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Clear business communication within the corporate structure is absolutely essential to the running of an effective, efficient and energised operation. The group communication programme allows the team to clearly define what the communication gaps are and how best to develop the team to strengthen those gaps. Creating a respectful and co-operative work environment with the simple art of clear business communication among employees goes a long way to making a happy and motivated individual.
We at Speak Easy Facilitators equip the individual with a business communication toolkit which helps staff to address their personal areas of weakness in communication.
It also serves to establish the work policy of the company, what they require from their employees and the image and vision they wish to project both internally and externally through their business communication and branding. Method: In these sessions we address the goals of the individual, as well as the foundations of good business communication.
We also set group goals for the team and the service that they wish to give customers, as well as the environment they wish to create. Each programme is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques, reading material and assignments that will address the individual’s areas of weakness and how it impacts on the group. Time Duration: The workshops take place over a period of weeks and are divided mainly into 2-hour sessions, though the initial session may be 4 hours. Final Assessment: At the end of the workshop there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be further addressed with the individual and the group.
Materials: Each participant is given a Communications folder and all notes during the course. As a starting point I would like to say a great big thank you to Marisa and Speak Easy Facilitators for helping me with the task of trying to pull my team together and to stop behaving as silos and to start behaving as one team. You have worked well in both the group sessions as well as the individual and paired sessions.
I know there have been some people that have resisted having sessions, but they always come out feeling good and positive about the outcome – well done. Where people have complex personalities and ego issues you have very gently steered them on a voyage of personal discovery and growth. You have also been very supportive of me and taking the time to understand the group dynamic and advised me on how to “talk” to the individuals or what actions to suggest. Learning how to supervise people is a crucial skill that every manager and supervisor should have.
Resolve Conflicts, Support Team Members, Achieve Goals, Fix Shortcomings, Build Trust, Reward Success and so much more…. Contact Jan about any of her corporate training services or upcoming events by  clicking here. Page ContentSchoolsWorkforce management combines effective workforce planning and personnel administration.
Not everyone is naturally blessed with good communication, so it is great to note that effective communication can also be an acquired skill. Effective communication is also about speaking your mind in a non-confrontational and composed manner.
As an effective communicator you are also more attuned to the emotions of the persons you are communicating with. Effective communication must be seen as a mechanism to aid effective relationships and sustaining of the same. Action taken by the ex MLA is definitely under communal provocations, and it will not bring any positive results.
Psychometric tests are not a replacement for effective leadership, outstanding management and facilitation of intrinsic-motivation.
There is no doubt an understanding of personality theory is useful for leadership, management, recruitment, selection, training and personnel development. The more we understand ourselves and others, the more effective we are at leading our organizations. Personality theories underpinning psychometric tests and personality quizzes are surprisingly easy to understand at a basic level. There are many different personality and motivational models and theories, and each one offers a different perspective.
Knowing how to adapt the way you work with others, how you communicate, provide information and learning, how you identify and agree tasks, are the main factors enabling successfully leading, managing and motivating of others and yourself. We do not need to use a personality test to understand  theory and  basic models underpinning these tests. A good leader and manager enables the situation, environment and opportunities necessary for people to be intrinsically-motivated as they pursue their personal objectives, departmental aims and organizational goals. Effective personality testing as a part of appraisal and feedback systems demands a high-performance functioning organization where knowledge-management, learning-organization activities and processes need to be embedded, and are accepted as how things are conducted in the organization. Before introducing any form of psychometric testing, we need to facilitate changing assumptions and perceptions within our organizations, help people amend how they think, feel and behave, and create activities and processes which stimulate trust.
These five factors are: Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Neuroticism.
Let’s however be clear, all these factors do is describe common differences without any underlying theory or explanation or ways which can easily help people to change. Personality tests certainly have their uses, even if they do not reveal any scientific truth about us. We should treat such tests with caution; indeed, some even take the sensible step of avoiding them altogether, recognizing  human personality does not neatly fall into 16, or any other definitive number, of categories.
When creating profiles of your employees, you should use all the information at your disposal.
Prepare the ground, ensure you have planted the seeds of a high-performance culture where learning-organization and knowledge-management processes are second nature to leaders, managers and key employees. Carl Jung’s theory of psychological type was not based on empirical, Cartesian scientific studies but emanated from his heuristic observations and reflections.
In 1944, mother-daughter Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs published the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, also known as MBTI. Isabel Briggs Myers (MBTI Psychometric Tests) explained in Gifts Differing how she built on Jung’s theories. Encouraging people to continually bear in mind the primary purpose of the MBTI is to help people understand that we are all different.

The consequence is that the scores of two people labelled ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ may be almost exactly the same, but they could be placed into different categories since they fall on either side of an imaginary dividing line, without any scale of difference.
Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing countries in South-East Asia and it has drawn the attention of many Singapore-based businesses. Our Vietnamese course will enable you to express yourself in a simple but effective way when interacting with Vietnamese people for business or pleasure. At inlingua School of Languages in Singapore we offer part-time Vietnamese language courses for local and foreign students. Miscommunication often causes friction and festering grievances that manifest as blocks in the working environment. It also allows the individuals to apply the practical skills of clear business communication and work to strengthen their individual areas of weakness surrounding this vital skill. We provide perspective and insight into how to overcome bad communication habits that have been reinforced over the years.
Personal vision and a vision of how the individual may contribute productively to the company are also developed. There will be a session where video recording takes place, as well as a final presentation on the book chosen by each participant. It is important to note that sustained results are achieved only through thorough training and, while some of the goals will be met, further work may be required for others. The client will be required to purchase all books that are used as part of the prescribed reading section of the course. There have been many challenges and I honestly believe you have managed to help the individuals see that they are much better off by working together and using each other strengths and abilities, instead of against each other. Your advice to people has been well received and they all appear to have acted on it and continue to act on it.
I think it’s just human nature to resist a meeting where you need to confront your issues when you are busy.
Yet, many business people in positions of authority don’t have that skill, which results in underachieving employees. I just wanted to let you know that it was a wonderful seminar and I learned so much in two days. It does take time and effort to become effective in communicating but with time you will find yourself mastering this highly useful art.
It is about using non-verbal signs to enhance the message being conveyed or even toning down harsh words. It is a well-known fact that stress is not only harmful for health it can be a major dampener on the way one behaves and reacts. Being able to gauge another person’s emotional state and mood, will allow you to say only what is relevant for the current situation and think more rationally about resolving conflicts. It has use in our professional and personal lives and is worth investing time and effort into perfecting it. Meaning the presents under your Christmas trees are symbols for the magic mushroom Amanita Muscaria. Reindeer are notorious for digging in the snow to find the mushrooms that haven't popped up yet.
Facilitating human capital and encouraging positive social capital are keys to enabling our people, who will protect and build revenue from our respected and nurtured customers, ensure efficient operations and improve profits. We are a lot more effective at motivating people and improving communication skills, facilitating positive working relationships, when we understand ourselves and those we seek to lead, manage and develop. This knowledge helps us develop self-awareness and also helps us to help others achieve greater self-awareness and development.
The real benefit from working with the models is actually in understanding the logic and theory which underpin behavioural models or personality testing systems concerned. People are vulnerable to inaccurate suggestions, misinterpretations, or poor and insensitive explanations, so if you are going to use personality test, approach with care.
They can be a great source of emotional support, helping us with handling uncertainties, raising hypotheses and aiding self-reflection.
Before considering using psychometric tests of any sort, have the results of your quarterly evaluations, review notes from the training undertaken by your people, review recent annual performance reviews (which are of course, are salary negotiations). Review any customer satisfaction scores (are we delivering, delighting and exciting our customers) and any other relevant measurements such as financial or operational-efficiency data. Jung’s observations led him to distinguish between extraversion and introversion yet this is now a difference between people which is widely accepted in psychology. The personality assessment initially intended to help women entering the World War II effort at home determine which jobs would be most suitable for them based on their personality type. If we were to build a computer that had the same capacity as your own brain, it would be as big as the Sydney Opera House, it would take all the water in Sydney Harbour to cool it down while it was running so it didn’t overheat and it would cost over a trillion dollars to build.
Once you have a focused, energised and committed staff, this will have an enormous impact on your Customer Service. Please note that the facilitator may recommend an extra session midway through training if there is an area that appears to need more intensive work during the course. The client will also be required to provide a television for playback during our video recorded session. Listening for emotions, expressions and other non-verbal signs are also contained in effective communication.
As a person puts more effort and invests more time understanding the realms of communication, he or she would become more spontaneous and intuitive while communicating. This means hearing the unspoken word, understanding the body language, tone of voice, facial expressions and other non-verbal aspects.
Good communicators are always mindful of both the verbal and non-verbal signals they send out and are mindful that they are extremely vocal with positive comments and are able to tone down any negative feedback they may have. It hampers a person’s ability to think clearly, speak coherently and act in an appropriate manner. Effective communicators would first attempt to change the negative emotion to a neutral one in an attempt to build a rapport with the person in front of them. Understanding personality traits, thinking styles and learning styles theories is a useful way to improve our knowledge of motivation and behaviour in the workplace. Completing personality tests, with no knowledge of the supporting theories, can be a frustrating and misleading experience, especially if the results from personality testing are not properly explained.

But be aware, when these psychometric tests are not used correctly, they can backfire, destroying trust between employers and employees.
We can inspire them and sustain this inspiration, but sustainable intrinsic-motivation must come from within the person.
It is not difficult to see why the Big Five is not a commonly used tool to educate people about personality differences, yet they form the basis of much of the ‘testing’ industry. But these tests are not and cannot be the only tool in the armoury of wise leaders and managers. You can study general communication skills, Vietnamese for business purposes or prepare for an international language proficiency test. Investing in soft skills and business communication development also increases chances of staff retention, loyalty and counters the costs of retraining.
Communicating effectively will improve relationships both in the professional and personal spheres of life and enhance your image socially.
For a better understanding of effective communication, we need to look at the aspects that fall within its realm. When a person is stressed they often misinterpret the words and actions of others and also give off the wrong impression when communicating. If we help others to understand what they need for work and for whole life development, then you have an important key to motivating and working with people. One issue is whether Jung thought everyone could be classed as an introvert or an extravert or whether he thought that many people had no distinct preference.
If the MBTI also measured height, you would be classified as either tall or short, even though the majority of people are within a band of medium height. We provide customised language training for multinational corporations and local companies.
These areas of conflict and weakness can be replaced with improved systems and interpersonal skills, which serve both the individual and the business. Recruitment in Schools Guide provides information to principals about key recruitment processes.
Effective communicators are highly sought after and are generally looked upon as decision makers, problem-solvers and great mentors and coaches. Effective communicators are able to mask and manage their stress better since they completely grasp the repercussions of miscommunication. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sided with Target job candidates who claimed the tests they had taken for a hiring process for upper-level management positions were just not sufficiently relevant, pertinent or job-related. View > Individual Individual Vietnamese Courses Enjoy total flexibility in scheduling and pace of learning with our individual Vietnamese courses. This workshop would be aimed initially at the Publishers and would follow them through a process over several weeks of development and addressing areas of both group and personal interest. Effective communication also enhances one’s capacity to truly understand your own viewpoint and those of others too, doing away with highly stressful ambiguity and the resultant misunderstandings. People engaged in the conversation are able to express their views without fear of being ridiculed or rebuke, making the exchange of ideas smoother and free flowing. These courses are specially designed for working professionals or individuals who wish to learn a language at their own pace and at hours convenient for them. Issues are resolved in a democratic manner and people feel more connected to one another since everyone’s views are heard.
View > Corporate Vietnamese Corporate Language Training Courses Vietnamese Corporate Language Training is available for General and Specific purposes with the possibility of designing tailor-made programmes according to the client's specifications.
DataZone provides corporate and regional staff with access to a range of data to inform decision making including school workforce data.
It incorporates reports and data from across the Department including factsheets and snapshots (summary data sheets) providing high level statistical information, graphs and commentary on a range of topics and issues.
The school workforce plan, as one aspect of the school's planning for improvement, flows directly from the school strategic plan and should identify budget allocations and charge-outs for all categories of staff over at least a three-year period. The plan should also include known or projected student enrolment and staff movements to enable the school to move towards or maintain a staffing profile that is consistent with their strategic objectives. Workforce planning is a systematic business process which brings together information about workforce segments, the internal and external environments, business objectives, budgets and future workforce needs to inform the development of workforce strategies and actions. It is used to identify factors that are likely to impact on the ability of the school to create the workforce needed to meet its strategic objectives and improve student outcomes. The School Workforce Plan template (WORD) – is a resource available to schools to prepare their own school workforce plan. This document assists schools to set out the key workforce priorities and likely factors impacting on workforce supply and demand which may influence the school’s ability to deliver its strategic objectives.
It can be used alongside strategic planning, to communicate with staff and the school community about workforce issues and to articulate workforce strategies the school has decided it will implement. In developing the school workforce plan, principals should ensure all staff attached to the school are included in the plan, including those on leave (e.g. Workers' Compensation or family leave, temporary superannuated ill-health retirees, leave without pay) or those who have been temporarily placed out of the school. Planning should accommodate the potential return of staff from leave and temporary ill health retirement and allow for a reasonable incidence of leave being taken by staff to be reflected in the school's workforce plan. The Student Resource Package Staff Budget Planning Tool (SRP Planner) enables principals to model the impact of enrolment variations and other changes on the SRP, and build an overall staff budget plan that acknowledges current salary commitments and consider the affordability of planned changes.
It also enables other reports to be generated such as trend analysis report, resource indicators and financial data reports to assist principals with their decision making.
The SRP Planner will continue to be used by principals to examine the affordability of any workforce strategies developed during workforce planning. The principal should review the plan as situations within the school change, as part of the annual reporting cycle or when reviewing the school strategic plan.

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