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The Bell Killer is a brutal and mysterious serial killer that is terrorizing the present day small town of Salem, Massachusetts.
The mysterious murderer known only as the "Bell Killer" first appears when he is confronted by Salem PD Detective, Ronan O'Connor, while he is searching a seemingly abandoned apartment. Later Ronan, using his new ghostly abilities to investigate his death scene, determines that his killer was searching the apartment for a young girl who was there and witnessed Ronan's murder.
It is there that it is learned the killer kidnapped both Iris and her sister Rose, whom the killer burns to death at the steak after she sacrifices herself so Iris can escape. However the killer is already, at the church searching for Joy in her attic room, when he is interrupted by the church's priest and Iris, the killer recognizing Iris, attacks her, the priest however puts himself between the killer and the fleeing girl. Ronan arrives at the church and investigates Iris's death and learns that the killer is targeting young women with spiritual medium abilities and killing them the same way accused witches were killed in the Salem witch trials. Once at the Judgement House, Ronan discovers the mutilated corpse of his former nemesis and fellow police officer, Baxter, who had been investigating the Bell Killer case on his own with the help of Joy's medium mother.
Once there it is revealed that Ronan's best friend and former brother in-law as well as superior officer on the Salem Police department, Lieutenant Javier "Rex" Reyes, is in fact the Bell Killer, having been possessed b Abigail and used to murder several young girls as well as Ronan himself.
As he does so however, Abigail tells him that she also used two other "dolls" to do her bidding, one being Baxter, who she used to kill Iris's sister, and then sadistically reveals she used Ronan himself to murder Sophia. The killer is unusually, almost inhumanly, physically strong for a person of his stature; able to single-handedly lift Detective Ronan O'Connor high off the ground by the neck and throw him out the window as well as bend a metal baseball bat with his bare hands and showing no strain in the process. The Bell Killer serves as the primary antagonist of the 2014 supernatural adventure stealth video game Murdered: Soul Suspect. The killer quickly overpowers Ronan and then throws the detective out of the fourth floor window to the streets below.

After tracking the young girl down, Ronan learns that her name is Joy Foster is a medium, who can see and interact with the spirit world, like her recently missing mother who was last seen helping the police in their efforts to track down the bell killer.
After breaking out of the institution, Ronan sends Joy and Iris to the local church, while he investigates the local witch trials museum.
The killer easily breaks the priest's neck and continues his pursuit of the girl, who stumbles into a room where a recently married couple is having their reception. Baxter's spirit reveals he was murdered by the Bell Killer but Joy's mother is in a safe location.
Rex has, Joy tied up with the noose around her neck but before he can pull the lever, two museum security guards interrupt but are quickly killed by Abigail herself. While Ronan is stunned with horror at this revelation, Abigail summons a portal to hell with demonic arms that grab hold of Ronan. The Bell Killer is responsible for killing the game's protagonist, Detective Ronan O'connor, who now as a ghost must track down the killer and solve the mystery of his own death.
Ronan, now in spirit form, can do nothing but watch as the killer sadistically finishes him off by shooting him several time in the chest, killing Ronan and permanently trapping him in the limbo world known as Dusk. Through his investigation Ronan learns about and relives some of the gruesome murders already committed by the Bell killer, all of which are young girls that he first kidnaps before ritualistically killing them. Joy however ignores Ronan and joins him at the museum, leaving Iris at the church where she believes Iris will be safe.
The wedding attendees attempted to protect Iris and stop the killer but they are all easily overpowered and killed. Ronan then heads to the house to finally learn the truth behind the killings and to confront and stop his killer once and for all.

Upon further investigation Ronan discovers that a young girl named Abigail Williams  was once imprisoned in the Judgement House for falsley accusing innocent women of witchcraft, leading to their unjust executions. She takes back control of Rex and once agian reaches for the drop lever to send Joy to her doom, but with the help of Ronan Joy unleashes a powerful otherworldly scream that knocks Abigail out of Rex's body.
However in her arrogance she doesn't realize she is too close to Ronan before the detective grabs her arm and uses her to pull himself out.
However through his visions and investigation he also learns that a young girl named Iris managed to escape the killer's clutches and is currently being held in a nearby mental institution. Abigail herself is then executed by hanging but not before swearing vengeance on all "Witches" that set foot in Salem.
When he does this, it causes Abigail to fall into the portal where she is subsequently dragged to hell, stopping her reign of terror over Salem once and for all.
The killer follows her, and as iris attempts to crawl away, he pushes a large fountain statue onto her crushing her to death, before once again fleeing the scene.
Ever since Abigail has been murdering young women in Salem who exhibited medium powers seeing them as witches and blaming them for her own execution, as well as killing any one that was unfortunate enough to get in her way.
Realizing that Abigail plans on murdering Joy the same way she herself was killed, Ronan heads to the local museum where the gallows that Abigail was hung from is being kept.

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