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Here are some easy steps to survive your college experience at the University of Maine as a first year. 2) Be a responsible drinker – Your first year is all about experiencing new things and for many its the first time they have consumed alcohol in their lives. There you have it some tips that will help you survive the first year of college at UMaine! There are a lot of great people at the University of Maine, many who are willing to help a first year student at any time.

If you over think things it will be incredibly stressful for you, sometimes you just need to relax and have a little fun.
We remember what it was like moving in to this strange big place not knowing anything about where to go.
Make a rule, only eat out once a week or if you eat out multiple times choice a healthy meal that isn’t loaded in fat. So many students don’t have those fun experiences by studying hours while remaining in their room.
You are paying hundreds of dollars per credit hour, so make your parents happy and your teachers respect you by going to class.
Either in the dorm hall or around campus multiple reports of students intoxicated will land them in trouble with campus police or with an RA on duty. It will make your academic career much easier by having a faculty member that you can trust.

It was very stressful, but thankfully many older students would help out when you are in a time of need.
If you are responsible and have a great group of friends around to keep you out of trouble your semester will be a blast. For example finding buildings, can be very confusing if you don’t have your campus map.
Never let that balance become uneven because there is always consequences for letting that happen. You don’t want a stupid thing that happened freshman year of college haunt your record for the rest of your life.

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