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The Field Office blog began in 2008 as an expat blog from Berlin that focused on the intersection of travel, place, and time. At the beginning of the month, my family met up in Boise, Idaho for my niece’s birthday. It was my first visit to Boise and I really liked it—it’s a very small city that has a small town feel.
We had one afternoon to walk around the Hyde Park neighborhood, which was a delightful jumble of architecture from a huge range of eras, old school businesses with great signage, and an impressive number of cafes and restaurants with outdoor patios.
My sister loves to bake, so she made a rainbow cake for the adults and a banana smash cake for the birthday girl. Sign up for the newsletter!Updates on new work, interviews, and travels—plus special discounts in the Field Office shop! Huge Selection of Military Clothing, Security Items, Camping Equipment, Footwear, Survival Items, Headwear, Gift Items and more.
Due to the lack of a pump the Svea maxes out at around 1.400W which is powerful enough to bring 1l of water to a boil in about 7 minutes (as always, cooking in a wind sheltered spot is advisable. In comparison a MSR WhisperLite has 3000W and will bring that liter of water to a boil in half that time. The Svea has a screw-on windscreen which also features the pot supports, the stove itself with the integrated fuel tank, a regulating key attached to a little chain, and a small sauce pan. Note: like other white gas stoves, if the vaporizer is not fully pre-heated yet, opening up the fuel valve will produce a bit of a fireball. With all the high technology options one side and the ultralight fiddle-prone stoves on the other, I truly find the Svea 123 a refreshing and delightfully simple to use stove. Good stove, But I tend to cook inside my tents ( Vaude Power Lizard in the summer & Hilleberg Soulo in winter) so I would be a bit worried about flare ups with this type of stove. Have used many different stoves over the years – this one is still tough to beat, all things considered.
Anyway, the wind up is, the precision-ness of flame adjustment was lost along with this modification, the new models just won’t throttle down to a low flame quite as well. I’ve had mine for 30 years, still going strong and ever reliable, just a little beaten up.
There are hosts of camp stoves in the marketplace today, as I learned when I started to doing my research. Back in the day, being poorly funded, we either improvised a lot of our camping equipment, or we learned to do without. Of course like many outdoors men and women, if we were at our hunting camp and intended to stay for a week or more, we would bring-in a small home-made (welded) steel stove (which was very heavy).  If we were hiking or on horses, then that stove stayed home, and we would have to improvise and build something on-site using rocks, trying to incorporate some form of reflector for added warmth. Coming into camp after hiking for 10 miles with your rifle, sometimes in the cold and rain, we would always be looking-forward to huddling around the warmth of the camp stove or make-shift fire pit and warming-up with some hot coffee and chow.
When I started my review of the ‘Survivor’ model of SilverFire’s rocket-stove, the first thing that struck me was that it was not all that heavy!
The encased heat-sink is important because it stores and then slowly radiates the heat collected from the fire inside in a measured manner. We have been shelling walnuts as of late, and walnut shells make good fuel for small fires.
I have friends that have used them in their pellet stoves will great success, And by using the walnut shells, you have complete utilization of the harvested nuts. Because we were using Walnut shells, we could continue to feed the fire by lifting our pot off the top of the stove and then using a large metal spoon to periodically pour-in some added shells from the top. His first idea was to create an outdoor chair that adjusted to the typically uneven terrain found outdoors.
In 2013, I moved the whole operation back to the States and am now based in Portland, Oregon! Everything is very compact—you can leave downtown and be hiking in this beauty (above) in about 15 minutes.
It’s a century old design, once the cult of climbers world wide, and hailed as one of the first ultralight stoves.

Otherwise a lot of the heat produced by those 1.400W will simply blow out to the sides and not up the pot).
A small detail to some, but noticeable to persnickity types, and perhaps most Svea adherents would qualify! With the pump there was no need to use priming paste as by opening the valve CAREFULLY a small amount of fuel could be expelled via the jet and allowed to fill the priming groove. Replaced the seal on the tank filler cap as a precaution two years ago before heading out on the south coast track, Tasmania. Many use liquid or compressed gas fuels, which have the benefit of accurate metering of fuel, and as a result, the heat output of the stove. We may have accidentally been building and using some of the earliest versions of today’s rocket stoves, which were little more than modified Maxwell House coffee cans.
So as we see, a good stove optimally provides some warmth and also cooks your food and heats water for coffee.
Considering how well the stove is built, coupled with the fact that the stove has some form of heat-sink encased between the outer stainless steel housing and the inner liner, it’s amazing that the stove weighs-in at mere 12.5 pounds. I also maintains and modulates the thermal updraft inside the stove’s chimney, keeping the fire inside going without the need to have it ‘blazing‘. Even in post disaster areas, there is always an abundance of wood scraps and splinters strewn about, that would provide ideal fuel for this stove in most post-disaster scenarios, where a stove like this would be a real blessing.
Since I had a convenient pile of walnut shells, I decided to give the stove a try with the walnut shells. An added benefit is that the charcoal from burned walnut shells can be used medicinally, and if properly processed and packaged in a housing, it can also be used as a charcoal filter for water, but I digress a bit. It will easily endure being packed along a trail in a backpack or on a mule if you’re packing heavy. We used a small bed of shredded paper fire-starter (dipped with candle wax) and placed a handful of walnut shells on top of that.
You can also add any bio-mass fuel in this manner (from the top), or alternatively, you can feed the fire from the access door as needed. The Field Office is my creative space where I share my work and process, and things that inspire me. Of course, these days the definition of an ultralight cooking stove is somewhat more restrictive concerning packing size and weight.
Admittedly there are lighter options out there, but for a white gas stove it’s still pretty good!
But if you take the usual amount of water the solo hiker needs for a meal, you’ll probably have 5 minutes or so cooking time. I’d add a small bottle of methylated spirits for priming or perhaps a little dropper thing if you want to use the fuel of the Svea for pre-heating. It had been packed away all that time… Put some fresh fuel in it and it fired right up!
But they also have the disadvantage of the cost and inconvenience with regard to obtaining fuel, plus the added danger that some of these highly explosive fuels present. I also noticed that the stove continued to radiate heat for a considerable period of time even after we allowed the fire to go out.
The water in the pot reached 212 degrees in approximately 19 minutes, which seemed a reasonable time since we weren’t running a blaze, but instead, a controlled fire. Still, even with today’s standards, the Optimus Svea compares quite favorably and might be the right fit for a solo hiker looking for a rock solid and dependable stove.
I especially like the one-piece design of the Svea and in fact, on short fast trips you can leave the fuel bottle at home as the stove can take about 130ml of fuel.
Careful priming reduces this somewhat, but sometimes it is difficult to tell (if it’s especially cold or windy). In fact, if you’re lucky you will find used ones on eBay or flea markets for great bargains. There is a small vent integrated into the door assembly that allows metered air-flow into the stove.

Merchant Marine Officer with decades of boating and expedition sailing experience, having logged more than 150,000 miles at sea. Made with a lightweight, yet durable powder-coated aluminum frame with nylon fittings, the Trail-Sling can handle up to 275 lbs., yet weighs only 30 oz. The fuel tank actually has a capacity of about 180ml but you are not supposed to fill it all the way to the rim while operating.
After putting some gasoline or alcohol in the burning cup to pre-heat the stove you can ignite the gas coming out from the jet. Folded down, the Trail-Sling fits into a small bag and is easily slid into water bottle holsters or inside a backpack.
Simpson has successfully survived long-term ‘off the grid’ at sea and at remote uninhabited desert islands with his family for years at a time.
Heck, it’s small enough that it could be carried inside something as small as a handbag. 130ml is enough for a burn time of around 50 minutes, which is plenty for a solo hiker or climber on a weekend trip.
Contrast that with lot’s of other white gas stoves and you can really see and admire the simplicity of this stove. That is the equal of all the above stoves except the Opti-ti which is about a minute less. Simpson appeared on National Geographic's hit TV show DoomsDay Preppers (Season-2 'A Fortress At Sea') and received the highest score ever given for disaster preparedness and survival, earning the title of 'Best Prepper’.
The seat itself is durable 150 D nylon that will be durable enough for a lifetime of use.Trail-Sling PerformanceThe first time I saw the Trail-Sling was at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2005. 500-ton captain’s license for commercial-inspected passenger vessels and he is also a commercial airplane and helicopter pilot..
Coast Guard Honolulu Sector for his assistance in the successful rescue of two sailors lost overboard at sea.
Because of the small size of the Trail-Sling, it was easy to place it inside the side water bottle holsters at the base of my EMS Ascent backpack.
Simpson was again instrumental in the successful rescue operation of an American sailor lost over-board in the Sea of Cortez in hazardous seas. I was typically the envy of everyone in the group, but I was able to ward them off enough to enjoy a relaxing seat after hoofing it on a trail all day. His work has been featured and republished via numerous magazines and websites and he has been a featured guest on various disaster preparedness radio talk shows. It did take me a little while to figure out just the right sequence for putting it together, but you can’t fault the directions! Well, I got to that point because I couldn’t figure out how to get the headrest into the crossbars. Leaning forward in the seat, the back of the chair tended to get airborne, unless you sat just right. I think it’s one of the best options for heading into the backcountry where sitting on the Trail-Sling sure beats sitting on the ground or a rock. Overall, the Trail-Sling provides a comfortable seat in the woods with very little weight penalty. Get one for your next backpacking trip!UPDATE!!!It looks like GCI no longer makes this product.
As was pointed out from a commenter below, the Alite Monarch Butterfly chair appears to be the best option for a lightweight, packable backpacking chair. That infatuation continues as he founded this site in 1999 --sharing his love of road biking, mountain biking, trail running and skiing.

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