to jump in and help if they see someone collapse.
Uninterrupted chest compressions 100 times a minute, until EMS workers take over or an automated external defibrillator is available to restore a normal heart rhythm.
This action should be taken only for adults who unexpectedly collapse, stop breathing and are unresponsive. A child who collapses is more likely to primarily have breathing problems, and in that case, mouth-to-mouth breathing should be used. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
Disclaimer: the information posted on this page for first aid tips for nosebleeds is for learning purposes only. If re-bleeding occurs, clear the nose for possible blood clots by blowing out forcefully and spraying the insides of the nose with a decongestant nasal spray. Although nosebleeds are rarely serious, there are some cases that require further medical attention.
If there is repeated bleeding or bleeding that lasts for more than 20 minutes, call your healthcare provider immediately. Cases of recurrent nosebleeds can be easily treated with either medical or surgical procedure. If the cause of bleeding is unknown, the doctor may recommend other tests to rule out more serious conditions, especially involving the brain or spinal cord and bleeding problems. You should also seek medical assistance if the nosebleed is caused by an injury to the head, fall, or an accident. When searching for places of interest in Berkeley, California, you should take into account the rich history of the town as well as the numerous cultural and shopping attractions that appear.
There are also a number of traditional American restaurants like Fat Burger and two great pizza places located about 1 block from each other- Blondies and Fat Slice.

Whether you are traveling for the fantastic food, eclectic and wild music scene or just to observe some of the local culture and gawk at some hippies you are bound to have a good time. Safety Training Seminars is happy to be a part of Berkeley and looks forward to training local Alameda residents in CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, First-aid and other American Heart Association training classes. Hands-only CPR is simpler and easier to remember and removes a big barrier for people skittish about mouth-to-mouth breathing. That also applies to adults who suffer lack of oxygen from a near-drowning, drug overdose or carbon monoxide poisoning. To learn to recognize and treat nosebleeds and other minor bleeding issues sign up for first aid training with a workplace approved provider near you. Sitting upright reduces the blood pressure in the blood vessels of the nose, preventing further bleeding.
There are different medications (usually in spray form) that may be prescribed to control nosebleeds. The town borders the cities of Oakland, Piedmont and Emeryville and is located on the shore of the East Bay across from San Francisco. Most residents choose one or the other as the best local pizza and they are in fierce competition.
While in this city remember to keep an open mind and try to take in as much of the local culture as possible. If you have carried out a primary survey and found out that the child is unconscious and not breathing, you will need to perform CPR on the child. Other possible causes of nosebleeds include dry air, repeated nose-blowing or nose-picking, and some allergies.
The head should always be kept higher than the heart level several hours following episode of bleeding. For example, some children who have allergies most commonly get frequent nosebleeds because the blood vessels in the nasal cavity become irritated so often and fail to heal properly. Zachary’s Pizza which is located a few streets over is known far and wide for their excellent deep dish pizza- be prepared to wait though, it can take up to an hour to get seated.

The popular punk band Green Day started in Berkeley and originally played at a small club that is still in existence, The Gilman.
The Graduate Bar on College street is a great dive to hang out in on a lonely Sunday and it opens up for a much bigger crowd on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
CauteryA is a procedure wherein electric current, laser or silver nitrate is used to burn the bleeding vessel. If you are a fan of Indian cuisine Naan N Curry on Telegraph street close to UCB is a great American take on traditional East Indian food.  If you like East Asian food there are a number of great restaurants in the same area. These days the Gilman hosts music acts from a variety of styles but it originally started out as a Punk club. Raleighs Pub on telegraph street is a great British style gastropub with a number of games to play while you drink and possibly try a sandwich or some fish n chips. After the procedure, the doctor packs the nose with gauze or an inflatable latex balloon to put pressure on the bleeding vessel. Berkel Berkel is a fantastic Korean restaurant which is well known for their delicious traditional soups as well as heaping servings of rice and Korean BBQ. Sozo Sushi is located 2 blocks east of Berkel Berkel and has some great local sushi offerings including a Maguro that is out of this world as well as rarer delicacies like Blue Fin Tuna. The Greek Theater was designed taking into account ancient Greek architectural concepts about how to harness the power of acoustics to make a space more receptive to sound. The theater is carved into rock and is one of the most spectacular outdoor venues in the world. Berkeley is also noted for having one of the most politically liberal populations for a major American city.

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