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Octave boasts of one of its kind of AAC clinic which specializes in improving communication skills in all those who have difficulty in verbal communication.
Ask A DoctorConnect with the Doctors of Octave and get answers to all your "speech and hearing" related questions. He is a team lead but he does not know how to motivate his team and help his team work together.Team Building Skills? It has been observed that companies shrink at the idea of soft skills since it is not measurable. Companies that desire to see their employees work smart and achieve good business results view soft skills as essential business component. Known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bengaluru offers students with one of the best learning facilities in the country. WLCI Begaluru offers Foundation, Higher, Advanced, and Professional level career oriented courses in Business Management, Fashion Designing Technology, Advertising & Graphic Design and Media. WLCI’s Bengaluru campus has an excellent placement record for all the batches, with major corporate houses in Bengaluru hiring the students for traineeship and eventually final placements. The School of Fashion, Bengaluru is known to actively participate in various Design Competitions & Ramp shows.
Focus has a 100% placement track record or tie-ups with companies such as Reliance LifeSciences, Accenture, Thomas Cook, Triesta Life Sciences, KAPL, Value Knowledge Systems, EMH, Travel Bindaaz, Geojit financial Services, Mercury Travels, Cox and Kings, JB travels, HCG hospitals etc. We were looking for an organization that could provide a customized program designed to improve technical translations & formal communication. Our expert facilitatorsa€™ group helps managers address their individual development goals and, as a result, drive transformational change through the organization. The takeaways are greater confidence and expertise in addressing tasks and issues, a fresh strategic perspective and the ability to allocate responsibilities to each member of the team, in accordance with their skills and developmental milestones. Beyond day-to-day management, towards becoming a strategic motivator who inspiresa€¦thata€™s the key focus of our Management Excellence Programs.
The Interviewera€™s tool-kit: external and internal preparation- identifying the necessary attitudinal traits and skills needed for a€?job profilea€™. Our programs are scientifically designed to address functional as well as foundational needs.
We start with a deep and fundamental understanding of the human mind: how it functions, what are its trigger points, how does it respond to carefully calibrated stimuli. Our eclectic approach enables us to integrate multiple strands into a cogent and compelling narrative. Through all our programs, we help align your purpose and vision, and more important, empower you to effectively communicate your expectations to your team on a consistent basis. In the process, we help transform people at the fundamental levela€¦ creating change agents who positively impact organizational success.
Companies constantly grapple with paucity of time, budgetary constraints and trainers on the one hand with the need to improve the efficacy and employability of their manpower on the other. The Andragogy Digital Learning Platform is designed to be adaptive to the extant and emergent needs of a corporate. Be it induction training, product and process training or even specialized English language training through the Speech Genetic Lab a€“ the Andragogy Digital Platform is a true enabler. Because of the way it is designed and delivered, the Andragogy Digital Learning Platform is a more cost-effective and efficient training delivery mechanism than conventional classroom training. In short, it is the perfect, training solution that is easy to deploy, customizable and scalable.
Andragogy Speech GeneticA® lab : Andragogy Speech Genetic lab is a specialized module of the Andragogy Digital Learning Platform has been designed to address specific corporate needs in the area of communication. For communication skills : Different organizational levels and functions require different levels of fluency and language skills.
For technical training : Andragogy is a powerful tool for organization-wide implementation of quality updates, new subject matter, training related to the process, etc. For Knowledge Management : Andragogy software works as an organizational repository of complete knowledge and provides for easy updation and replication. Based on the keen insight that no two people understand a communicated message in the same way, our programs are designed to help you peel away the unnecessary layers and let you focus on how to deliver the message to the intended recipient. The aim is to empower individuals to customize their communication, based on the message to be communicated and the receiver of the message.
Across the entire spectrum of written, spoken and group communication skills, our programs maximize the impact of communication resulting in increase in synergy, growth, productivity, fruitful exchange of ideas, influencing people and an enhanced ability to effectively handle complex situations at work and in life. Advanced techniques to improve resolution of issues: Listening, probing, questioning, resolving, paraphrasing, closing, service no, etc.
At every interaction point, our programs help create capability that sows the seeds of long-term success, creating skills that augment the organizational performance across multiple levels. Conceived, Customized & Delivered a project with one of the largest IT multi-national companies to impart a train-the-trainer program for University teachers across India.
CTOSS (Chandigarh training on Soft skills) Project on Training & Assessments with SPIC- Govt.

Improvement in customer service scores by 30% One of the largest investment banks in the world improved customer service scores in their infrastructure process by over 30% through an intervention that reinforced implementation of customer service on the floor. Designed the manager induction program for a major financial institution and ran the program for over 500 managers.
Soft Skills Training in Bangalore, Communication Skills Training Bangalore, Presentation Skills Training Bangalore, MS Office Training in Bangalore, Leadership Training in Bangalore, Outbound Team Building Training in Bangalore. Effective business communication skills, arguably is the single most important skill that can take organizations to great heights. The communication skills training programs of MMMTS identify and offer skill development that is unique and specific to your organization. Multiple role play scenarios will be simulated based on the challenges that the participants face on a regular basis. To educate participants on tips and strategies that will enable them to create powerful results in business relationships.
Technological advancements in work place communication skills in India has reduced face-to-face communication considerably.
Need to read beyond words: Some business communication (for example, while negotiating a deal) requires listening to the tone of voice and observation of body language.
Performance Appraisal: Face-to-face communication is important for performance dialogues, as it increases the chances of mutual agreement on past performances and paves way to reaching realistic and effective plans for future.
Sharing of Confidential Information:For sharing confidential information, E-mail or other technology enabled communication channel cannot serve the purpose. Conducting Disciplinary Meetings: Face-to-face communication gives the appropriate stage for employees to give and receive constructive feedback. Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a human capital global consulting firm, did a 5-year study on the impact of good communication on the performance of an organization. The training programs of MMM Training Solutions encompass a wide range of skills that are an integral and necessary part of everyday business. MMM Training Solutions determines the topics for our free articles based on the courses that we feel has the highest demand at this time. Leadership training and development are critical to companies for the sake of continuing the performance edge of their teams in order to set them up for achievement in the corporate world.
There are many characters that we can progress in ourselves to confirm that we succeed in our profession. Why is soft skills so vital and how does it make an influence on personal efficiency and the progress of the company?
We have presentations of 18 soft skills programs that we conduct at MMM Training Solutions that you can download for free.
Specialists in Octave have the knowledge and expertise in providing comprehensive AAC program, introducing communication boards, various voice output devices and implementation of the same in daily living. Corporate trainings and educational institutions concentrate on equipping individuals with technology and industry knowledge.
They comprise of communication skills, effective listening, presentation skills, time management, attitudes and behaviors for critical thinking, problem solving, team building and goal setting. Soft skills though cannot be measured in quantitative terms has now come to be recognized as an essential component for business success. Full Internet connectivity and a host of software requisite packages make the lab more resourceful.
Our Advertising & Graphic Design students are seen enthusiastically participating and conducting exhibitions to showcase their work.
The placement team has conducted the mock interviews and trained us to face the interviews. It helped us to figure out how to improve our English and how deep is the beauty of the language. Full of practical inputs and operational insights to enhance performance at every engagement point, the programs are customized to suit the needs of diverse industries, situations and levels of hierarchy. This is done by successfully addressing self-defeating and regressive behaviour patterns as well as equipping executives with the necessary skill set to take on new roles and responsibilities as they move up the corporate ladder.
We help you cross over to the realization that true achievement always comes through inspirational leadership that enables and empowers your team. At their core are the principals of self-empowerment, effectively leading teams, coaching team members and achieving organizational targets. We also use ancient principles of management: a€?the Vedantic approacha€? that are very relevant today. It is a conscious choice on our part to delve into the wellspring of our scriptures rather than consume repurposed principles from foreigners. We weave in modern approaches like a€?systems-level thinkinga€™ and constantly innovate to redefine our leadership techniques.
They are on the lookout for a solution that delivers training efficiency with minimal intervention and overheads. It delivers optimal training at the pace of the learner to ensure that learning is retentive and the transformation is based on solid fundamentals.

It works well as a standalone solution and in the blended mode as well and ensures measurable improvement across functions. By creating the right communication skills that address the changing requirements at every organizational level.
They are, at most times, the face of the company or of a specific offering, to the customer. Exchange of ideas and information is vital for working as teams to reach organizational goals. Based on the findings we train your employees to use interpersonal skills to leverage subtle distinctions that make the difference between an ordinary employee and an exceptionally effective professional.
The key to the success of Performance Appraisals is the ability to give constructive feedback and this can be learnt through Performance Appraisal Training.
A disciplinary meeting can be well handled for a positive change only in a face-to-face communication. The results showed that companies that had effective communication gave shareholders 47% greater return. This article from MMM Training Solutions breaks down the science behind soft skills training and its many components. Carson, a distinguished man of science and healing, the Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Division at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, talks about political correctness and how it can muzzle an entire nation. Though these are core entities for business operations, businesses can become ineffective if employees are not well trained with soft skills. It also comprises of how to cope with stress or emotions for these play a significant role in our lives that can directly impact work and performance. Corporate are realizing that the employees ability to manage themselves and their interpersonal ability relate to others in work place is more important than their educational background or core knowledge. These are dedicated to meet the needs of our students and the respective courses which are conducted in the campus. We got continuous support from our faculty members and placement cell they made us work hard and gave us the best opportunities to start with and finally that whole support and striving for the best made me land up in my dream job. The trainer was really helpful and the sessions were conducted smoothly and always pushed us to speak in German. Thata€™s the insight that drives us every day at Andragogy; as we go about exploring the limits of excellence and Enabling Possibilities in everything we do. So that our programs are always ahead of the curve of changing trends and emerging challenges. The lab brings together years of training expertise and experience and serve as a powerful deployment platform to create a powerful skill multiplier for corporates. This makes theirs a critical function in the entire customer experience and brand expression domain.
Studies have found that factors such as self-awareness, interpersonal skills, commitment, responsibility and integrity not only create successful employees but also produce business results and the outcome- successful companies. Andragogy is well poised to create transformational change that empowers management excellence.
Post-training Support – 30 day email window, homework, post-evaluation, tracking classroom learning at workplace, interventions etc. We specialize in Communication Skills, Soft skills training, Finance training, MS Office training across all levels of management offering both in-house trainings and external workshops. The quality of training provided is excellent and has received great feedback from the expats. The trainers associated with MARG are also very professional, qualified and possess great social and linguistic skills, which are very necessary for exchanges with expats.
As we have worked with female trainers from MARG, they are aptly …MAHESH PATILWonderlaReally appreciable and all the sessions conducted have meet up the expectations. Supportive and informative team at Marg.SUNITA SAHAStateStreet Services India Pvt LtdThe sessions from Marg are very interactive and informative. The participants were well engaged with good live examples, activities & real time scenarios throughout the session. We are very happy to be associated with Marg!VIDYASHREE SHARMAThyssenKrupp Aerospace India Pvt.
Ltd.Just to let you know that the training went well, and was well received by my colleagues.
Ms Deepa is very knowledgeable on the subject and there is a lot of clarity in communication and her hands-on style helped everybody understand the subject with clarity.

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