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Developed at UCLA in 1955, this technique has been used as a means of self-improvement and team development. During my coaching sessions with Leigh, we had powerful and useful conversations that provoked me to gain awareness of my leadership style. One of the greatest things I could have ever done for myself was to work with a professional coach.
Stanford University is a Carnegie "Doctoral University: Highest Research Activity" and is a member of the Association of American Universities. And this is why at Designed Alliance, we use a variety of assessment tools in the initial stages of a coaching engagement.
It is a technique called the Johari Window which asks participants to select, from a collection of 56 adjectives, five to six words that they feel best represent them.
Next, you will be directed to a screen where you can send the same adjective-grid to family, friends and colleagues who you want to participate in giving you this feedback.
This propensity feeds into our tendency to make quick decisions, quick calculations and quick assumptions, particularly about the actions, reactions and behaviors of others.

We offer personal coaching with an emphasis on leadership, team building and personal development.
Your ability to push me beyond my own fears through what always feels like a natural conversation is amazing. It would be so clear to me after each session and our work has had a direct impact on me, my team, and even into my home life. Marlo helped me prioritize my goals and find more efficient ways to complete them, conquer my fears of public speaking, and hold myself accountable when necessary. Next, participants can invite colleagues, peers, friends or family to also select 5-6 adjectives about them from the same collection, without knowing which words were chosen by the individual. I am grateful for everything Marlo shared with me throughout the course of our coaching engagement. Leigh brought so much knowledge and perspective to our work, but mostly, she helped me access my own inner tools, ones I had been doubting. Most of Stanford's doctoral graduates enter academic teaching and research careers, or communication-related professions that require research skills.

We all have things to learn about ourselves, even the most reflective, aware and exploratory among us. After a core curriculum of courses in both quantitative and qualitative methods, statistics, and mass communication theory, each student builds a research specialization through advanced courses and seminars in Communication and related departments, research projects, teaching, and an examination in the area of concentration. Or could there be other words, even themes, that come through if you were to collect data on yourself from the perspective of others? These requirements are normally completed in four years, and the dissertation in the fifth year.

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