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Learn from the pros: Skillshare is giving all From up North members free access to their curriculum for 30-days. Here’s a collection of great quotes by some of the most inspirational men and women that ever walked this earth. After years of reading hundreds of self-improvement books it eventually struck me – what am I actually looking for?
Most self-improvement books are superb and really help in unravelling all the delusions we allow ourselves to be conned by. Everyone is at a different stage of development or unlearning so different books mean different things to different people.
Once you have tried all the things that are supposed to make you happy and still found yourself wanting something more you start looking for what the more might be.
You can be so strongly locked into search mode that you keep burrowing yourself deeper instead of breaking free, whilst occasionally, like a mole, popping your head up, briefly seeing the light only to burrow back down again. The trouble is everyone and everything including your own inner talk, is telling you to keep on turning. Essentially, therefore, all I present here is Barth’s doctrine of the Trinity, as it is worked out in terms of revelation. The well-done pacing, interesting characters, and surprising twists and turns made Murder on the Orient Express a really fun book to read, and I’d recommend it.
I love Agatha Christie (I own all her books), but some of her books are better than others.

I enjoy her books too although I find if I read too many of them close together I seem to become too proficient at solving the mystery quickly.
Her and Agatha Christie are my favorite mystery writers (granted, I’m not very involved in the genre), but Sayers wins, hands down.
Welcome to A Spirited MindHi, I'm Catherine Gillespie and A Spirited Mind is where I write about my pursuit of the literary life--what I'm reading and the lessons I'm learning as a result. If you're looking for something to read (for yourself or to your kids), you've come to the right place.
Not every book works for every person, which is why I was pleased to read the advice not to waste effort reading material that isn’t working for you.
It’s a bit like turning circles making yourself dizzy knowing you can stop and yet still turning anyway. Barth saw revelation as the basis of the doctrine of the Trinity, and therefore understood the Triune God as the Revealer, the event of Revelation, and the effect of Revelation. I remember reading it as a teenager for the first time and shivering with pleasure and suspense. You can also subscribe without commenting.Thank you for joining the conversation at A Spirited Mind! If you do like them and find them helpful, check out our similar posts by visiting the links listed below.
Read yes, yet to read without contemplation and thorough investigation simply achieves nothing.

These sections are highly complex in themselves and cannot possibly be summarized in a single quote, and for this reason they are excluded from this summary.
But once or twice a year I crave the mental relief of fiction and almost always turn to Dorothy Sayers.
If it were as simple as reading a book or two, everyone would be enlightened and the planet would have no problems. Also, be sure to inspire your friends, family and coworkers by sharing some great quotes with them. Simply realising on a deep level within you that you do not need anything more to be who you are. Though a summary is nearly impossible for Barth, due to the dense complexity of his thought. However, these quote are presented here with the hopes of giving a taste of the brilliance of this book.

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