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The Communication Skills Toolkit is a valuable and practical resource guide to enable students to develop effective communication skills.
The text is divided into five easy-to-follow sections to help students to, make a successful transition to tertiary studies, develop effective research skills for their discipline, approach academic writing with confidence, refine their writing skills, and enhance their face-to-face communication experience. Students must research their own budgets and local financial institutions before making major financial decision such as costing an event and taking out a loan to buy a car. My courses are not accredited, so I don’t know how this fits into the ESOL SFL criteria and my classes are, inevitably, a mix of Pre-Entry and E1 learners.

The sheet is repeated five times – with food items in different positions (numbered supermarket aisles) on each sheet. Students enter the items from the A student’s Spending for the Month into the Budgeting Spread sheet. This automatically calculates the totals and allows the student to think about the budget without the barrier some find in doing the maths. For both versions you will need copies of the current Argos book or access to the web site.

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