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Making sun and water worshippers enjoy the glistening First Coast is Riverside’s way of life.
Riverside is an authorized American Red Cross provider of quality health and safety services to communities in the region. To be deserving of the American Red Cross Certification, students are trained on an instructional program that discusses techniques on applying First Aid, CPR, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Riverside’s training services are more focused on satisfying requirements for paid or volunteer lifeguard jobs (Jacksonville, FL), which can prove useful in emergency-response situations.
Why Choose Us?Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail are a few of the many reasons why communities in North Florida have chosen us to operate and ensure an intimate community experience.
After complation of your IKO courses, there are also opportunities for work experience and employment with us, or in the local area.
Candidates for IKO Kite Instructor Training Courses Level 1 must meet the pre-required level before attending. If you are missing some of the prerequisites please let us know and we will help you out to get ready for the IKO instructor course! Every IKO Instructor course follows a 5-day ITC training course program, during which the examiner evaluates his technical, communication, and human skills.
An SIA licence is required if you undertake the licensable activities of a close protection operative and your services are supplied for the purposes of or in connection with any contract to a consumer. Unless your employer or company has been given an exemption under Section 4(4) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001, it is a criminal offence to undertake the licensable activities of a close protection operative without an SIA licence. If you pay your own licence fee you will be able to claim tax relief against your taxable income - for example, if you pay the basic rate of tax the relief is currently worth ?44. If you have a non-front line licence you do not need to get another one if you are involved in another area of non-front line licensable activity (for example: if you are a director of a firm supplying close protection operatives but you also supply security guards, you will not need to get two licences).

Essential for the CPO and the knowledge and skills required are developed over the 15 days and this is achieved through a combination of lectures, practical exercises and scenarios based on the common duties of a modern day CPO. The role of a CPO requires individuals to be fully conversant with the law and to understand the relationships between the CP industry and official agencies.
It is important to identify and quantify the risks when working as a CPO and good planning and preparation is an essential part of the role. This module will introduce you to the concept of surveillance and counter surveillance and is key to protecting clients as most pre-meditated attacks include some form of surveillance. Most of the physical skills required by a CPO are covered in this final module such as vehicle embus-debus drills and convoy driving through to foot techniques and searching procedures will be practiced to hone these essential skill. Designed to be as realistic as possible the day spent on this training will demonstrate the difficulties and realism of extracting a principal under attack. We Are Also Providing Training And Have Partner Centres In Chelmsford, Romford, Ilford, Gants Hill, Barking, Essex, Around East London And Parts Of West London. The company contributes to holidaymakersafety by providing the best theoretical and hands-on lifeguard training (Jacksonville, Florida), and by preparing advocates for effective and efficient lifeguard jobs this side of the Sunshine State. It prides itself in duly-certified trainors who can conduct intensive courses ranging from pet first aid to lifeguarding to reviews on certifications for first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR. This is especially in swimming pools, natural water bodies fit for recreational swimming, or elswhere that unfortunate lifethreatening incidents could occur every now and then. Please read the prerequisites at the end of this page, if you need more training to qualify then please let us know and we can help you out by organising private or semi-private lessons. At the end of the IKO instructor course, the Candidate takes a written test and must pass the exam with a minimum score of 70%.
A front line licence is in the form of a credit card-sized plastic card that must be worn, subject to the licence conditions.

A non-front line licence is issued in the form of a letter that also covers key holding activities. The training peaks with an intensive final exercise that combines all the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the duration. Exercises and classroom activities incorporate a large part of this module where delegates will actually plan and prepare for an operation leading to the final exercise. Preventative and proactive measures to detect surveillance are taught and related to real life incidents. Jaksonville) has a host of water-body settings that are suitable for a teaching method that includes in-service practical application. If you need more information regarding which courses you would like to join, if you need a transfer from the airport, accommodation and if you have any more questions send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.
If you are an employer paying the licence fee on behalf of an employee there will be no tax or National Insurance liability. There must also be procedures for when things don't go as planned and the ability to think on your feet will be developed during the course. At the end of the Instructor training courses if you need more training, shadowing is provided, which will give you additional extra free teaching practice to ensure your teaching skills will be very high.
Being an IKO Kitesurfing instructor means being safe, and having fun while training your students to become independent kite surfers.

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