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Website created with joint funding from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and Bank of America. With all of the things that you have been involved in, the responsibility of school is beginning to weigh on you.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Part of owning a successful business is being able to make sound decisions–for the good of your employees as well as for the future of your company. In this Back to Basics article, we’ll talk about ways that you can improve your problem-solving skills so that you can make business-related decisions with confidence.
When asked about their problem solving skills, many people worry that they don’t measure up.
Staff Training presents more than 40 soft skills training workshops, coaching and facilitation across South Africa. Level descriptors for reading and math correspond to scale scores on tests in those specific skill areas. Even though you are going to school online, you still need to spend a certain amount of time doing class work and every part of your life is still just as important. When working and going to school, try to work a job that allows you to work hours that are reasonable.
For example, if you stop at the coffee shop every morning for that quick pick-me-up, try opting for an instant brew before you leave the house. You might be surprised how others you trust are willing to take on some of your responsibilities and make arrangements so that you may get in that extra few minutes of undivided time. Some things such as family gatherings and hanging out on the weekends may have to be put on hold for a while.
One of the most helpful things you can do is identify one of three types of commonly-encountered workplace issues: communication problems, attitude problems, and productivity problems.
If your messages are continually being received in the wrong way, you might want to check your emotions.

If you just can’t get through to someone, call them in to your office and speak with them honestly and openly. Most of the time, the employee is acting out because they perceive there to be a significant problem (that may or may not exist).
Many employees get fed up, particularly in larger companies, where they feel their jobs don’t matter. And of course, despite your best efforts, you’re going to run into some problems with things like productivity, bad attitudes, and poor communication. The CASAS scale is divided into five levels: A (Beginning Literacy) to E (Advanced Secondary), each encompassing a range of scores. Ask a trusted family member if they could pick the kids up after school or drop them off at sports practice. In fact, the colleagues and staff you connect with along the way in your online classes may allow network opportunities in the future – when you finally interview for that dream job. What if you feel like you just don’t understand your employees, your HR department–heck, anyone at all? By addressing these issues individually, you’ll find that the atmosphere overall will improve dramatically, letting you make more sound decisions with a clearer mind and more positive outlook. Listen to feedback and implement suggestions to make sure everyone continues to understand your messages. Maybe they have a reading difficulty, such as dyslexia, and simply can’t parse your memos. When you have collected and notated a few instances, talk to them about their performance and address how their attitude has been affecting others. Whether it’s being interrupted on their breaks, sitting next to a disruptive colleague, family troubles, or general laziness, distractions and frustrations in the workplace can manifest from many different sources. Reminding them that they are indeed important, and stressing the importance of their duties, should help put them back on track again. Sometimes people end up having to learn skills they never expected to learn and become unhappy that their jobs have changed so much. But with a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to improve on every one of these problems, and work your way toward a more positive, productive, and communicative work environment.

These sorts of problems can be so severe that they can actually contribute to the downfall of fledgling small businesses and start-ups. Many times, an employee will recognize that they have been acting in a negative way, and will try to correct it without you having to take further action.
Other jobs actually become outdated or become obsolete, even while you’re still employing the person who does them! Are you able to become emancipated from any of your obligations without it having a negative effect on another. Sometimes your company will make accommodations for these changes; such as not requiring overtime or holiday work. Make sure you include at least the minimum amount of sleep your body needs which is between four and eight hours. Are you simply reacting emotionally to a problem rather than coming up with real solutions? Everyone’s learning style is different, and by speaking and listening to your employees, you can gain a better understanding of their needs to do their job to the best of their ability. Instead, utilize written warnings in a progressive system—First warning, second warning, suspension, termination. According to the National Center of Education Statistics (2009), most college students are not only employed but also working a substantial number of hours. In addition, opening up these lines of communication may provide opportunities such as employee benefits and educational compensation.
If you are struggling with the shorter bursts of rest, try having a day of the week where you can catch up on lost sleep and sleep six to eight hours instead of the usual four to six.
These employees will need a little bit of extra incentive or some creativity involved to keep them meeting productivity standards, and a little bit of motivation to keep them interested. By keeping your emotions in check, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly and effectively.

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