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When I treat preschoolers, whether it’s for articulation, language, or pragmatics, I always incorporate books. Books are fantastic tools for facilitate learning and language development.
I love how this book humorously yet straightforwardly illustrates some of the fun things children can do during the summer (from eating ice cream, to chasing butterflies, to roasting marshmallows).
First, allow me to preface this blurb by stating that this is the first ever Pinkalicious book I have read in this series. I’ve written several posts on how and why I incorporate books and what types of books I enjoy for certain populations. Scanlon Speech Therapy is a boutique speech therapy practice that creates innovative, user-friendly speech, language and literacy products and provides individualized speech therapy services. Founder and Director, Kimberly Scanlon is a language and literacy development expert and author of My Toddler Talks: Strategies and Activities to Promote Your Child’s Language Development, and the interactive picture book, Learning to Read is a Ball.
Black and White School Kids Listening to Books Clip Art Image - black and white outline of school kids sitting at desks, wearing a headset and listening to books as they read along. If you need help saving or using images please visit the Help Section for frequently asked questions and tutorials.
Clothing – Think horizontal, vertical, diagonal, black and white or colorful, wide or narrow…think stripes.
Shoes – Feminine and sophisticated pointed toe shoes should be your first choice for this fashion season. We predict you'll be head-over-heels for this new feature on the Hoover Public Library's website. Time for sipping lemonade, swimming, eating watermelon, building sandcastles, watching fireworks, running through sprinklers…and of course – reading books.
Reading exposes children to new vocabulary, stimulates their imaginations, improves their attention spans, increases their knowledge about different subjects, and promotes bonding between parents and children…just to name a few. They will make great addition to your overall look and emphasize femininity and simplicity.
Hide from sun with mirrored aviator sunglasses or achieve dramatic look with cat-eye shaped sunglasses. Complete your look with this summer’s vibrant colors such as luxurious burgundy, mysterious turquoise, indigo blue, soft nude colors and irresistible pastels.

FYI – there are 2 versions of this book – the board book (which is abridged) and the hardcover version which is longer. It’s great for targeting sequencing (first, next, then, last) because it shows exactly how Maisy and her friend Eddie make lemonade. Similar to Summer, Yee’s book depicts some fun summer activities and traces a little girl’s summer day from the time she wakes up till when she goes to bed. At any point in time, I usually have at least one female preschooler who’s favorite color is pink (What color crayon do you want? I read It’s Summer with my more advanced preschoolers and even school age clients because it goes into more depth about summer doings by supplying specific details and explanations. As the owner of Scanlon Speech Therapy, LLC, a unique boutique practice in Bergen County, Kimberly embraces individuality and treats the whole person. Urban simplicity, comfort, feminine elegance, lace, floral creations, oriental motifs and light-as-a-feather materials are main characteristics of the newest summer trends designers have contemplated for us.
And before you run off to the nearest store, don’t forget your extra large square sunglasses. For my preschoolers, who have language delays, first we read this book and then we make fresh squeezed lemonade. For instance, in addition to describing what the girl does, “I water the garden”, the author lists all the different types of vegetables and flowers that she is watering. Her goal is to spread compassion, hope, and some speech, language and literacy tips one moment, one person at a time. Dress simple, forget sky-rocking high heels, ransack the jewelry box and walk with style this summer. This perfect blend of pear, grapefruit, jasmine, iris and musk is the must-have fragrance for this season.
Once they become familiar with the pictures and story, then read the hardcover version and see if they notice the differences. If I’m working on vocabulary development and want to give repeated exposures to new words or concepts, I usually read Summer Day and Nights after I’ve read Summer and Maisy Makes Lemonade. It’s another book about how to make lemonade, but the story is more elaborate than Maisy’s version.

Satisfy your curiosity and read on to find out the newest trends that will mark the new hot season. For more storytelling tips and language development strategies please see my book Learning to Read is a Ball or subscribe to my newsletter to receive my FREE Early Literacy Kit. This is because the little girl performs a few of the same activities that are in those two books. However, I argue that it can also be used with the child who may need some vocabulary expansion and language stimulation.
Additionally, since this book is calming, it’s also a perfect to read at the end of a speech session or at the end the day. 4 or 5 years old) and ability level, I read Maisy Makes Lemonade and then Pink Drink or just read one or the other.
Remember jean shirts, jackets, tight jeans and fun denim shorts – dig them out of your closet, refresh your casual street style and walk the runway with confidence. Or be even more chic with sandals made out of more than one material that feature more vibrant colors or mix of various prints. Notes of green apple, rose, peony and lemon will make a perfect addition to your summer closet.
This summer be chic with striking rings, floral designs, gold and turquoise jewelry and piles of various bracelets. In the Pink Drink, Pinkalicious, an upbeat and resourceful young girl, ventures to make and sell pink lemonade so she can earn enough money to buy gumballs.
The first time she makes the pink lemonade, she adds in very interesting ingredients to make the lemonade pink, including red onions and beets.

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