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During those months I wrote the Intelligencer column with Pat Wechsler, I visited the Simpson courtroom as much as I could.
Indeed, so much of what really happened during the course of the nine month trial is missing that it kind of cuts against the quality of the series.
A loved one returns home from Iraq and a family crusades to reform the Veterans Affairs system and end the stigma of military-related mental health issues.
An emergency first responder details the daily events in his job that led to his suffering from PTSD. A woman’s story of the physical, mental and emotional abuse suffered by her family at the hands of a Christian ministry.
A description of PTSD, including symptoms, for people who have PTSD, and for people who come into contact with those suffering from it. A soldier felt a thrill while fighting but was haunted by the memories of war after returning home. The death of a soldier in combat brings anguish to his fellow troops and his family back home. A troop whose mind is still fighting a war after returning home finds the therapeutic love of a woman. The tale of a father who served in Vietnam then watches years later as his son is sent to war.
She had no idea what the defense attorneys were capable of doing pr-wise, or what skillful manipulators they were.

And errors include Clark, not Darden, examining Rosa Lopez, the maid who worked in the house next to Simpson’s, about details of the night of the murder.
Even I’m sympathetic to Clark, watching Paulson play her, and I thought Clark was a dope. Butler Bass is a liberal Anglican who has, until her latest book, been a cheerleader for the sustainability of mainline denominations. The reality was, she had no idea what was going on in the Simpson circus, and was outplayed. I reported on January 30, 1995 that Larry King, his daughter, and his producer, grand-standed in Ito’s courtroom for 38 minutes.
And way too much time is spent building up to the trial, which doesn’t really start until episode 5. Douthat says this because DBB is linking the oncoming demise of conservative Christianity to the shrinking numbers in conservative denominations, like the Southern Baptist Convention. The victims are totally absent– Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman are secondary to their own murders.
As has been noted time-and-time-again recently, Americans are deeply suspicious of organized religion, and nothing says organized religion like a denomination. When Larry et al emerged from chambers, he proceeded to shake hands with the defense lawyers. But there are lots of non-affiliated churches, both large and small, that escape the surveys of denominational Christianity.

For another, the major themes of liberal Protestantism have been embraced by American culture as a whole. Progressives would argue vociferously, saying that they’ve got more theologians in more seminaries and universities than you can shake a stick at.
At one point, in a public session, one of them took me to task and said, “Do you know what the emergent church is lacking? Come join us?” Dan Hauge The question of populist level progressive theology is an interesting one. Coming from the Restoration Movement (I’m part of the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ) there was a emphasis on the common person to really study the Bible.
In my church (Episcopal), we have so much interest in Bible Study, but little action toward doing it. And when we do, it is split between those that want rigorous academic work without any faith in it and those that only want to speak about the faith–and get anxious when we even discuss scriptural interpretation. How much of the problem, do you think Tony, is that Liberal Christianity tends to be more amorphous in their picture of what “mature faith” looks like? Are we really to suppose that evangelicalism is at the vanguard of thoughtful orthodoxy, or liberal protestantism is the architect of the Christian concern for justice?

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