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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its zombie preparedness guides with a new graphic novel illustrating a couple, Todd and Julie, and their dog Max, as they weather a zombie pandemic, all the while using CDC disaster tips to stay ahead of the game. Notably, in the new materials, they’ve dropped the “zombie apocalypse” scenario, for a “zombie pandemic,” suggesting that the CDC will ultimately prevail over these brain-hungry ghouls. Of course, this is more of a clever way to relay disaster survival tips from the CDC—and it works pretty well. For Developers and PR FolksWe are interested in hearing about new and interesting projects, whether they be video games, boardgames, technology, books or films. No, this isn't a late April Fools joke, but rather a real guide put out by the Center for Disease Control.
Once you've made your emergency kit, you should sit down with your family and come up with an emergency plan. Breaking News, Weird, World News .You can leave a response. The kit should also be stocked with medications, duct tape, a battery-powered radio, clothes, copies of important documents and first-aid supplies, take note.
Unsurprisingly, the blog post was a hit in the Twittersphere when news of its publication spread, with the site containing the guide crashing under the pressure of the hits. In attendance at the brief areA 1,000 military personnel, police officials, medical experts and federal workersa€”who apparently find zombie preparedness pertinent to national security. If the military and government are preparing for this unlikely scenario, then you should too.
Swords give you a decent reach, and they're the most durable, so they'll last you the longest. And of course, "Blades don't need reloading:"A The famous line from Max Brooks' "Zombie Survival Guide" is oh so true. Undoubtedly the shotgun is for buying yourself time, so that you can find a way out and away from hordes of flesh-eating former humans. This happens all the time with people caught up in life or death situations in which they didn't expect to be: they're too afraid to kill, and so they end up dying.
This is kind of like fighting like an animal, but different in that it's about finishing the job. Most bites occur on arms or hands, and even a little bit of blood spatter in your eye might transfer the virus.

Stick with the group, even if you're suddenly curious and feel compelled to walk into that dark basement.
Two reasonsa€”there's plenty of humans there who will soon be zombies, and the humans who aren't zombies will be fighting over resources in no time.
I know you think your church congregation is comprised of nice, moral people, but deny them the basic necessities of life, and they'll turn into a horde as ravenous as the living dead.
In a post apocalyptic scene, where sounds can get you killed and speed is of the essence, is unfortunately not the place for babies and geriatrics. Any fuel you have should be saved for building fires, or burning zombies, but not for driving cars. The only advantage here is that you may be so drunk, the zombies think you are one of them.
Water is the most important resource, moreso than food, because in most places food can be foraged or hunted. Think of all your important documents, from the title to your house, to Social Security cards, passports and birth certificates. During Hurricane Katrina, some immigrant survivors lost identification and work authorization documents necessary to prove lawful status, falling at risk for losing legal immigration status. Recent storms in the mid-Atlantic region resulted in 3 million people without power during a heat wave. Following a major disaster, telephone lines will likely be down or jammed, making it hard to find your loved ones. Don’t count on using your cell phone during a disaster or using it as storage for emergency contact numbers. Comments listed below are posted by individuals not associated with CDC, unless otherwise stated. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments.
Their point is that the same practices that could save your life in any regular disaster would also come in pretty handy in the case of a zombie pandemic. This includes where you would go and who you would call if zombies started appearing outside your door step. Well, more accurately, they think that practice for a "zombie outbreak" type of viral scenario is important to national security.

Plus, with buckshot, you can pretty much just point it in a general direction, pull the trigger, and hit everything.
Undoubtedly though, the ones who live the longest during a zombie outbreak are those who were unafraid to kill.
Zombies aren't big on loud conversation, and they sort of amble around slowly, so unless you're paying attention, you won't hear them coming. Well you better check them for bites or scratches, the two main means of contracting a zombie virus. I'm not saying don't be human, just don't go looking to collect any that aren't in your family. A case of trench foot will kill you in two ways, either zombies will catch up with you, or you'll succumb to bacterial infection.
If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself trapped, there's only two ways outa€”fighting or dying. These government briefs are about readiness, especially in terms of an epidemic, whether it be a viral epidemic, or an epidemic of power outages, things can get hairy real quick. Grab whatever food you can fit into a pack and a few handy weapons, and get out, especially if you're in a densely populated area. Of these, a decent sized crowbar, one bigger than is in this picture preferably, will last you the longest.
Make copies of your documents and keep in a sealed, waterproof pouch in your emergency kit so you can easily take them with you if you need to evacuate. In addition to writing down family members phone numbers, write down other emergency contact numbers like the fire and police departments, poison control, your family practitioner, a trusted neighbor, and an out of town friend or relative. It’s a good idea to also scan copies of your documents and save them electronically, incase anything happens to your home before you’re able to evacuate.
Big or small, if something happens in your area like flooding, winter storms, or black outs you may not be able to access road ways, grocery stores may be closed, and ATMs may not even be working. Responding to an emergency starts with you.   Local, state, and federal help may not be available right away so it’s important that you’re able to provide for yourself and your family following an event.

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