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We have a registered Merit Badge Counselor and staff members who are Eagle Scouts and Life Scouts. Furthermore, a special camp session can be scheduled just for your troop if there is a certain merit badge, interest project, or advancement you would like to work on. A minimum of 10 scouts is required for a weekend camp: This can be accomplished by sharing a session with another troop if your group is small - a great way to share your friendship and knowledge with other scouts. Boy Scouts from Troop 729 and Crew 1872 help Joshua Wiersema do his Eagle Scout Project, building 12 benches around our large fire circle. Let us know which badge you'll be interested in working on so we can be sure to incorporate it upon your visit to the camp. Wilderness Survival - Primitive Skills Class * This is the most popular camp for the Boy Scouts!!! McCrae Roberts works with Andrew Shepard from The Home Depot #0564, of Dallas, to get Porch supplies donated. OppiKoppi is undoubtedly one of the longest running and most popular music festivals in South Africa, and has been for years, with its unique elements and the mixed range of local and international acts.
Held at the OppiKoppi farm in Northam Limpopo, the festival has been running since 1994, which makes this year the 22nd year of music, celebration and all round fun.
Every year is set to a different theme and makes for a fun and exciting twist, with poets, writers, musicians and more involved in the process. The international lineup includes a range of metalcore, rock and rap acts from across the world, all taking to the stage over the course of the festival. This year the headliners include metalcore group August Burns Red, who hail from Pennsylvania, USA, a band who has made a name for themselves in the metalcore scene since they formed in 2003. It also includes distinctive rapper Yelawolf, who has a fresh style and sound and has been making waves in the rap scene. Lastly, the multi-platinum South African-born, American rock group, KONGOS is set to also headline, and bring their style and sound. One of the most anticipated music festivals in South Africa, local acts are vast and varied from the likes of Fokofpolisiekar, Valiant Swart, Prime Circle, Gerald Clark, Tidal Waves, Petite Noir, 7th Son, Shotgun Tori, Bongeziwe Mabandla, TRESOR and many more.
Oppikoppi 2016 means for a host of acts, and camping fun, so don’t forget your camping gear. Speaking of being prepared, if you are in need of a comprehensive list as to what you should prepare and pack before going, and what you should keep in mind during the festival, then you are at the right place.
This list of top tips and festival essentials is sure to help in any, and every situation that may occur.
If you can, buy your alcohol when you reach Northam, it helps keep it fresher, colder and frees up space in your car, for more friends. Don’t buy much food for the festival, you’ll likely spend most of your time at the main area, with a host of food options, so stick to bringing breakfast items and enjoy the options on offer. Bring a range of medicine from headache, diarrhoea and vomiting tablets to anything you think you may need, because you just might need it, so having it on hand is ideal. If all that isn’t enough, then the list of festival essentials and key items will be sure to have you fully prepared for any, and every situation that may occur. Oppikoppi farm is known for being notoriously cold and that means that if you’re not staying at one of the tented hotels you are going to need to find camping equipment for sale if you are not already set.

You should also add a mattress and pillow to your list, as it helps make the tent, and sleeping conditions just that much more comfortable.
Anything else you have to improve your tent and make it warmer and cosier, is even better, so pile on the blankets and pillows. There isn’t much better than lounging around the campsite for most of the morning, and some of the afternoon, and to do it in style and comfort. When getting your supplies ready for this section of the essentials guide, think things like gas cookers, portable camping fridges and even camping chairs. Because you can’t take your sleeping bag wrapped around you everywhere you go, remember that warm clothes are a must.
The best bet is warm, puffer jackets, gloves, scarfs, boots and beanies to protect you from the elements. Tools are one the things that most forget when heading to festivals and are vitally important. Because this is one of the most exciting music festivals in South Africa, you will be forgiven for wanting to remember every single moment. If you’re not sure you want to take your phone with you, in case you lose it, an affordable option may just be your best bet. If you are going to take your phone, then a powerbank is key for when you need extra power, to stay in touch with or find friends scattered across the festival grounds.
You may also want to take jumper cables in case your car battery dies, to avoid any surprises when you leave the festival.
Remember, you will be camping and finding camping equipment for sale isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. If you are a more experienced camper with epic camping gear and used to being stuck in places with limited bathrooms and showers, you might want to consider packing your portable shower. While the nights may be cold, the days are likely to be hot, so don’t forget sunscreen, with a high SPF. When spending the weekend away, money is a key item to take, how much, or how little you bring is up to you but be sure to have it on hand as you may find yourself buying more than you thought, and credit or debit cards aren’t accepted. Water is a hugely important commodity at Oppikoppi 2016, you’ll want to quench your thirst on the hot days and taking it with will help save time and money. As the days are often hot, sunglasses are your best bet and will help protect your eyes from the sun, and the dust that is found at Oppikoppi. Because this is a camping expedition, you will most definitely need to pack cutlery and utensils, as well as plastic bottles and glasses.
Remember, glass isn’t allowed in the main area, so the plastic ones will allow you to bring certain items in. While these top tips and festival essentials will be sure to cover you in every situation, the most important aspect of it all is to enjoy the experience and to make the most of every moment and every band and act playing. With everything from tents for sale to the best camping gear at affordable prices, Junk Mail is a great place to supplement your camping gear and accessories. This enables us to provide you with the requirements you need for your badges at many of our regular camps. Keep in mind that you are always welcome to come and be a part of our regular camp sessions.

Many of these badges are quite extensive, and we are unable to complete them at one camp session. Taking place from Friday, the 5th of August, until Sunday, the 7th of August, OppiKoppi 2016 promises to be another unforgettable experience. It all started with legendary Afrikaans singers Valiant Swart and Koos Kombuis all those years ago and has emerged as a festival favourite, with music-lovers making their way each and every year since its inception.
This year Oppikoppi takes place from 5 – 7 August and the festival will play host to about 160 acts that can be found across 6 stages.
You’ll find yourself camping, but can choose to stay at one of the tent hotels if you’re in the mood for a bit of luxury, these range from the Kreef hotel, Harambee hotel and the Klein Windhoek tented hotel, each of which offer various packages and options to make your stay that much more comfortable.
Including everything from finding awesome camping gear for sale to investing in affordable tents for sale, this guide will help you along your OppiKoppi 2016 journey. Finding sleeping bags for sale is also a great option because, as we mentioned, it can get quite chilly.
Junk Mail has fabulous tents for sale, so browse through the bargains online and find options that won’t break your Oppi budget. Remember that you will be camping, so the more practical and useful camping gear and equipment you have to make your time in the campsite as luxurious as possible, the better. Use Junk Mail to find affordable options – with everything from camping chairs for sale to awesome (and useful) camping gear, you are sure to find everything you need online. You’ll want comfortable and sturdy shoes, as you’ll be spending a lot of time walking and on your feet. From opening beers, packets and fixing a tent pen that might not have survived someone’s stumble, a multi tool kit is ideal for a range of situations. They are ideal for when you are making your way back to camp in the early hours of the morning, when your phone has died or you are in need a spot of light when scavenging for food in a dark campsite.
If you want to capture every moment of Oppikoppi 2016, you’re going to need to have your phone, or camera on you at all times.
A wide range of toiletries is without a doubt the top festival essential to have on hand because one thing is for sure, after a few days camping, you are definitely going to need them. You’ll also need (lots and lots of) wet wipes – this is possibly the most important item alongside hand sanitizer and body wash.
A bandana or buff is also very important and not only helps to keep the dust out of your face and mouth, but has the added benefit of keeping you warm and your neck protected from sneaky sun rays. Because we want you to have the best possible Oppi, we have created an essential take-along guide that includes everything from camping chairs to sleeping bags and tents for sale. After all, we don’t want you to miss any acts just because those two hours you did get was super uncomfortable. You’ll also want to take clothes you don’t mind getting seriously dusty, as the farm is known for those conditions.
There won’t be tickets sold at the festival gates, so you’ll need to come prepared and have your tickets already paid for and printed out, and with you.

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