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There are many differences in the way Brazilians and other countries – especially non-Latin countries – communicate, and I am not talking just about the language. In Brazil, men greet and say goodbye shaking hands and sometimes giving a slight slap on the back; women shake hands and exchange air kisses near the cheek.
When you see Brazilians talking you’ll notice that the conversation is friendly, personal, informal but also complex, combining verbal and non-verbal communication and considerable use of body language.
Brazilians talk easily about personal subjects and always use first names when addressing a person. In Brazilian culture, like in many others countries, words don’t communicate everything you really want to say. Tell me about the nonverbal communication in your country, I love to learn about other places culture! The behavior we accept as normal is actually formed from learned and inherited beliefs based on our religious upbringing, ethnic, generational, class, and gender programming, as well as the educational socialization and the professional ethics we have been taught and accepted. All of these aspects, that we take for granted in our society, form the framework within which we think, look at life, and perform in the workplace. Third Culture Kids are unique in their ability to transcend cultural boundaries, because they have lived in so many different cultures.
Is a contract in Japan, South America, or Italy the same thing?Signing a contract means one thing to the North American mindset, but like the truth, depending on the culture, it can have many interpretations.
To a Swiss, a Scandinavian, a Brit, and a North American a contract is a formal document, a sacred covenant, that once signed must be adhered to. The above triangular Model of cross cultural communication patterns, is taken from the book When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures by Richard Lewis, who, by the way, speaks 12 languages.
Most of the countries in the world fall somewhere along the continuum between the points on this triangle, which Lewis calls Linear-Active, Multi-Active and Reactive.
For example, the most Linear-Active countries are Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, with the US and UK on either side.

The US leans slightly toward the multi-active pattern because of the presence of a large Spanish speaking population in America. Canada is located right in the middle between Linear-Active and Reactive because in Canada, you’ll find a large Linear-Active population and a large population with Reactive Communication Patterns.
If you are thinking of living or working overseas, or even traveling abroad, you may like to survey the list of characteristics below, to see which of these 3 cross cultural communication patterns you feel most comfortable with. If you find your preferred cultural profile doesn’t match the profile of the country you are living in, this may be a good time to become acquainted with the cultural profile you are most comfortable living within.
The coloured triangle at the top of the page shows which cultures are Linear-Active, Multi-Active and Reactive. This can promote harmony in relationships, by allowing empathy and understanding to develop.
Maybe we, Linear-Active types, can learn from the Multi-Active types how to live a less frantic, and more relaxed lifestyle, which would contribute so much more to our enjoyment of life. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This site is designed to share some of that information to and help visitors recognize the importance of investing into developing a 'Communication Culture' that will help their organization communicate and collaborate better. Context 0 High Context Culture:- Cultures that rely heavily on non-verbal and subtle situational cues in communication.
Time Orientation0 North American tend to correlate time with productivity, efficiency.0 In other cultures time may be perceived as an unlimited resource.
Cross Culture Communication0 Intercultural Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages between people whose cultural background could lead them to interpret verbal and non-verbal signs differently. Interrupting the conversation to add something or make a comment is common; sometimes even speaking at the same time as their peers. But they are actually very subjective norms, that are based on the culture we have spent the most time growing up within.

Italians call the American’s insistence on abiding by a signed contract, naive and idealistic. This happens if your family has moved from another culture to North America, bringing with it a different cultural style. 0 Low Context Culture:- Cultures that rely heavily on words to convey meaning in communication. Selecting And Presenting Gifts.Unwrapping gifts Saudi Arabia - Gifts are opened in private. Handshake How do you do it?0 The handshake should be firm.0 While shaking hands establish eye contact and always smile0 The person who initiates the handshake is the one who closes it. It will save you no end of trouble, in getting a handle on the mindset of the culture(s) you visit, before you arrive. He has managed to incorporate all his information on communication and collaboration into 'Talks' he is calling, The Culture of Communication. Without knowing or trying to find a 'communication culture', it is difficult to build a good communication solution.
USA - Gifts are opened in public.Appreciated Gifts Indonesia - Gifts, such as tokens memento of your country or your company logo. Also, the perception of personal space is different from other countries, in Brazil closeness means trust.

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